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In light of the recent release “Bring Something Back”, we figured we’d make a post of some of the photos from that day. It’s not often that Devon, Jaoa and I are all together these days, so we thought we’d make the most of it while the planets were aligned. We met up in the Pan Handle and made our way through downtown and into Hunter’s Point. It’s always fun seeing what areas you can get into without causing anybody any grief. The City is growing pretty rapidly and a lot of those places are disappearing, but luckily for us there’s still plenty of places left to explore.



During our last trip to SF, Jaoa Danaikrit & I met up w/ Devon Lawson and rode through downtown to the industrial part of The City. A lot of passing the camera around and long cuts in this one. We don’t usually make vlog type videos like this, but this was fun to cut together. Maybe we’ll make more, what do you think?



We all woke up feeling crispy the day after Jaoa Danaikrit’s Birthday. That being said we decided to keep it mellow and spend the day at the arcade. Ground Kontrol is one of our local watering holes and is an endless source of entertainment. Afterwards we decided to take the long way home and go for a quick jaunt through “Forest Park” to show Devon and Anthony some of the other things the great state of Oregon has to offer. I think we bit off more than we could chew when both Jaoa and I started to bonk halfway along the trail. Never the less, we all made it home in one piece. Just in time to BBQ before the sun went down. It was really amazing to have all the homies in town at the same time, and I already miss having Jaoa around the house. We’ll have to get the band back together more often. Until next time.



We turned things up to eleven this year for Jaoa Danaikrit’s Birthday. It felt like a reunion, or better yet like we were getting the band back together having most of the original Wheel Talk team assembled for the first time in a long time. Jaoa flew back to Thailand yesterday and my heart already misses him. I’m really glad that we had the chance to celebrate his Birthday before he left and even more glad that Anthony & Devon came to add to the celebration. Until next time my dudes, and happy birthday Jaoa. Another good year.



In between filming for his part in the second issue of Can’t Fool The Youth, Devon Lawson dedicated some time to shoot this quick section for the TURF Bikes full length video entitled “Word Is Bond“. Devon has always been known for his precision barspins, steady pedals, and shear strength behind the bike. If you live under a rock and still haven’t seen the entire video front to back then I suggest you read more below and discover what you’ve been missing.



It’s hard to tell how difficult some tricks are when they’re being blasted one after another, and you don’t have a chance to fully digest what happened. It’s an editing style that’s common in action sports and will either drops jaws or glue eyes to the screen. After I watch video part that’s almost too impressive it makes me either stoked to go out and ride, or throw in the towel and call it a day. So in an effort to humanize the whole experience, we decided to slow things down a bit and rewind some old footage from the last year.


Jaoa Danaikrit just released the video from the Black Sunday & Wheel Talk trip to Thailand last year. Featuring riding from the likes of Devon Lawson, Anthony Combs, Jaoa Danaikrit & Steven Jensen. This star studded cast takes on Thailand as they both ride the streets and explore the jungles. Jaoa did an amazing job cutting this together and slayed it with all of the incredible time lapse footage. For a while we weren’t sure if Devon was ever going to come back home because he enjoyed life out there so much. Anthony is by far one of the most entertaining dudes I’ve ever known and has some of the best dance moves out of everyone on the team. Steven Jensen came through packing heat and pulled one of the gnarliest grind combos I’ve ever seen towards the end. Kick back, press play and enjoy the show.


With another solid year behind us, we figured we clean out our closet and release SHREDWELL2 to the public. Filmed over the course of 2011-2012 this 38 minute long, full length motion picture features riders from the Grime Team as well as other influential members of the FGFS community. Stop what you’re doing, press play and enjoy. Happy new year from TURF & Wheel Talk.



Jaoa Danaikrit just posted some screen shots from the Wheel Talk in Thailand video he’s gearing up to release. I remember him spending countless hours working on this video in our kitchen while he was staying here in the states. Keep your eyes peeled for this one because there’s never been a FGFS video with this level of production value. Check out more screen shots of Devon Lawson, Anthony Combs, & Steven Jensen below, or on his Flickr HERE.



As we gear up for the new year, we figured we’d spread a little holiday cheer and release the latest Wheel Talk production we’ve been working on. Devon Lawson & I (Matt Reyes) have been in cahoots with the dudes from Premier Fits for a while now and are just now unveiling our welcome to the team video. Major thanks to PF for lacing us up some sweet headwear and shout out to Anthony Combs for coming through with a quick cameo on the opening clip. Consider this an early Christmas present from us to you, press play and enjoy. Read more below to check out some screen shots and watch the video on youtube.