Check out this edit of all the SJ homies + some of the dudes from down south tearing up Lake Cunningham Skate park the day before the CCP Classic hosted by iMiNUSD. I’ll have more pictures and video of the event as it trickles in.


Here’s a video that our boy Mikul Eriksson put together for the iMiNUSD 2nd year anniversary trick competition held in the Breezy Excursion parking lot a couple weeks ago. Nothing but good times, chill vibes, bikes, beer, beats, & Breezy swag being tossed about all day. iMiNUSD is really pushing the FGFS scene in San Jose.


As I’m sure you all know by now, Ed Wonka is currently living in San Jose, and in the time he’s been here I put together this edit of him crushing spots through out the Bay Area. There’s a few clips in here that Mike sent to me of Ed killing it in NY. That huge down rail being one of em’. Not to mention a couple of clips of Ed crashing through this bush from SKYLMT. CHROME had this playing on loop @ their booth @ interbike non stop, right next to the G.O.A.T & SKYLMT builds. Some of my favorite shots are of him smashing down Market st hitting wall rides, and wheelies on the way. Those shots really portray what FGFS is all about doing shit on a bike you can commute on.


Here’s a few of the black & white photos that Isaac Gibbs shot during the iMiNUSD 2nd Year Anniversary trick comp. Breezy Excursion supplied the beats, food trucks, and endless ammounts off swag. Never seen so much gear being tossed out. Isaac did a great job capturing the overall mood of the comp, not to mention Anthony “Wreckless” Combs’ superman. Sticking it back to pedals believe it or not. He had a little bit more extension than that, but it was quite an impressive trick.


Korusaki caught some great pictures of our boy Scott Horton tearing it up @ the iMiNUSD 2nd Year Anniversary Comp last Sunday. The event drew quite a large crowd and was great way to spend the 10 year anniversary of 911.


Mikul Eriksson shot this photo of me giving Harv one of the head designers @ Breezy Excursion a high five in mid tuck. Caught this flick after the iMiNUSD 2nd year anniversary trick comp. Mikul will have a video of the comp up in the next couple days or so. Be on the look out.


Here’s a bunch of clips I’ve had stacked up of JeffyD over the past few months. One thing is for sure he kills it riding dirt, and looks stupid comfy floating through the air. I think this video & it’s thumbnail are proof of that. Most of this was filmed in between injuries. Peep out JeffyD, the million dollar man riding strapped w/ a shoulder brace, back tape, & an ankle support during the filming of most of these clips. #beastmode


Here’s a video I shot & chopped together of the 37th annual Giro Di SF hosted by Metromint. The weather couldn’t have been any better for a day filled w/ races, pretzels, and iced coffee.


As I’m sitting @ The Island waiting for Josh Boothby, I see him roll up on his new steed fitted w/ a pair of 26″ wheels to match. He’ll be testing out SE‘s new 26″ FGFS Proto for the next 6 months. When I asked him if the switch to 26″ was permanent he denied it entirely, saying he has plans on going back to 700’s. Personally I couldn’t imagine going back, why make life harder. From what little I was told about the bike, it has no bottom bracket drop & is going to be released as a 1 size fits all. No word on when this thing is coming out, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peek to get everyone’s reaction.


Yesterday Josh Boothby came up to SF to spend some time riding w/ me to finish up filming an edit I’ve been putting together. Here’s a couple pictures of him trying out his new SE 26″ Prototype. The guy has G-turns unlike anybody I’ve ever seen. The top photo is a perfect example of that. Sittin’ comfy in that backwards nose manual.