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This doesn’t happen where I’m from. For starters the trees in San Francisco never change colors. They’re green year round. But here in Portland not only do the trees change, but so do the seasons. I’m still scared to see what winter brings, but we’re hopeful and optimistic. Yesterday the combination of light and trees looked so good that I dropped everything, grabbed my camera and shot these quick photos of my track build. It’s a MASH SF Parallax frame, for those who are wondering, but you probably already knew that. I’ll stop talking now, check out more below.

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Georges Mahaprom, better known as “Milk Tea Rider” is one of the many young cats coming up through San Francisco’s fixed gear scene. I’d always run into him in the sunset, at the MASH shop, or somewhere along Market Street. He’s always on this bike. His endless enthusiasm makes him a true pleasure to know and is always somebody I’m excited to see. Keep ripping Georges.

FRAME: MASH Cinelli Parallax Cyanotype
HANDLEBAR: Race Face Riser 750mm
FORK: Columbus
STEM: Easton EA90 130mm
SADDLE: Fizik Antares
CRANKS: Sram Omnium
BB: Stock GXP
STRAPS: Toshi NJS Double Straps
CAGES: All City
COG: 17T All city
CHAIN: iZumi
FRONT WHEEL: Low flange Paul hub laced to mavic open pro
REAR WHEEL: High flange Paul hub laced to mavic open pro

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If steel is real, then I don’t know what to call this. The fact that this frame is still standing surprises me. I’ve been riding this MASH Parallax frame for more than 2 years now and it has taken every bit of abuse I’ve thrown at it. The photo above is a shot that I’ve been wanting to get for a while. I’d be willing to go as far as to say I’ve had daydreams about it. I spent probably 20 minutes laying on the street shooting up before James Grady & Jake Ricker rolled up. Plenty of people walked passed looking down wondering why in the hell I was laying in the gutter. Completely worth it.

One final thought. People always ask me what’s up with the tennis ball. To be honest, I just found one on the street one day. The Chrome Industries HQ used to be around the corner from the Bay Tennis Club. Leaving the gutters lined with neon green gems all the time. But for the most part I just tell them it’s my spedometer.

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Last day in town. I guess it’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. With only hours left I made sure to make the most of it. One of the few things I wanted to do while I was in San Francisco was to stand at the bottom and stare up at the massive Sales Force building they’re working on. It’s a fucking monster. You can see it from every point in the city. It’s been wild to watch the skyline change over the years, but it only adds to the character of the city.

After breaking my neck looking up for a while I met up with San Francisco’s very own James Grady & Jake Ricker. We rolled around the financial district for a while then headed over to Chinatown to check out the usual hustle and bustle. Walking through the alleys at night you can always hear how packed full of voices each building is. I always love riding around with someone who loves to shoot as much as you do. Jake Ricker is great for that. Shout out to James Grady for organizing / hosting the Red Bull Bay Climb that happened the day before.

Last stop before leaving town was swinging by MASH SF to change out my gearing which had stopped being comical 10+ miles ago. I said my goodbyes, packed my bike, had dinner at one of my favorite spots in town, then hopped on a plane back to Portland. Until next time.
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Home is where the heart is, and I left mine in San Francisco. Last week I traveled south and spent some time hanging out with friends / family in The Bay. It felt good to be back in a place where it’s hard to go more than 20 mintutes without running into someone you know. There’s something to be said about knowing people by name in every neighborhood you’re in.

One of the first familiar faces I ran into was my cousin Evian Reyes. We’re not really related, but we like to pretend we are. I don’t think I ever realized what a tall city San Francisco is. Maybe living in Portland has given me that perspective, but damn. There are some serious cloud scrapers starting to pop up in SF. I’ll have more photos to share over the next couple of days, until then enjoy these shots from day one. In the words of EARTHGANG – my partner always said that I’d go far if I stayed from around here.



Gary Zhen’s 93′ Cannondale Track. Anytime somebody wheeled a rad track bike into Chrome HQ I’d pull it into our makeshift studio and get some quick stills of it. I’m starting to acquire quite a few playing cards at this point. It feels like I’m back to playing Pokemon. Gotta catch em all. I’ll be getting the studio put back together this week and will be making a call to arms for anybody in Portland who wants their bike photographed. I’ll keep you posted. Until then check out this polished gem.

FRAME: 93′ Cannondale Track 52cm
FORK: Stock – Tange Japan
GRIPS: Yoshida Champ
STEM: Nitto Jaguar – 110mm
HEADSET: Dura Ace 7600
SADDLE: San Marco Concor Supercorsa
SEAT POST: Campagnolo C-Record
CRANKS: Campagnolo Record Pista
CHAINRING: Campagnolo Record Pista
BB: Campagnolo Record Pista
PEDALS: Issi II Triple
CHAIN: KMC 710sl Ti-n
FRONT TIRE: Continental Gatorskin
REAR TIRE: Continental Gatorskin
FRONT WHEEL & HUB: H+Son Formation Face & Dura Ace 7600
REAR WHEEL & HUB: H+Son Formation Face & Chub Hive

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Massan Fluker rolled into The Bay Area just in time to be here to see the Golden State Warriors win the 2015 NBA Championships. These photos are mad old at this point, but I figured they were still worth the share. This was the first time we got the Chrome Familia together in what seemed like forever. Jealous of the sweet Warriors memorabilia. Those shades look sick af.

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Dusted some cobwebs off of these photos and got them up in cyberspace. I’m pretty sure this was the first time I met Alonso Tal. If I remember correctly, don’t take my word for it. These were from the Chrome Familia photoshoot we did in San Francisco / Oakland back in 2015. I guess it’s true what they say. Time flies when you’re having fun.

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Stepping things up a notch. The day after Thanksgiving Bryan Dempler and I rode twice as far as the day before. We started things off with a solid breakfast, picked up a 3 pack of tall cans and set out to explore a handful of places we’ve never been. One of which was this massive cement wall that was just banked enough to climb up and ride across. The only sketchy part was trying not to blow out at the bottom. After that we hopped back on the dusty cattle trail and watched the sun set over our hometown. Check out more photos below.



With our cameras packed, bikes in hand, Bryan Dempler & I hopped on the train heading home for the holidays. We’ve been next door neighbors since the 3rd grade, and make most trips home together. On our first day back in town we established our bearings by ventured outwards towards Uvas reservoir where we had drinks by the lake and shot a handful of photos. I ended up getting a pinch flat airing out of this bank but managed to ride the 6 or 7 miles home on the rim just fine. Check out more photos below, and keep your eyes peeled for shots from day two.