09 Oct 2016


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Today was a good one. The sun was shinning, Fleet Week was in full effect and the FIXIEBOYZ made their way up to SF to ride bikes for the day. Whenever we get the gang together I try to get a family photo which usually that means setting the timer and running into the shot. In this case there are two sandwiched at the beginning and end of this post. Kameren tried to fight a security guard, but the dude that kicked us out from the huge ONE down town gave everyone one more try before giving us the boot.

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05 Sep 2016


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The Fixie Fam from San Jose (FIXIEBOYZ408) came up to San Francisco on Saturday to ride, explore, and stack clips. I didn’t feel like I shot a lot throughout the day, but after sifting through photos this morning I walked away with a handful decent shots. Not to mention all the studio bike shots I took of all their FGFS builds in the beginning of the day. It was mad fun having those dudes in town and we’ll have to find a way to make this a more regular occurrence. Keep your eyes peeled for full rundowns of all of their bikes as well as footage from this session.

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28 Aug 2016


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120mm - Hasselblad 503cx - MattReyes - Shot Number 191

Jackson Bradshaw was in town a couple weeks ago to film for the full length F.O.A.D video entitled “The Good Times Are Killing Me”. They’ve been working on this video for quite some time now and they’re ramping up to premiere it on October 8th in Salt Lake City. If you live anywhere near SLC and ride FGFS then I suggest you mark your calendar and support the scene. Here are a few medium format photos of Jackson during the first day we met up to ride. Check out the ghostly 2′s the top image picked up during the scanning process. Shooting film never ceases to surprise me.

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28 Aug 2016


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Sam Allgood is one inspiring human being. He rode from Astoria Oregon to San Francisco California in 16 days with no real schedule, no jacket and only one pair of socks. I set him up with a sweater when he got to fog covered SF and let him crash at my house the first few nights. He shared stories from his journey, showed us some kendama tricks, and made me want to drop everything to join him on the rest of his quest. Safe travels my friend.

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27 Aug 2016


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I remember thinking Mike Schmitt was from New York based on the GRIME videos that were released during the early years of FGFS. I don’t know where the scene would be if it wasn’t for those videos and the legwork that they did on the East Coast. Late last year Mike and I traveled to NYC for the Red Bull Figure 8 race and filmed a shit ton during the 4 days we were in town. It’s great traveling with someone who does their homework or already knows the lay of the land when it comes to finding spots, and Mike is a master of that. Keep your eyes peeled for the 11 minute short film from our stay.

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15 Aug 2016


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120mm_Hasselblad 503cx_ShotNumber159_FGFS_Arizona2016_PricklyPearJam_JimmyWatcha_TURFTabletop

120mm_Hasselblad 503cx_ShotNumber161_FGFS_Arizona2016_PricklyPearJam_FamilyPhotoWide

I keep a camera on me just about everywhere I go, and ever since I got my hands on a Hasselblad it’s quickly become my everyday carry. So when it came time to fly to Arizona for the Prickly Pear Jam I knew I’d be bringing two things. My FGFS bike and this camera. I’ve traveled to a lot of places and for the most part when it’s hot, it’s humid. But AZ was a dry heat that I don’t think any of us were prepared for. It was by and far one of the most blisteringly hot places I’ve ever been and sent everybody home with either a tan or a sunburn by the end of the jam. 9 hours of riding beneath the desert sun will do that to you. Shout out to Mike T. Schmitt for hosting the event and getting the band back together again.

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15 Aug 2016


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Evan Service is one rad dude. If you’ve ever met him you probably already know that, but it’s a statement worth repeating. I’m glad we had the chance to link up and film while he was in town last month on a romantic retreat. It wasn’t on the usual FGFS bike we all know and love, but I think you’ll enjoy what we have baking in the oven. Fixed gear is fixed gear and if you can throw tricks on your freestyle bike you can most certainly do the same on a track build. Sink your teeth into some of these shots and keep your eyes peeled for clips of Evan rolling out in the near future. Cheers.

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13 Aug 2016

120MM – ARIZONA 2016

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120mm_Hasselblad 503cx_ShotNumber146_FGFS_Arizona2016_PricklyPearJam_MikeSchmitt_4060

120mm_Hasselblad 503cx_ShotNumber149_FGFS_Arizona2016_PricklyPearJam_ElliottMilner_EmptyMotel

I’m not sure how it happens, but everything that’s shot on the Hasselblad 503cx comes out looking like pure gold. Even with film that expired more than 15 years ago. Big thanks to everyone who came out for the event and put up with me constantly herding everyone together for family photos. I know I ask a lot, but having photos to remember these times are worth it in the end. Until next time my dudes.

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13 Aug 2016

35MM – ARIZONA 2016

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Here are a handful of 35mm shots I took during the two days we were in Arizona before the Prickly Pear Jam. All the footage we caught during that time made it’s way into the “Chain Gang” video which you can see by either clicking the link or scrolling down to the bottom of this post. It was great to ride with some familiar faces in some unfamiliar territory.

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31 Jul 2016


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The Prickly Pear Jam is one FGFS event that won’t soon be forgotten. Both by those who attended and those who kept up with it around the globe. It threw a can of gasoline on the fire and stoked out the entire community. Equivalent to what Mid West Mayhem did for the scene more than 6 years ago. If you missed any of the event coverage than here’s a little bit more for you to marinate on. Stay broke, shoot film. Olympus OM-1 (35mm)

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