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During our last trip to SF, Jaoa Danaikrit & I met up w/ Devon Lawson and rode through downtown to the industrial part of The City. A lot of passing the camera around and long cuts in this one. We don’t usually make vlog type videos like this, but this was fun to cut together. Maybe we’ll make more, what do you think?



Last month I was in San Francisco riding bikes for a couple weeks. I brought with me the usual slough of camera gear as well as the GoPro / Gimbal setup. It’s really fun to ride around and film without worrying about what you’re framing up. It’s basically a point and shoot video camera. Similarly to the trial and errors of shooting film, I was bummed when I realized I didn’t format the card correctly and subsequently corrupted the rest of the footage we shot that day. Oh well, at least this one clip made it out unscaved so we could chop together this little jammer. Enjoy.



We turned things up to eleven this year for Jaoa Danaikrit’s Birthday. It felt like a reunion, or better yet like we were getting the band back together having most of the original Wheel Talk team assembled for the first time in a long time. Jaoa flew back to Thailand yesterday and my heart already misses him. I’m really glad that we had the chance to celebrate his Birthday before he left and even more glad that Anthony & Devon came to add to the celebration. Until next time my dudes, and happy birthday Jaoa. Another good year.



With the move to Portland last Summer I knew I wanted to come out with a quick FGFS jammer and with the recent release of the “Still Pourland” video I figured now is as good a time as any to drop it. Some of it is in the full length, some of it isn’t. Either way it’s a fun little jammer built from the few days we filmed with everybody for the full length here in Portland. I’m really looking forward to bouncing back and being able bodied enough to ride the FGFS build again. Until then it’s been great having Jaoa Danaikrit around to point my camera at and live vicariously through. Keep your eyes peeled for another video of Jaoa dropping soon and pick up a copy of “Still Pourland” to see other sections of the video.



Starting things off with a bang. It’s finally feeling like Summer here in the Pacific North West and people in Portland are beginning to come out of hibernation. I met up with a bunch of the dudes at the Chrome Industries PDX HUB and went for a chill ride on the East side of town. After riding to Sellwood and back we came across and spent some time riding this fun little kicker. Dig through the post and check out photos of everyone catching some righteous hangtime.

Fast Forward to later that night. I’m riding home, throw a skid, and tabletop it straight to my left side. I bounced back up, hopped on my bike and immediately knew something was wrong. I made it the rest of the way home, went to the doctor the next day and discovered I broke my clavicle. After a week and a half of doing nothing I made my way to the operating table where they set me up with a sweet new metal plate with a few screws (see photo at the bottom of this post). It’s been almost two weeks since surgery and nearly a month since the initial accident, but things are finally starting to look up. I hope to be back on my bike in the next couple weeks and look forward to rolling with the pack again. Until then enjoy these and many posts to come while I get back up to speed.



Yesterday, SLAM DUNK ERNIE & I linked up with some of the boys (Christian, Gavin, Avery & Hayato) in downtown Portland and rode to the Eastside in search of stoke and a place to park it. We ended up riding through the industrial area and underneath the bridge before making our way to Laurelhurst Park to ride the dirt step up. These are some of the first few images I’ve shot and edited from the Sony A7III I just picked up. I’m really hyped to have a new digital camera to play with after shooting on the same setup for the last 8 years. Scroll down and check out more photos below.



Things have been heating up here in Portland, and it seems like the entire city is waking up from hibernation. Ramon Antonio, SLAM DUNK ERNIE & I hit the town and shot some clips on this GoPro I just picked up. This is the first cut I’ve made with it and am looking forward to having a new camera to play with. This is the first time I’ve ever done a foot jam tailwhip on a fixed gear. Not to say that I had this trick down on other bikes, I just remember trying this trick as a kid and never being able to stick it.



8 years in the making. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a decade since we filmed this video with Joe Mesiano & Chris Marino at the Wheel Talk Compound. None of this footage was ever released, but we’re really glad to get it out there now. Better late than never I suppose. There’s something incredibly refreshing about seeing actual film burns that weren’t layered in during the editing process. We’ll let you see for yourself, press play & enjoy.



Last weekend we hosted a ride / video premiere for everyone up here in Portland. We wanted to give the community a chance to see the Super Bowl Sunday video they’re in before we released it online. It seemed like a good excuse to get the crew together, and with weather in the 70’s it worked out beautifully.

We kicked things off where we usually do. Underneath the westside of the Burnside bridge, and after a couple quick brews we hit the streets in force. We made our way south along the hillside and headed to Sellwood Park so that Ernie could hop outta the my bag and rip around with some of his dog homies. He’s glad we made the pitstop. After that we cruised to Chrome PDX for drinks & the premiere of 2 new Track bike videos. The “Super Bowl Sunday” feature and an unreleased fixie video filmed in San Francisco. I’ll be getting that one online in the next coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled and as always, check out a bunch more photos below. Cheers. We’ll see you at the next one.



It’s Super Bowl Sunday here in Portland and this is the 4th year in a row that we’ve assembled the community to ride bikes and cause a ruckus instead of watching the big game. Bikes > Football. It’s a special time of year and we always use it as a good excuse to get out and film a day video. I always bring a football (which we lost in the river), some jerseys and whatever other sports props I can find. It’s never much, but it’s always enough to make things a little more interesting.

With more than 20 of Portland’s finest + Jacob Ruff who came down from Seattle to ride, we kicked things off right and kept the good times going. There’s a strong contingency of riders lurking around PDX. More and more keep coming out of the woodwork and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Keep your eyes peeled for more coming out of the Pacific Northwest, and if you live in Portland lets ride sometime. Press play, check out a bunch of screenshots below.