We had some fun with this one. Whenever John Cardiel comes to town you know good times are close behind and with the recent return of the Chrome Van we rolled around in PDX in style. (It’s great having a mobile headquarters). John has always been a ripper on a bike, and it was awesome to shoot him jumping around on both the orange bikes in town and his Santa Cruz Mountain Bike. The transition of which was really funny to film and see come together. Shout out to Hombre McSteez for all the animation additions, it adds a ton of vibes and was also really funny to film. Check out the new Darkwood Camo Cardiel bags from Chrome Industries and skim through more photos below.



Last Saturday Ramon Antonio hosted the “Still Pourland” premiere here in San Francisco, and all the usual suspects came out of the woodwork for the event. Valentin Racho showed up as well as Jeff Dempler, Alex Blanco and many others. We met up at Soma West Skatepark and rode there for a few hours. Stacking clips, cracking cans, and hanging out until the video premiere at Chrome Industries in the Mission. I brought a pizza to the jam so you know it was a party. I’m sure Mon will make a video from this at some point, but here are some photos from the day until then. The scene needs more meetups like this.



With the move to Portland last Summer I knew I wanted to come out with a quick FGFS jammer and with the recent release of the “Still Pourland” video I figured now is as good a time as any to drop it. Some of it is in the full length, some of it isn’t. Either way it’s a fun little jammer built from the few days we filmed with everybody for the full length here in Portland. I’m really looking forward to bouncing back and being able bodied enough to ride the FGFS build again. Until then it’s been great having Jaoa Danaikrit around to point my camera at and live vicariously through. Keep your eyes peeled for another video of Jaoa dropping soon and pick up a copy of “Still Pourland” to see other sections of the video.



“Want to go on a long bike ride in Industrial North West with me?” This was the message I got from Devin Tolman right when I got back into town from Vacation with the Fam. After a week of relaxing and not having a bike around it felt good to get back on the saddle. Ernie came with us… Naturally.

I can’t believe that Summer is rounding out to a close and that it’s already starting to look like fall here in Portland. The leaves are beginning to change, it’s rained the last couple days, and we’re already back to the constant layer of clouds blocking out the sun. But you know what? I couldn’t be happier about it. Portland looks the best under these conditions and I’m really glad Devin Tolman got met out there to enjoy it. He’s one of the few friends I have who has an equal passion for photography and exploring places that say “No Trespassing”. Like that ever stopped anyone. lulz.



Bone Machine Crit 2018 popped off in Portland last month and it completely turned the city on it’s head. With riders from across the country competing in a weekend packed full of events the sense of community was strong here in the PNW.

Shout out to all the sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who came out to contribute to the good times. Check out some screen shots + the results below and we’ll see you next year.



Jaoa Danaikrit is like a brother of mine and for the past few months he’s been staying at our pad in Portland. I’ve completely lost track of the number of times he’s come to live with us over the years. It’s always for like 3 months at a time. Anyways. The first we did when he got here was built up this bike from spare parts I had lying around the garage. He took to it immediately, and last month we shot this little weekend jammer over the course of well… 2 days. It’s been great having him here to film and search for spots with. I feel like I’m living vicariously watching him ride as I heal up. Hoping to be back up to speed soon so I can check a few things off my list before the Summer is up. Until then I’ll just make Jaoa hit things for the both of us.



Scott Horton was our San Jose homie who came from a motocross background. We spent a ton of time sleeping over at his house so we could ride DTSJ and hang out at iMiNUSD. Here’s the “Welcome to Sadio” part we filmed of him back in 2011.



Nick McManus is the Polaroid Kingpin of New York. If you’ve ever been to a Chrome Industries function in NYC, then chances are you’ve seen Nick. He was the dude standing on the table, yelling “GROUP PHOTO” at everybody until they jumped in the shot. It’s a sight to see, and just as quick as Nick arrived, he’s gone. Off to the next party that meticulously must be documented. That’s about all the dirt I have on Nick. Check out the video we shot with him the last time we were in NYC, and feel free to share any stories or interactions you’ve had with the man, the myth, the legend, Nick McManus.



The saddest fixie in all of. Well, not emotionally speaking, or any real reason at all aside from the fact that there’s a “SAD” sticker on the seat tube. All that aside, Ryan Jennings did an amazing job piecing this build together. The electric yellow fade and saddle tie the bike together nicely giving it a ton of pop off the page. I especially like the tonal “Wheel Talk” decal hiding out near the head tube.

The Renovatio is one of two collaboration frames that Pedal Consumption did with Leader Bikes back in the day. With Leader closing it’s doors a year or two ago, Patrick from PC linked up with Tyrant Bikes to redesign & bring the “Kagero Frameset” back to life. They made a few modifications along the way, but kept the original 2011 gunmetal grey color and lopro geometry.

Check out more photos of Ryan’s Renovatio build below.