26 Aug 2013


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A few weeks ago JeffyD, Mikul Eriksson and his crew made it up to SF to meet up with Matt Reyes and make use of the Canon C100 they rented. The day was full of fast tricks and faster riding all over the city, with a lot of commuting footage with some tricks mixed in. Above is a photo of Matt blasting a curb cut over the fire hydrant. Below is Matt getting sideways over the city, into the steepest hill of the day. Read more

21 Aug 2013


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I’m stoked to be going on another trip w/ Ed Wonka. It seems like we’ve been on all the same trips over the last year, which I hope is a trend that continues to happen. We took this on my first venture out to the east coast where I stayed with Ed out in Brooklyn. We rode passed this spot, and decided to turn around to check it out. There’s nothing better than putting together makeshift ramps on location. These boards that we found next to the spot proved fruitful as we set one up as a launch onto the loading dock. I can’t wait to be back in NY riding street again.

21 Aug 2013


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Earlier today I had a moment to sit down and talk with “the people’s champ” Devon Lawson about our upcoming trip to Japan. During our short conversation, he talked about how grateful he was to have this incredible opportunity, and how he mastered the art of elephant riding in the 2nd grade. He mentioned something about a basketball showdown he has lined up with Nao while we’re out there. It’s going to be a real clash of the titans as these two casanovas go head to head in a battle where the victor goes the spoils. We’re flying out in the morning, so we’ll see everyone out there soon.

19 Aug 2013


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It’s official, with the help of Chrome Industries & Rinng, the homie Ed Wonka was able to do some last minute planning and is now going to come with us to Japan later this month. During our stay we’ll be at Nine States Jam as well as doing a mini tour across the country. If you want to meet up with us while we’re there, shoot me a message HERE and I’ll keep you updated w/ our whereabouts. To everyone out in Japan, we’ll see you in the next few days.

17 Aug 2013


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Riding street in New York with Dew Sippawit gave me a whole new outlook on how Fixed Freestyle should be filmed. I’ve been focusing on capturing the commuter side of riding fixed, by shooting more follow lines through the city of on the curb off the curb type tricks. Dew is easily one of the most talented riders out there, and never ceases to amaze me with how dialed he is on a bike. Here’s a photograph of him posted up next to his custom built SKYLMT frame in New York’s China Town.

17 Aug 2013


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Seitaro Iki took this photo of our dude Valentin Racho throwing a barspin into some skatepark in Southern California. If you didn’t hear, Valentin won first at Summer Fix this year by throwing some of the craziest combos of the day. I wasn’t there, but the Video that Zane put out of the competition spoke for itself. I was real stoked to see so many people crushing it this year, the level of competition is higher than ever, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

13 Aug 2013


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Big thanks to everyone who helped me film this, there’s too many names to list, but you know who you are. If you both ride and film then I’m sure you know how hard it is to catch clips when you’re behind the lens all the time. Filmed during the course of 2013 in both San Francisco and New York. After riding on both ends of the US I’ve come to the conclusion that the West Coast needs more cellar doors. They were by far my favorite bit of riding street in NY. To add to that last thought, NY needs more hills because that’s where some of the best spots hide. It’s already been a good year for Fixed Freestyle, and I have a feeling it’s only going to get better. Read more

12 Aug 2013


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Ed Wonka came to San Francisco yesterday to ride and hang out with Mike Schmitt and I. After warming up at Wallenberg we headed downtown where we came across this hammer of a rail. Ed walked up to it, took one look and juked a security guard before racking his way to the bottom. This is probably the biggest rail I’ve ever seen Ed do in person. What made it even better is that he did it as we were getting the boot. I’ll have some screen shots of it up later, so keep your eyes peeled.

12 Aug 2013


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Dew Sippawit started doing turndowns on Fixed the day before we left for New York. So when we went to McCarren Skatepark in Williamsburg to warm up I had him pull a couple look backs for the camera. I’ll slowly be posting up more photos from our trip to NY over the next couple months, so be on the lookout for those.

12 Aug 2013


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Mike Schmitt moved from the couch and into a room of his own earlier this month. Needless to say we’ll be filming even more now that he’s located a door down. It’s always nice living with the people you ride with. Makes things a lot easier.