11 Jan 2016


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If you ride FGFS and never watched this video then you must have spent the last year living under a rock. It’s the only explanation. Johnathan Ball went all in on this one and came through w/ a shit ton of tricks that have never been done on a fixed gear before. Even the BMX community recognized his insanity by posting the last trick and full video on The Come Up. I can’t tip my hat and say enough positive things about this dude. He’s done a lot for the community over the years and continues to hold the torch/light the way for the next generation of riders. Head over to Suck My Cog to keep up with the day to day happenings in the FGFS scene.

Maybe I’m biased, or maybe it’s the fact that there are only four clips in this video that aren’t grinds, stalls or peg related tricks. Trust me I counted (4/32). We had a hell of a time filming for this video, searching for spots and cracking cans at every stop along the way. Mike Schmitt once shared with me a story that Torey Thornton told him long ago. I’m sure I’m going to butcher it so I won’t even try, but he basically encouraged people to come up with a unique name for their videos instead of the standard name/year/summeredit formula that is used far too often. Mike nailed it w/ the title & opening clip of this video, and for that I gave it the number two spot in this list.

Jackson Bradshaw is a wizard with an endless amount of tricks up his sleeve. He’s by and far one of the most creative riders out there and is always pushing the envelope of what the definition of a “trick” really is. It’s for that reason that he rightfully secured the number 3 spot on our countdown. Shout out to the rest of the homies at F.O.A.D.

The next name on our list needs no introduction, but incase you need to brush up on your history, Steven Jensen has been blowing the lid off the place since he released his first video in the Summer of 2009. Since then he’s dropped a multitude of jaw droppingly brilliant videos, most of which have Big L playing in the background.

This is weird, so I’m going to hand the Mic off to Mike Schmitt. When Matt asked me to do the write-up for his 2015 Bombtrack video I immediately said yes because I had such a large roll in filming it. But now that that’s said I’m not sure what to else say. It’s not like we went out with the intention of planning shots or tricks for most of it. This video shows what riding for us was like on normal days doing what we love the most. Riding and filming; composing tricks and how they look through a viewfinder. Matt has an uncanny amount of bike control and really knows his shit when it comes to editing a video. Having said that, if you haven’t seen this I hope your hungry
- this proof is in the pudding.

If our list went to 100 Justin “Congo” Mitchell would be at the top of it. He came out of the woodwork with this video and it’s undoubtably one of my favorites from this year. Maybe that’s because they went all in on the theme and came out with something truly memorable, or maybe it’s because it’s a two parter with multiple bangers sprinkled throughout it. Whatever the reason Congo is a living legend in the scene and is someone you can always count on to deliver the goods. Hit that button.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one, so I’ll start with the end and work my way backwards. Ramon Antonio blew the lid off the spot when he pulled a double peg to hard 180 for the banger of his video. It was the first time I’ve ever seen someone do it in person and it was an honor to be a part of the filming process. I can’t say enough good things about this guy and can’t thank him enough for always getting me outta the house and onto my bike. That’s what homies are for.

8. 여수 END FGFS X BOREAS GEAR 여수 투여 영상
When it comes to production value, few do it better than the dudes at END FGFS. The opening shots in this video are a seemingly effortless example of that. If you’re not familiar, then go ahead and get acquainted by checking out some of the other videos they’ve released throughout 2015. Personally, I’m really amped to see what they come out with in the coming year.

I love indulging people who have something to say about how your’e riding. This video opens up with the famous “I’m going to call the cops” line we all know and love, but it appears the lady has to go home before she can do so. Some people have good times, while others try and squash em. Aside from the usual civil unrest, Chase Davis delivers with his famous bar spins and snappy half cabs that we’ve all grown to love him for. I personally really enjoyed seeing all the winter clips of him riding in the snow, now that’s what I call dedication.

