20 Dec 2012


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Last week Devon Lawson and I went out to catch clips of tricks we’ve been eying for quite some time now. Riding everything from the College campus up the street to the ledge at the bus stop on the corner. Felt good to finally get a camera out and knock out shit in our own neighborhood.

09 Dec 2012


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Ed Laforte, better known as “Wonka” recently moved back to NYC after living in San Jose, CA for a hot min. We spent most of the time he lived here filming for Shredwell2, a full length DVD we’ve been working on for nearly a year now. We’re hammering out some of the finer details and getting ready to get it out of our hands, and into yours. There’s going to be a premiere at the Chrome Store in Chicago on Dec 11th, if you’re in the area I suggest you go check it out.

08 Dec 2012


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A while back Devo and I met Josh Silva on top of Twin Peaks here in San Francisco. It wasn’t until earlier this week that I had a chance to ride with him. The man has hang fives and barspins unbelievably dialed. His smooth riding style reminded me of Steven Jensen. Must be that BMX background, keep your eyes out for this dude.

07 Dec 2012


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Devon Lawson has been riding for iMiNUSD for about as long as he’s been riding Fixed Freestyle. He’s one of those dudes who came out the gate hard, and started crushing shit early on. I took this photo of him holding an Ice Pick stall while we were riding around the city the other night. I can’t even begin to tell you how stoked I am to have him as a roommate. Expect more from Devo in the very near future.

06 Dec 2012


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A couple days ago Zane Meyer came up w/ Jakob Santos to film in San Francisco for Can’t Fool The Youth 2. The last time I saw Zane was on our trip to Seattle for a very similar filming excursion. It’s always a pleasure teaming up w/ another photographer to get those double angles, and really showcase the action. Can’t wait to see it.

06 Dec 2012


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Last week I popped off a few photos of my most up to date Specialized PFIX, w/ the help of Anthony Combs. Personally, I don’t think my bike has ever looked this good. Nice and broken in, w/ a hint of battle scars to prove it. Yet still as solid as the day I first put it together. People always ask me when I’m going to get a new frame, and I honestly don’t know. This one has held up for so long, that I don’t plan on switching it out anytime soon. Read More to see what’s good under the hood. Read more

03 Dec 2012


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Yesterday Wheel Talk Road relocated to a pad in Japan Town and Devon Lawson upgraded from the couch in our living room to a bedroom of his own. Real stoked to have someone else in the house who rides Fixed Freestyle. I took this photo of him in Golden Gate Park the day before he moved in. Be on the look out for more content of Devo in the near future.

29 Nov 2012


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If you can’t tell or haven’t already heard me say it, I’ve been sifting through and editing some old photos that didn’t quite make the 1st cut. This shot of Josh Boothby hopping clean over the handrail at The Island here in San Francisco. Terry B is off to the left taking a photo on his phone from the comfort of his 20″ pop a squat. I’ll probably be sharing a bunch of older photos in the next coming weeks, so keep it posted.

28 Nov 2012


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Here’s a photo from when Oscar Kahn came across the pond to stay and ride w/ us here in the Bay Area. Although his stay seemed brief, Mike Schmitt and I got plenty of footage of him for Shredwell2. His holographic wrap job looks so fresh in person, and is damn near blinding in the sunlight. I miss Oscar, and can’t wait until his next visit. I heard word of a possible trip to London in March, gunna have to see what’s good with that, and go kick it w/ the dudes from Ninja Cats.

26 Nov 2012


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If you don’t already know, Mike Schmitt has been off his bike ever since we left Puerto Rico. I’m sure most of you have seen the horrifying pictures he’s been posting of his wound. Here’s a photo of him gapping out to feeble while we were on tour in LA (Los Angeles) filming for Shredwell2. Mike’s hubba game is unreal, I don’t know how he’s so calm hucking himself onto the things he does. His balls must weigh a ton.