29 May 2015


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FGFS_WheelTalk_OaklandCA_Squad2015A couple weeks ago we all met up in Oakland to hang out and cruise around the East Bay. We spent most of the day stacking clips at Dragon Park, before we all had our fill and ventured elsewhere in search of a change of scenery. In that search, I stopped the caravan and pulled everybody aside to take this photo. So much of our efforts are spent filming that we often times forget to shoot any photos. I figured we might as well get one, and you’re looking at it. Left to Right – Matt Reyes, Ramon Antonio III, Ian Walker, Mike Schmitt, Andy Sparks

27 May 2015


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After nearly 3 months of trying to keep things under wraps while filming for this video we’re finally ready to announce my introduction to the BOMBTRACK Team. Filmed on location here in San Francisco, we roamed all over the neighborhood in search of short-lived spots from all of the constant construction the city seems to be cemented in. In addition to stopping on the street for a quick clip, we checked off a bunch of spots off from the endless bucket list of places we’ve been wanting to ride. Check out some screen shots from the video below and head over to BOMBTRACK to check out what they’re working with.
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25 May 2015


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Thrasher Magazine Bust or Bail 2 - Aaron "Jaws" Homoki Kickflip
Jake Phelps - Bust or Bail 2
We don’t usually cover much skateboarding, but today was an exception. The homie Ramon called me shortly after I woke up this morning and alerted me that Bust or Bail 2 was going down, so I immediately slammed my coffee, hopped on my bike and headed over there with my camera. By the time I showed up, everybody was already going hard after hearing that the Clipper ledges could be in their final days. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki sealed the deal and ended the day with this insane kick flip to melon from the top of the double set. Check out more photos below or view the entire photo set HERE.
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23 May 2015


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Living in San Francisco sometimes makes it difficult to find a nice open space to ride. More often than not we end up riding in the middle of the intersection in between changing lights and passing cars. Making due with what we have without pissing off too many people in the process. It’s all a part of residing in the city I suppose, but sometimes I wish we didn’t have to deal w/ other people’s problems. Here’s a couple shots of Josh Boothby from when we were riding South of Market a few weeks ago. Josh jammed his finger pretty bad this day and had to make a trip to the hospital to get it worked on. He still has a couple weeks of healing before he can get back on the horse, but we’ve already been talking about our next video initiative.
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21 May 2015


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In memory of Michael Penrose’s now not so recent trip to SF, I decided scan through some of the photos we took and see if there were any shots time forgot. There were a few gems buried deep in the archives of Michael and Ian Walker keeping it mellow as we rode along The Bay one saturday afternoon. Michael stacked a bunch of clips for the Wheel Talk full length we’ve been working on and I’m real stoked he made the trip out here. Check out more photos from his stay below.
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20 May 2015


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Ramon Antonio recently built up a new FGFS bike, so we took the time to shoot some photos of it before he runs it into the ground from everyday wear and tear. The definition of a Fixed Gear Freestyle bike has changed dramatically, and it’s wild to recollect on how the evolution of the geometry has changed over the last decade. This might be the farthest thing removed from where we originally started, and I’m not sure if this is the final solution, but it’s definitely a sick looking build and is on the far end of the spectrum. Check out a complete parts breakdown as well as more photos below.

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12 May 2015


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Mash SF celebrated their anniversary last week with a 2 lap race to the top of Twin Peaks and back. If the steep incline doesn’t destroy you, the bomb down 17th Street might. It’s times like this that I’m glad I rock the bell on my bike because everybody was hollering at cars to stop as they flew down the hill. I’ve never ridden in an alley cat, so I just followed whoever looked familiar. After climbing to the highest point of San Francisco a couple times my legs were shot, and by the end of the day all I wanted was a nice cold beer. Which Mash kindly provided along w/ snacks for everybody throughout the day. This was an awesome event to wrap up and even better weekend. I’ll have to keep my ear to the street for more things like this coming up in the near future. Check out more photos below.

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12 May 2015


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Mash SF - Garrett Chow - Matt Reyes - Greg Lemond Ride SF 2015 - Wheel Talk Oakley Bike
The dudes from Mash SF rolled up to the Oakley / Greg LeMond adventure on their legendary filming scooter, and posted a handful of photos from the recent ride. They caught this gem of me riding w/ the homie Garrett Chow, and I caught this photo of Garrett Chow kicking it w/ the men behind the magic. This has to be one of the most wild ways to get the clip and requires an incredible amount of teamwork from everyone involved. Check out more photos on the Mash SF Blog. Photos: Gabe Morford + Mike Martin

12 May 2015


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Oakley - Greg Lemond - SF Ride 2015 - Tunnel Vision
Oakley - Greg Lemond - SF Ride 2015 - The Headlands - Dusty Trail 2
Oakley - Greg Lemond - SF Ride 2015 - Battery Townsly
Oakley - Greg Lemond - SF Ride 2015 - Golden Gate Bridge - John Prolly - The Radavist
Oakley, Greg Lemond & Mash SF recently teamed up to host a ride here in San Francisco led by LeMonster himself. I borrowed MTS’s pocket camera and captured a bunch of the action as we crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge, looped around the headlands and mobbed back to the Mash store for beers. It was rad seeing so many familiar faces in the pack, some of which I haven’t ridden with in years. It’s rides like this that help bring the community together. Or in my case introduce me to an entirely new community of dudes living right at my doorstep. Big thanks for everyone who helped make this happen. #liveyours Check out more photos below, or view the rest of the photos from this day HERE.
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14 Apr 2015


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On Saturday a bunch of us headed to the Mission District for burritos, brews and the first sanctioned Mission Criterium held in San Francisco. They had a prototype for this event last year and were able to get permits this year to shut down streets for the race. I teamed up w/ MTS to shoot the event, kick it w/ the homies and watch the action unfold. There were a couple pile ups in the beginning but as the crowd thinned out, it became clear who was leading the pack and chomping at the bit.
1st – Manuel Barra
2nd – Marc Marino
3rd – Chas Christiansen
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