03 Jul 2015


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I brought my 35mm camera with me to the Red Bull Mini Drome in New york and shot these 8 photos through out the night. Mike Schmitt and I also shot a bunch of video during the event and are going to release a highlight reel in the next couple of days. Until then check out more photos below.
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28 Jun 2015


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The moment Mike Schmitt & I caught wind of the Red Bull Over / Under event in NYC we immediately looked up tickets and made arrangements to attend. It seemed like a good excuse to travel and ride street somewhere other than our own backyard. We landed the day of practice, got in a couple laps and showed up the next night for the big event. The head to head races were made up of 32 of the best fixed gear riders from all over the globe. Only one person from each race would advance to the next bracket and have to ride another 5 laps around the figure 8 Mini Drome. After making it through the first few rounds of eliminations, I knew I’d have to go up against my good friend and fierce adversary Addison Zawada . That time finally came when we crossed paths in the semi-finals and I washed out and fell coming into the second lap. After that Addison advanced to the finals and came home with the gold. Big thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen and I look forward to seeing where they take it from here. Check out an IG clip of our race below.
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28 Jun 2015


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Mike T. Schmitt and I made the trip out to NYC last weekend for the Red Bull Figure 8 Mini Drome Race in Queens. The course carried your momentum a lot more than we originally anticipated and we were constantly riding the edge of pedaling like a madman while trying to keep things in control. Mike was on the tail of his competitor in the first round when his front wheel washed out and he hit the deck running. After the early elimination Mike spent a lot of time behind the camera, filming the rest of the race as things began to pick up. Read more below to check out a spectators view of the crash.
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12 Jun 2015


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A couple weeks ago we all met up in SF and drove down a dirt road to this DIY skate spot we’ve been wanting to ride. We set up camp, hydrated, ate pizza, and shredded until the sun started to set and the fog rolled in. The mix of quikrete and graffiti made the ditch as slick as ice and took some getting used to, but after about an hour or so everybody figured out the footwork and was back in action. This definitely wasn’t the easiest spot to ride, but that’s what made it rad. We all had a killer time and are already figuring out the next trip outside The City.

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11 Jun 2015


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Anytime we link up with Dave Beard, there’s magic in the air. Sparks fly, time stops and occasionally we’ll shoot a photo or two. All jokes aside, Dave is one of the most brilliant photographers I know. He rarely makes his presence known, and acts like a fly on the wall shooting things as they happen without coordinating with the people in the image. The results create a truly genuine depiction of the moment and have an incredibly natural feel. If you’re just surfing the internet, then I highly recommend you head over to his blog to check out more of Dave’s golden turds.
Photography Courtesy of Dave Beard
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09 Jun 2015


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TURF Bikes just released a new T-Shirt to the mix of products available on their store. Living in San Francisco we rarely see stars, and often times the moon is the only light that makes it through the fog. Pick up one of these moon phase tees before they’re gone for good. Check out more photos below.
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04 Jun 2015


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A couple weeks ago Mike Schmitt, Ramon Antonio, Andy Sparks, Ian Walker and I met up in Oakland for a chill session at Dragon Park. We kicked it there for most of the day riding bikes & catching sunburns before venturing off into other parts of the neighborhood. Head over to the TURF Website for more.
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03 Jun 2015


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The other day we all met up after work to kick it and get in a quick session before the sun went down in the city. I brought my camera along with me and caught a couple flicks of Ramon Antoino III clicking an XUP off this pizza ledge. He took a pretty heavy slam before taking his jacket off, circling around and nailing it for the clip. Lucas Bockelmann was there to capture it all and was the main reason why we decided to meet up in the first place. Check out another photo of the slam below and keep your eyes peeled for the clips in the next video Ratpack has cooking up.
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29 May 2015


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FGFS_WheelTalk_OaklandCA_Squad2015A couple weeks ago we all met up in Oakland to hang out and cruise around the East Bay. We spent most of the day stacking clips at Dragon Park, before we all had our fill and ventured elsewhere in search of a change of scenery. In that search, I stopped the caravan and pulled everybody aside to take this photo. So much of our efforts are spent filming that we often times forget to shoot any photos. I figured we might as well get one, and you’re looking at it. Left to Right – Matt Reyes, Ramon Antonio III, Ian Walker, Mike Schmitt, Andy Sparks

27 May 2015


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After nearly 3 months of trying to keep things under wraps while filming for this video we’re finally ready to announce my introduction to the BOMBTRACK Team. Filmed on location here in San Francisco, we roamed all over the neighborhood in search of short-lived spots from all of the constant construction the city seems to be cemented in. In addition to stopping on the street for a quick clip, we checked off a bunch of spots off from the endless bucket list of places we’ve been wanting to ride. Check out some screen shots from the video below and head over to BOMBTRACK to check out what they’re working with.
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