These two make one hell of a duo and came out with a real feel good video even after dealing with some copy right issues from the original song selection. Bombay Chakrist is one of the best photographers I know and does an amazing job showing FGFS community in Thailand. Ky Issawat has some of the most ridiculous balance and bike control in the game. His hang five combos are off the charts, his bar spin variations are limitless, and just the shear fact that he can do tail whips is what sets him apart from a lot of other riders. Check out one of the other split videos they’ve made in the past.

Nothing says football like a bunch of dudes drinking beer while shouting catch phrases like: “first down”, “go team”, “he put the team on his back tho” and my personal favorite, “there’s shit everywhere”. Loitering around the city while dodging piles of human shit is all part of the beauty of riding street in San Francisco. It’s a constant reminder that keeps us all on our toes but if I’m being honest I wouldn’t have it any other way. Somehow out of all the videos we worked on and released this year this kicked back day video is my favorite.

For the most part people run 26″ wheels on their FGFS builds, but Pedro Oliveira is one of the few riders pioneering new frontiers by making the switch to 24′s. He just got picked up by Nemesis Project and is now riding a frame designed around the 24″ wheel base. The best part about this video is the shit load of the switch and regular tricks he has tucked up his sleeve. Keep an eye on Pedro for more content coming out of Portugal.

I was so pumped when I saw that Tadashi Nakamura dropped this video. We had the distinct pleasure of hosting him earlier in the year, and managed to release a video of him shredding around San Francisco in January. By the looks of it, he came back from his trip fully motivated and definitely one-upped himself with this video. Check it out.

The names says it all. Both on and off the bike, Nathan Sani has always been one of the most creative riders in the scene. He’s one of the few dudes that goes the extra mile in the editing booth and creates all sorts of trippy visuals with hidden easter eggs throughout his videos. This one is definitely worth a couple plays, and I’m pretty sure I watched it close to 6 times while writing this.

Last, but most certainly not least we have one of the leading authorities and kingpins of the FGFS scene in Japan, Marco. Marco once helped us fund a trip to ride with him in Tokyo and for that I am forever grateful. He’s easily one of the most humble dudes on the planet and is always doing what he can to help grow the community. His aggressive bike control and power through determination is an absolute riot to watch.

07 Jan 2016


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In August of 2010 I came up on this Affinity Lo Pro during a trick comp at the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. It’s been nearly 6 years since then and this bike has quickly become one of the most trusted builds I’ve ever owned. A couple weeks ago, I wheeled it into the studio and snapped off a couple quick stills of it for legacy purposes. People always ask what kind of bars I run, but I honestly couldn’t say because I’ve found them all sitting on the street somewhere along the 8 years I’ve lived in San Francisco. It would be rad to turn this into a series of different builds from the people I ride with on a regular basis. Keep your eyes peeled for that, until then check out more below.
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07 Dec 2015


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Massan Fluker & Matt Reyes - SF 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset
With only one day left in town, Massan Fluker and I linked up in the Tenderloin to cut loose and shoot some footage before he hopped on a plane back to NYC. We only had a couple hours of daylight left, but it didn’t take much. After a handful of runs down through the neighborhood, we had more than enough to cut together a little something from our afternoon. The homie Matt Pittman from “Create Folly” happened to be in town and cruised by to shoot these photos. Keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the street for the video of Massan dropping later this week. Until then Head over to Create Folly to check out more photos.
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25 Nov 2015


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First things first, huge shout out to everybody who came to the the 2015 SF Bike Expo to ride, kick it and support the scene. It’s times like this and friends of this caliber that remind me of why I started riding FGFS to begin with. None of this would have been possible without you, and after seeing the stoke this event cultivated we’re going to pick up the pace on hosting more FGFS Jams of our own. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen and keep your eyes peeled for the video of the event. Coverage of the 2015 SF Bike Expo provided by Suck My Cog & Wheel Talk

