08 May 2013


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Justin “Congo” Mitchell was crushing shit during the races at the 2013 Ride & Style. Not only did he snap his chain and go OTB at the start of his race against Austin Horse. He also ran someone off the top of the berm and into Zane to make up for a similar incident that happened to him last year. Congo, Addison Zawada and I were the only ones to compete in both events, but congo was the only one to wear his cycle shorts while he competed. On that aerodynamic tip. Read more

08 May 2013


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Matt Lingo was out on the course running around with his arsenal of cameras taking photos of everyone at the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style. Lingo always comes through with the high quality photos. Which makes since why Prolly would ask him to have a guest gallery on his site. Although for being the biggest event of the year, it didn’t last very long on the front page. The shot of me running my hand through the crowd came out too good. Check out the rest of his gallery HERE, or see more below. Read more

08 May 2013


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Joshua Boothby brought his bag of arial acrobatic tricks with him to Ride & Style this year. I think it’s safe to say that he has backflips on lock, but his flare attempts were even more impressive. Does anybody know if there’s been a successful flare done on fixed? I pulled all these screen shots from clips that Omar Sebai and Zane Meyer helped me shoot at the event, be on the look out for the video tomorrow. Click “ReadMore” to check out some more screen grabs. Read more

08 May 2013


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Breezy Excursion and iMiNUSD came out with this collaboration T-shirt just in time for Ride + Style this year. I really dig the way the black and white tie dye came out. Who knew Jeff Dempler was such a model. Head over to ID, or pick one up online HERE.

08 May 2013


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The homie Anthony Combs pulled off the first superman done in competition on fixed gear at this year’s Red Bull Ride and Style. Without warning he blasted off the big box, kicked both legs behind him and brought them back to pedals perfectly. Check out more of Matt Lingo’s freestyle photo collection HERE. Photo Credit : Matt Lingo

07 May 2013


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I can’t even begin to put into words how stoked I am to take 1st place in the Freestyle event at the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style. It was real rad to see so many international riders out here for the competition. This photo of Kenny Arimoto blasting me w/ the cooler came out too good. Definitely a refreshing way to cool down after a hot day of riding in SF. Check out the rest of Zach Franzen’s photo collection HERE.
Photo Credit : Zach Franzen Read more

06 May 2013


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There was a slight sense of deja vu at Ride and Style 2013, as both Jason Clary and I took first in our respective events. I don’t know what it is, but I’m beginning to think it might have something to do with the daily commute up and down the steep ass hills here in the city. I was more stoked to take part of the racing event than the Freestyle competition this year. It was intense watching racers go head to head and rack trough turns on the slick bricks down at Justin Herman Plaza.

06 May 2013


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Johnathan Ball, better known as “JBALL” came up to San Francisco for Ride & Style and stayed at my house for a few days. We mucked it around the city, and checked out some of what SF has to offer. Homie is mad consistent, I couldn’t believe how hard he was flicking his 5 cabs on those big wheels. There’s not very many people doing tricks on 700′s these days, as more kids continue to make the switch to 26′s. When I asked him if he’d ever make the leap, he said that he’s tried them before, but doesn’t plan on converting over anytime soon.

01 May 2013


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Last month I started a new segment where I pulled instagram photos that people tag (#wheeltalk) and share a select few on here. It’s a good way to recap each month, and show what’s going on with the freestyle scene in other areas. Mike was the Master of Ceremonies at the qualifier a few days ago, and is going to be on the mic at Ride + Style as well. Valentin Racho released his Wheel Talk + Destroy Edit, Seitaro Iki moved to SF, and I lightweight bonded w/ SFPD. It’s been a good month to say the least. Be on the lookout for more of these.

30 Apr 2013


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Seitaro Iki came out to the Red Bull Ride & Style Qualifier here in San Francisco, and filmed everyone spinning out on the gold sprints. There’s even a couple shots of me riding out front after the event. I ended up qualifying for the race, so it looks like I’m going to be doing both events this year. Come out to Justin Herman Plaza at noon this Saturday (5-4-13) to check it out.