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26 Oct 2016


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FGFS and the trick track bike are on the come back. Mark my words. With the release of the much anticipated FOAD film, “The Good Times Are Killing Me” I figured it proper to share this studio photo of Spencer Siegrist’s V6 Volume Cutter build.

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28 Aug 2016


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Sam Allgood is one inspiring human being. He rode from Astoria Oregon to San Francisco California in 16 days with no real schedule, no jacket and only one pair of socks. I set him up with a sweater when he got to fog covered SF and let him crash at my house the first few nights. He shared stories from his journey, showed us some kendama tricks, and made me want to drop everything to join him on the rest of his quest. Safe travels my friend.

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06 Jun 2016


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I’ve become real good friends with Edward Orellana over the last year and a half and always look forward to seeing him in the morning. He works at the Chrome Coffee shop in the SOMA and is easily the nicest dude in the neighborhood. He’s always cracking jokes, laughing, and I’m pretty certain he knows everybody who comes in on a first name basis. Recently I had a chance to wheel his Reminton track build into the studio and shoot some photos of it. There’s nothing quite like a NJS Track frame. Scroll through to check out more photos as well as a complete parts run down.

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18 May 2016


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“Turn your bike sideways and do whatever the hell you want”
were the only words I said when shooting these photos. I wish I could have captured a profile photo of everyone who came out the the Prickly Pear Jam in Arizona, but I only walked away with portraits of these 8 during the 3 days we were there. Scroll through and take a look at some all too familiar faces. After that, this concludes my photo coverage of both the jam and my brief stay to the land of the sun, or better put “A sunny place for shady people”. Who knows where the next jam will lead us.

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21 Feb 2016


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I met up with Christian Ustarroz on Valentines Day and was surprised to learn that he plays a huge part in Anthem Bike Co. It’s rad to see riders taking action and starting companies of their own, especially considering FGFS is almost entirely rider owned & operated at this point. It sounds like Anthem has a lot in the making right now and I’m excited to see what they roll out with this year. Keep your fingers to the pulse and keep your eyes peeled for clips of Christian peppered into the upcoming Wheel Talk video.
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07 Jan 2016


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In August of 2010 I came up on this Affinity Lo Pro during a trick comp at the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. It’s been nearly 6 years since then and this bike has quickly become one of the most trusted builds I’ve ever owned. A couple weeks ago, I wheeled it into the studio and snapped off a couple quick stills of it for legacy purposes. People always ask what kind of bars I run, but I honestly couldn’t say because I’ve found them all sitting on the street somewhere along the 8 years I’ve lived in San Francisco. It would be rad to turn this into a series of different builds from the people I ride with on a regular basis. Keep your eyes peeled for that, until then check out more below.
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28 Oct 2015


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I’ve been mobbing around on the 2016 DASH for more than a month now and haven’t changed a thing about it. Eventually I’ll beef up the gearing and toss on some pegs but for now it has everything I need to let loose and have a good time. I’m really feeling the new color combo and gum Helix V2 Tires which photograph incredibly. Far too often an all black bike gets lost in the background and makes it difficult to depict what’s happening, but that’s a problem of the past because these tires pop off hard. Huge shout out to BOMBTRACK Bicycle Co for continuing to produce top of the line products that have surpassed every FGFS bike I’ve ever ridden.
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11 Sep 2015


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Dash black side view

Earlier this morning, BOMBTRACK released photos of the new line up of bikes they’ll be rolling out with in 2016. The 2016 DASH comes equipped with a lower stand over height for more clearance over the top tube, shorter dropouts so they don’t hang up on grinds, and more room to slap hub guards on the front end. It’s subtle changes like this that make the DASH the “go to” bike for FGFS. Check out more detail shots below as well as a complete run down of parts and specs.
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09 Sep 2015


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FGFS - SF 2015 - Matt Reyes - Taishi Okuma - Mike T. Schmitt
San Francisco’s Tenderloin is one of those neighborhoods where the zombies never rest and if you listen close enough you can hear their yells booming down the block all day long. It’s a place where you quickly learn to watch your step due to all of the human shit stained along the sidewalk, the roaches crawling in the gutters and the occasional homeless dude you didn’t see sleeping against the wall. It’s a place I’ve called home for the last year and despite all the madness, I’m sure going to miss it. Some people say SF is loosing it’s character. I say those people haven’t hung out in the TL lately because this place has only gotten more hectic. Don’t just take my word for it, post up on Turk & Leavenworth and let me know what you think.

07 Sep 2015


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Taishi Okuma spent a total of 10 days with us in San Francisco during his first trip to the US. Everyday he’d wake up and come to work with us for coffee before dripping out to explore the city on his bike. Every time someone from overseas stays with us I can’t help but feel a little more cultured, and Taishi is now the third Japanese friend we’ve housed this year. It’s incredibly humbling to play tour guide and explore parts of the city you had nearly forgotten all about. These photos were shot on lunch one day as well as during the 2 days we spent filming over the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for a video from Taishi’s stay coming out in the next couple weeks. Until then check out more photos below.
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