15 Dec 2013


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On the way to the spot we stopped by a hardware store to pick up some supplies so we could do some community service and open up a new spot. The bolts used to cap these rails were no match for our massive monkey wrench. We all stuck some tricks, packed up our bags and headed into downtown Oakland in search of street spots. We concentrate so much time in catching the clip that we often forget to get a photo. It’s been rad having Dave Beard around to shoot photos while we’re filming. Be on the look out for the Turf Bikes “Word is Bond” Video. Photo Credit – Dave Beard

15 Dec 2013


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Zane Meyer recently released Devon Lawson’s Section in Can’t Fool The Youth 2 for the public to enjoy online. His section in the video was easily the heaviest part of the DVD which is most likely why it was saved for last. I filmed quite a bit of the clips in it, and was the most stoked on how the intro turned out. I don’t know which I enjoyed more, filming or editing everyone’s reactions. Dealing and bargaining with security is the worst part of the job, but there’s nothing more gratifying than coming back to conquer the beast before getting the boot for a second time in one day. If you haven’t already seen this, stop reading and press play already.

15 Dec 2013


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Wheel Talk Team Member Valentin Racho has some of the most technical barspin tricks in the game. Seitaro Iki shot this photo of him throwing a barspin into the bank at some skatepark in Southern California. With the Team living all across the country we don’t get to ride together as much as we’d like. But it gives us the opportunity to act as ambassadors and help push the scene in each of our respective communities. Valentin is the youngest dude on the team, and is going to play a huge role the future of Fixed Freestyle

15 Dec 2013


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I’ve been playing catch up, and posting up some photos that we shot a while back. Here’s one that Seitaro Iki took of me doing a tuck no hander while we were on tour in Fukuoka, Japan. Devon Lawson & I took a look at this heavily guarded pyramid spot a couple of times while we were there, but weren’t able to catch clips on it until our last day in Fukuoka. I don’t know what the deal is w/ spots in Japan, but they would never build anything like this here in the States.

14 Dec 2013


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Anthony Combs isn’t the only one making moves, Devon Lawson recently moved back to the East Bay after we left our house in The City. Here’s a photo that I took of him while we were riding in West Oakland a couple weeks ago. We’ve been spending a lot of time wrapping up filming for the Turf BikesWord is Bond” Video.

14 Dec 2013


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Anthony Combs recently gave up the Californian sunshine and moved out to NYC just in time for winter. Perfect timing on his part. Maybe I’ll come back out there to ride some of the incredible street spots NY has to offer when the weather permits. Until then enjoy these photos Jason Sellers took before during the Coast to Ghost Tour.

01 Nov 2013


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Ramon Antonio, Devon Lawson and I teamed up to cover some of what went down at the 2013 AFC Uproar. Big thanks to Ride SFO for hosting this event year after year, it’s things like this that help build the freestyle community. Which is why we’re going to take matters into our own hands and start hosting more of our own rides, comps & jams. We’ll keep you posted on that, for now press play and enjoy some of Fixed Freestyle’s finest. Read more below to see screenshots from the event. Read more

31 Oct 2013


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Last night, Mike Schmitt and I met up w/ Dave Beard to shoot some photos and get some noodles in The City. I’m real stoked to have Dave living out in our neck of the woods now. It gives us more opportunities to catch some quality flicks like this. Happy Halloween from Wheel Talk & Turf Bikes.

30 Sep 2013


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A while back we teamed up with our friends at SPL Pictures to film this Slow Motion video in San Francisco. Everything was shot on the Sony FS700 and RED Epic, with Cine-Xenar III lenses provided by Schneider Optics. Special thanks to Solid Camera for outfitting the FS700′s for the shoot & our dudes Chris Marino, Tyler Lee Cushing, and Scott Lyman for coming out to film. Without their help, this video would not have been possible. Enough talking, if you want to learn more, check out the vimeo page if not, press play. Watch it HERE
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06 Sep 2013


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Devon Lawson completely dominated the bunny hop contest at the 9 States Jam by clearing 100cm (1meter). Which was completely mind blowing to me, I took one look at it and knew there was no way I was clearing it. He won the bunny hop contest, and I won the Jam, it was a dual WT finish, and a happy one at that. You can tell by the look on his face in the bottom shot. Head over Bob_Woods’ flickr to check out some of the other photos he took at the jam. Photos : Bob_Woods (top) / Froots (bottom)