11 Jan 2016


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Another year is in the bag so we took a minute to reflect on 15 of the most memorable videos of 2015. It’s amazing to watch the progression that continues to happen year after year and I couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of it. Take a look below and see for yourself.
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07 Jan 2016


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In August of 2010 I came up on this Affinity Lo Pro during a trick comp at the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. It’s been nearly 6 years since then and this bike has quickly become one of the most trusted builds I’ve ever owned. A couple weeks ago, I wheeled it into the studio and snapped off a couple quick stills of it for legacy purposes. People always ask what kind of bars I run, but I honestly couldn’t say because I’ve found them all sitting on the street somewhere along the 8 years I’ve lived in San Francisco. It would be rad to turn this into a series of different builds from the people I ride with on a regular basis. Keep your eyes peeled for that, until then check out more below.
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07 Jan 2016


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Commander in Chief at TURF Bikes, Mike Schmitt brought the heat in his Word Is Bond section and came through with some of the heaviest grind combos in the video. Mike has always been a huge part of the filming process and is the Starsky to my Hutch, Rocky to my Bullwinkle, or the Lilo to my Stitch if you will. It’s been tough getting by without him, but I’m on the road to recovery and am on the hunt for a new filming counterpart. I’m constantly blown away by the tricks he’s able to put together and the spots he manages to find. Which is why this is easily one of my favorite parts in the full length. Press that button and enjoy.
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17 Dec 2015


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Our good friends & partners in crime at TURF Bikes just released the friends section from the full length video we made in 2014. If you never saw this or just haven’t watched it in a while, then go ahead and do yourself a favor by pressing play and getting back up to speed. The majority of the footage was shot during the cross country road trip everyone to from NY to CA for the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style. Keep your eyes peeled for the last 3 sections of the video dropping this month.

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13 Dec 2015


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The dudes from MASH SF did an incredible job fleshing out their 2015 Art book, and did an even more stunning job filming the video that comes with it. The book comes jammed packed with memories of the team over the years and has some additional photos hidden between the pages. If you missed any of the premieres or screenings that have been happening, then now’s your chance to check out what everybody has been talking about and pick up a copy of your own. Shout out to MASH for doing something real for the community and for throwing gas on the fire. Check out more spreads form the book below.
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09 Dec 2015


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Words cannot convey how amped I was to see so many familiar faces at the FGFS Jam during the SF Bike Expo this year. The Bay Area came out in force to show it’s support for the scene and throw down on the course they constructed inside the Cow Palace. This is the first year they’ve allowed us to ride inside the convention center, which sounded like a great idea until Boothby hung up on the rafters throwing a backflip during practice. Shout out to Johnathan Ball for shooting video and helping cover the event in-between riding in it. Once again, coverage of the provided by Suck My Cog and yours truly here at Wheel Talk. Thank you to everyone who showed up and look forward to more Jams rolling out in the coming year.

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07 Dec 2015


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Massan Fluker & Matt Reyes - SF 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset
With only one day left in town, Massan Fluker and I linked up in the Tenderloin to cut loose and shoot some footage before he hopped on a plane back to NYC. We only had a couple hours of daylight left, but it didn’t take much. After a handful of runs down through the neighborhood, we had more than enough to cut together a little something from our afternoon. The homie Matt Pittman from “Create Folly” happened to be in town and cruised by to shoot these photos. Keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the street for the video of Massan dropping later this week. Until then Head over to Create Folly to check out more photos.
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25 Nov 2015


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First things first, huge shout out to everybody who came to the the 2015 SF Bike Expo to ride, kick it and support the scene. It’s times like this and friends of this caliber that remind me of why I started riding FGFS to begin with. None of this would have been possible without you, and after seeing the stoke this event cultivated we’re going to pick up the pace on hosting more FGFS Jams of our own. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen and keep your eyes peeled for the video of the event. Coverage of the 2015 SF Bike Expo provided by Suck My Cog & Wheel Talk

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19 Nov 2015


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For those of you who don’t already know, Mike T. Schmitt recently moved to the Grand Canyon State to live and ride in Tempe Arizona. A week before he made the journey out there, we linked up on our lunch break and grabbed a bite to eat. After chowing down on a couple burritos, I pulled out the camera and shot these two photos. One quick smith and a moment later he was onto the next great adventure in life. Follow MTS & TURFMOB on instagram to keep up with all the local happenings.

28 Oct 2015


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I’ve been mobbing around on the 2016 DASH for more than a month now and haven’t changed a thing about it. Eventually I’ll beef up the gearing and toss on some pegs but for now it has everything I need to let loose and have a good time. I’m really feeling the new color combo and gum Helix V2 Tires which photograph incredibly. Far too often an all black bike gets lost in the background and makes it difficult to depict what’s happening, but that’s a problem of the past because these tires pop off hard. Huge shout out to BOMBTRACK Bicycle Co for continuing to produce top of the line products that have surpassed every FGFS bike I’ve ever ridden.
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