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I took this picture of Seitaro Iki and his Unknown, on his last day in San Francisco. He flew out here a few weeks ago to spend some time in his so called “Dream City”. He flew back home to Japan earlier today, I can’t wait until the next time he comes back to visit. Check out more photos HERE.


I put together this short gif of Mike Schmitt racking a feeble down this skinny hubba in the Presidio. The apartment complexes out there have some of the best street spots in the city. So many untouched treasures just waiting to be hit. I’ve been doing a ton of filming for the upcoming Grime video “Shredwell 2” and can’t wait to start piecing this beast together. This gif turned out great, he just keeps on going & going.


Here’s a couple of the photos that Bryan Dempler took while we were hanging out, riding bikes on the beach yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how dense and smooth the sand close to the water actually was. Not quite concrete, but a hell of a lot easier than trying to do tricks on grass. This summer I plan on doing plenty of riding in this newly discovered playground, wearing nothing but shorts & shoes.
Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


I remember going through tubes, and entire patch kits on the daily when I ran 700’s, but as rare of an event it is riding 26’s, flat tires are an inevitable part of riding bikes. Flats are the easiest way to put a damper on your day, and completely ruin a session. And with daylight savings in full effect, the amount of usable light to film with is dramatically shortened. Making it hard to get in a full days work unless you’re up and ready early enough to catch the good light. Here’s a screenshot of Mike fixing a flat from coming up short on an up rail. When is the last time you found yourself w/ a flat?


Caught this picture the other day of Mike checking out San Francisco’s famous Clipper Ledges. With rounded corners, and a shear drop on the other side, there have been plenty of people who have been worked at this spot. Mike was lucky enough to ride away unscathed hitting both hubba’s back to back. You’ll see the clip of the action either in the next Wheel Talk or Grime edit. Stay tuned.


Caught this photo of Scott Horton riding the dirt jumps hidden inside Golden Gate park the last time he stayed w/ me in the city. I remember back when riding dirt jumps on fixed was unheard of. Bike geos have progressed to the point where riding dirt has become a more common part of the sport. People are beginning to explore new options w/ their new and improved off road capabilities. Taking the bike to places nobody has before and pushing the scene in ways nobody ever thought possible.


Here’s a great photo of Jeff Dempler throwing a bar spin off of one of the ledges at Pier 7, one of San Francisco’s most famous skate spot. The moment after sticking this bar spin Jeff popped his shoulder out of place, and wasn’t able to ride for the rest of the night. Quite unfortunate considering he landed the trick like butter.


Here’s some screen shots I grabbed off of the footage we got the weekend of the SF Bike Expo. I had most of the iMiNUSD Team crashing out in my living room for the weekend, while we went to the All Fixed Comp and shredded the streets of San Francisco. The top photo is of me kicking a whip off the bank at Wallenberg, the middle is of Devon Lawson bucking over the bars on this nice 15 stair handrail, and the bottom is of Matt Montoya riding a hang 5 across the bride on our way to the Expo. Just a taste of some of the footage we caught, stay tuned for the actual clips.


Here is a little minute long montage of footage that I shot during the last week of September. Everything from footage of the Bicycle Film Festival in San Francisco, to my cat Stella hanging out on the couch while I put this together. This is more of a lifestyle piece than anything, and after making it makes me want to do day in the life edits of everyone. Maybe even an episode of Cribs, we’ll see.


Here’s a video I shot & chopped together of the 37th annual Giro Di SF hosted by Metromint. The weather couldn’t have been any better for a day filled w/ races, pretzels, and iced coffee.