24 Sep 2012


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Jason Finn from Pedal Consumption met up w/ Jeff Dempler at interbike this year, and did an exclusive interview w/ the man of steel himself. Check it out HERE Stoked to see so much content coming from Jeff.

24 Sep 2012


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Here’s a couple pictures of my most current Specialized PFIX build. If you look closely you can see a fly on my bike in both shots. For those who are interested, I’m running 30×10, w/ 175mm cranks, 420ac Sadio Booster Light Fork, Sadio Hoops, Specialized Compound Tires, YNOT Straps, & Sadio 420 Bars.

20 Sep 2012


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Anthony Combs is a straight madman when he rides, and this photo of him ejecting from the cockpit underlines that fact. Anybody that rides Fixed Freestyle knows that it isn’t always easy to bail off the bike. Foot retention can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. But Ant seemed to have no problem muscling his bike out from underneath him while we were riding around SF the other day. I’ve never seen anybody cannonball off their bike like that before.

20 Sep 2012


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Here’s a couple photos that TerryB took of all the homies hanging out at the Man Up or Shut Up pre party a couple weeks ago. We spent the night listening to music, watching old fixed videos, and drinking heavy thanks to an endless supply of free drink tickets. It’s not very often that we’re all under one roof, which probably explains why things got so rowdy. Check out more below. Photo Credit : Terry Barentsen Read more

18 Sep 2012


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Here’s a look at The Grime‘s very own Anthony Combs posted up next to his size Small Ghost build. It’s amazing to watch the transformation of Fixed Freestyle frames over the last few years. There have been a ton of stabs in the dark, but I think we’re getting close to developing a standard for FGFS frames.

08 Sep 2012


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Jeff Dempler has been on a roll lately after he started producing + editing his own web edits, and got picked up by Destroy Bicycles.


06 Sep 2012


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Here’s a photo that I took of Mike Schmitt posted up next to his freshly built Grime Ghost while we were on tour in Seattle. I feel like white bikes went out of style a couple years ago, as everybody veered away from matching color schemes and murdered out their ride w/ shades of black + chrome. Real stoked to see that The Grime is getting all Tony Montana w/ it, and brining back the white bike.

05 Sep 2012


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Ed Wonka + Anthony Combs both age another year today as they begin another trip around the sun. Ed enters into his Jordan year (23) ready to drop hammers and crush shit. While Combs comes of drinking age (21) and is now legally able to pick up on chicks at the bar. Be sure to show both of em’ some birthday love.

28 Aug 2012


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Last week a bunch of us took the Chrome Van up to Seattle Washington to film for the second installment of Can’t Fool The Youth. We were lucky enough to stay at Steven Jensen and Zlog’s house so we didn’t have to sleep in the back of the van. We had such a good time w/ Jensen while we were there, that he decided to say fuck it, and come back w/ us to San Jose. He’ll be staying w/ Ed + Mike while he’s here, so if you see him rolling around down town San Jose, be sure to holler.

28 Aug 2012


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Here’s a look at the 2013 Specialized PFIX. I’ve been helping Specialized develop this bike for the last 2 years now, and have been there since the beginning of it’s creation. It has the same geo as last years model, but comes equipped w/ improved parts + components. We gave it a new chainring, top load stem, rims, and a better saddle for starters. We’ll be developing an updated geo midway through the year, so keep your eyes peeled for pictures of that coming soon. It’s available now at iMiNUSD and other Specialized dealers.