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26 Oct 2015


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Despite all the shit there is to do in Las Vegas, I had the best time hanging out and riding with these dudes one afternoon. I didn’t come equipped with a bike of my own, so Evan Service saved the day by letting me shred on his. After figuring out rides, we hopped in a car and traveled off the strip to this lonesome manual pad where we rode until the sun went down. It was impressive to see first hand all of the skid tricks Matt Spencer has up his sleeve, Elliott Milner’s nose manual control & Jackson Bradshaw’s creative genius. I rarely get to ride with these guys so it’s always a pleasure when I do. Ian Walker perhaps being the only exception to this because he lived in the Bay Area up until just recently. That being said, I’m looking forward to meeting up and riding with them in AZ sometime in the near future. Check out more photos below

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14 Sep 2015


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The MASH SF World Premiere was nothing short of inspiring. Everyone bolted and by the time they reached their bikes they were swallowed up by smoke. I grabbed my ride and scrambled to find a familiar face to follow, but ended up getting swept up by the rest of the pack. The Alleycat consisted of a 8 stop loop around the city with a vicious climb up Twin Peaks to kick things off. We climbed to the top of 17th and saw a car flip over so we dropped everything and quickly ran to their aid until the EMTs showed up. http://www.wheeltalkfixed.com/2015/mash-sf-world-premiere-2015/ http://www.wheeltalkfixed.com/2015/mash-sf-world-premiere-2015/ http://www.wheeltalkfixed.com/2015/mash-sf-world-premiere-2015/ http://www.wheeltalkfixed.com/2015/mash-sf-world-premiere-2015/ http://www.wheeltalkfixed.com/2015/mash-sf-world-premiere-2015/After the grueling race was over we all linked back up in the Mission at The Lab where they had 10 years of MASH on display along with free drinks and snacks. It was an impressive thing to see the line up of Jerseys and bikes they’ve had over the years. The doors out front of the Victoria Theatre held a line most of the night with people anxious to get in. Once the video started playing the room ignited with a roar which lasted most of the showing. If you didn’t have a chance to see it they’ll be playing it at Interbike next week as well as a bunch of other locations around the globe.
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09 Sep 2015


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FGFS - SF 2015 - Matt Reyes - Taishi Okuma - Mike T. Schmitt
San Francisco’s Tenderloin is one of those neighborhoods where the zombies never rest and if you listen close enough you can hear their yells booming down the block all day long. It’s a place where you quickly learn to watch your step due to all of the human shit stained along the sidewalk, the roaches crawling in the gutters and the occasional homeless dude you didn’t see sleeping against the wall. It’s a place I’ve called home for the last year and despite all the madness, I’m sure going to miss it. Some people say SF is loosing it’s character. I say those people haven’t hung out in the TL lately because this place has only gotten more hectic. Don’t just take my word for it, post up on Turk & Leavenworth and let me know what you think.

08 Sep 2015


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This morning I was clearing out the archives I came across these photos from when I first got on Bombtrack and started riding the DASH earlier this year. It’s been more than 7 months since then and I think it’s safe to say that this is by and far the best FGFS build straight outta the box that I’ve ever ridden. The small wheel base feels like a dream and makes it effortless to snap 360s around and sit off to the side of the bike. It’s a completely different beast to tame and has made me fall in love with FGFS all over again. Check out more photos below.

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19 Aug 2015


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It’s easy to get stuck in the bubble living in San Francisco. It’s hard to leave when you have just about everything you need within walking distance. I’ve lived in the city for 7 years now and have only been across the Golden Gate Bridge a handful of times. So when I met up w/ Bryan Dempler to ride a couple weeks ago we ventured out to enjoy the one thing SF doesn’t have; open space.
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05 Aug 2015


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I slacked on posting this when it came out, but it’s better late than never. Especially when this is quite possibly the best TURF Tuesday yet. Mike Schmitt, Ian Walker, Shane Hunt and I met up at Potrero Skatepark after work to hang out and ride. We stacked some clips, got hassled by a couple kooks and hit a few local spots around the neighborhood before calling it a night. Check out some of the other TURF Tuesday videos HERE and keep your eyes out for number four coming out later this month.

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