05 Jun 2013


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It’s rare to see me riding rails, but figured I’d catch at least one double peg clip for an edit I’ve been working on while the homies were in town. I wonder if the city knew what they were doing when they installed this steel playground along one of the muni stops in our neighborhood. Photo Credit : Seitaro Iki (top) & Dew Sippawit (bottom)

05 Jun 2013


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With everyone coming through for Ride and Style, May was an interesting month for us over at the Wheel Talk Manor. The Thai dudes Dew Sippawit and Jaoa Danaikrit stayed with us for most of the month after the event. During which time we cruised around the city and caught clips at spots we rarely ever ride. We put on a demo for a first grade class in the park, watched Dew practice turndowns on the ground, and taught Omar + JBall the true meaning of hardstyle. Hashtag #wheeltalk if you want to see your photos up here next month.

04 Jun 2013


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Jeff Dempler put together this video of his new 22mm “Hella Blasted” Crank arms from Destroy Bikes. Made in the USA, these cranks are full 4130 steel with a 22mm 48 splined spindle that is hollowed out to make it both stronger and lighter than a normal 19mm spindle. They come powder coated black with sand blasted logos, and are available without the cross for all you atheists out there.

28 May 2013


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A couple days ago I took this sequence shot of Dew Sippawit throwing a nollie barspin at the library here in The City. He has that trick better than anybody I’ve ever seen, and could easily be his signature move if he was a character in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I’ve been filming with him a ton since he’s been in the states, and have stacked up more than enough to put something together. Be on the look out for a video of him shredding the Bay coming soon.

28 May 2013


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I came across this shot of Devon Lawson and Dew Sippawit hanging out at Kezar stadium earlier last week. Its been a refreshing change of pace having Dew & Jaoa in town. A couple unfamiliar faces at some far too familiar places. Photo Credit : Dew

28 May 2013


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It’s been real rad having Seitaro Iki living in San Francisco. He’s been taking a ton of photos and videos of everyone since he’s been out here, which is why it was nice to shoot some shit of him for a change. He’s the latest addition to the ever growing Fixed Freestyle scene here in SF, and most certainly not the last. Expect to see more of Say in the near future. See more below. Read more

27 May 2013


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A couple days ago we rode around the city catching clips and shredding some parts of town that rarely get ridden. This decayed abandoned building was probably one of the sickest spots I’ve ridden in a while. There’s not very many places in the city that have steel coping lining the ledges. Or have the Golden Gate Bridge lurking in the background for that matter. Top – 360, bottom – wheelie 180.
Photo Credit : Mike Schmitt Read more

27 May 2013


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What San Francisco lacks in skateparks, it makes up for in it’s street spots. There’s only one in the city that I can think of, this being it. Last week Jaoa Danakrit, Dew Sippawit, and the rest of the local dudes went and rode there while filming in the Mission. Jaoa laced this incredibly clean foot jam whip while we were there.

23 May 2013


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I ride with Devon Lawson more than anybody I know. We’re constantly out filming and causing a riot around town. Now that we’re done shooting his Can’t Fool the Youth 2 Section, it’s onto the next film project. Our good friend Seitaro Iki took this photo of him hitting a line at Kezar Stadium a couple days ago. We spend so much time riding this spot, that now we’re forced to get real creative if we want to film anything.

20 May 2013


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Dew’ Sippawit and Jaoa Danaikrit came from Thailand to San Francisco for the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style. They’ve been staying at my house since the event, and have been crushing all the street spots out here while they’re still in the states. Needless to say, I’m real stoked to have them here and can’t even believe some of the tricks they’ve been pulling. Keep your eyes peeled for more from them in the near future. Read more