19 Nov 2012


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Here’s another photo from the 2012 AFC Uproar that I pulled from Alberto Fox’s Flickr. I spent most of the time shooting video, and only took a few photo’s that day. Which is why I was stoked to see so many photos popping up from all over. Xup’s are another trick that I haven’t done in a while. I still need to check out the new skatepark they just built in SF, hit me up if you wanna roll w/.

16 Nov 2012


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Here’s what I guess you’d call “the official video” to the 2012 AFC UPROAR Comp that went down last weekend. I teamed up w/ SKYLMT‘s very own Colby Elrick to cover the Pro Competition on the final day of the Expo. Shooting off of 3 different cameras, we were able to capture most, but not all of the truly amazing shit people were doing. I’m not sure what else to say, so I’ll just let the video speak for itself.

15 Nov 2012


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Alberto Fox brought his camera to the 2012 AFC Uproar and caught this nice flick of me throwing a tuck no hander during one of the heats. I especially liked this photo because of JeffyD and his girl lurking in the background. Steph was filming from up top the Chrome Truck most of the day. I knew we parked that thing there for a reason. You can check out more of the photos Alberto shot HERE.

15 Nov 2012


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Here’s a shot that Lance Jeffrey Skundrich took of Devon Lawson throwing a quick barspin at the 2012 AFC UPROAR competition. Devon has the fastest barspins in the game, every one of which is dialed beyond belief. For those who have seen him throw em’ already know, but for those who haven’t, imagine butter melting over a pile of flapjacks on a warm autumn day. It’s kinda like that. Check out more photos HERE.

14 Nov 2012


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Tom LaMarche - TabletopRick Anderson just recently released this photo of Tom LaMarche from their trip on the East Coast this Summer. I what it’s like not wanting to blow an image on the internet, because of it’s relatively short lifetime. I’ll sit on photos for months before I reluctantly put em’ out. Quality images are best saved for print.

14 Nov 2012


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Our good friend Lance Jeffrey Skundrich was at the 2012 AFC UPROAR hanging out and taking photos of the riders during heats. This photo of Anthony Combs kicking out a Superman came out looking too ridiculous. Although he didn’t land it, he sure as hell came close. If anybody is going to do a Superman on Fixed, it’s going to be Combs. Check out more photos HERE.

13 Nov 2012


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LockedCog took this photo of me hitting a 540 from the judges booth moments before the Pro comp began at the 2012 AFC Uproar. I was real stoked on the ramp setup this year, and was even more glad that it didn’t rain. I rarely ever get to ride ramps or transitions living in San Francisco, which is why it’s always a pleasure when I get to shred these pop up parks. This event really made me want to start riding Skateparks again, I haven’t thrown a 540 since the days of the Wheel Talk Compound. Check out more of the photos that Kris took HERE.

13 Nov 2012


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IMINUSD posted this photo of the 4 of us at the 2012 AFC UPROAR at the SF Bike Expo on Sunday. The couse this year was real solid, and for the 1st time they didn’t have us tucked away in the back of the Expo. I think everyone can agree when I say that the best part about these events is getting together to ride with all the homies. Read more to check out the final standings Read more

06 Nov 2012


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A couple of weeks ago I ran into Yohei Hayama and Hiro as I was riding home up the wiggle. Yohei came from Japan to SF to bomb hills, and kick it w/ the locals. I’m real glad I met up w/ them when I did and had a chance to cruise around on Yohei’s last day in town. Check out more from his trip HERE

04 Nov 2012


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Steven Jensen enjoyed riding w/ us in Seattle so much that he decided to come back to the Bay Area w/ us to catch some last minute clips for Shredwell 2. Mike Schmitt and I filmed w/ him for a few days in San Francisco, while we worked on wrapping up editing SW2. I’m sure glad he came back w/ us, because he has some of the most technical clips in the video. Be sure to check out Jensen making a heavy appearance in the friends section of Shredwell 2.