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There aren’t a lot of riders out there running brakes on their FGFS build, but Gus Molina is one of them. It’s the addition of this variable that gives his style and trick selection such a unique flavor. He’s always stretching the imagination and perception of what’s possible on these bikes. Gus is one of those riders that you have to keep your eye on and start filming before he says anything. He’s always pulling the most ridiculous combos the moment we roll up to a new spot. Anyways, scroll down and check out a handful of photos of his MASTER BIKE CO Hightek frameset as well as a complete parts breakdown.

FRAME: Master Hightek
HANDLEBAR: Rare pair of altar burial bars
FORK: Master Chopstick
STEM: Fit High Top stem
GRIPS: Merritt Cross check grips
HEADSET: Merritt
BRAKE STUFF: Odyssey lever and cable Fly Bikes brakes
SADDLE: Tree Bike Co. Fat ergo seat
CRANKS: Eclat Maverick cranks 170mm
BB: Cult mid
PEDALS: Elcat Seeker
STRAPS: Burro Mudflaps
SPROCKET: Madera Bash sprocket
CHAIN: Shadow Supreme chain
FRONT TIRE: Cult vans tire 2.3
REAR TIRE: Bombtrack 2.3
FRONT WHEEL / HUB: G-Sport hub laced to mtx33 36hh
REAR WHEEL / HUB: Rinng hub laced to Ruff Beer Can rims 36h
PEGS: Eclat Venom 4.8



Last month I was in San Francisco riding bikes for a couple weeks. I brought with me the usual slough of camera gear as well as the GoPro / Gimbal setup. It’s really fun to ride around and film without worrying about what you’re framing up. It’s basically a point and shoot video camera. Similarly to the trial and errors of shooting film, I was bummed when I realized I didn’t format the card correctly and subsequently corrupted the rest of the footage we shot that day. Oh well, at least this one clip made it out unscaved so we could chop together this little jammer. Enjoy.



Last Saturday Ramon Antonio hosted the “Still Pourland” premiere here in San Francisco, and all the usual suspects came out of the woodwork for the event. Valentin Racho showed up as well as Jeff Dempler, Alex Blanco and many others. We met up at Soma West Skatepark and rode there for a few hours. Stacking clips, cracking cans, and hanging out until the video premiere at Chrome Industries in the Mission. I brought a pizza to the jam so you know it was a party. I’m sure Mon will make a video from this at some point, but here are some photos from the day until then. The scene needs more meetups like this.



Do you think you’re better off alone? If so, come ‘talk to me’. Alice Deejay’s hit single Better Off Alone was the anthem to our weekend. But isn’t it always. Riding is always better with a squad. I guess it’s the strength in numbers mentality that comes along with it. On Saturday we gathered together some of the best FGFS riders the West Coast has to offer, and met up to ride around our new found home in Portland.

We packed our bags, loaded bikes into the Re-Rack Van and headed to University of Portland to kick start our day. After dodging campus security for a few hours, we got what we needed, pushed our luck a little too far, and decided to head downtown for a change of scenery. Jimmy Watcha sealed the deal, and drove the final nail into the coffin with one of the heaviest lines I’ve ever seen. The sun was setting and the day was pretty much over after that. Always finish on a strong note

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Friday the 13th may be a day of superstition for some, but to us it’s something to look forward to. Whether it’s cheap tattoos of black cats, or in our case afternoon sessions spent dodging rain drops and wishing for breaks in the rain. Either way it always feels like a good day to roll the dice and take some chances.

This weekend was a special occasion. The homies Andy Sparks, Gus Molina, and Jimmy Watcha drove up from the Bay Area to ride for the week. Friday was the first chance we had where the rain wasn’t completely shutting down the day. Jimmy caught some big airs on the River City Cycles banks while it was coming down. I’m surprised he never slipped out because of how wet it was. Gus Molina summoned some spirits underground as we attempted to seek shelter and ride uninterrupted. When the day was up, we all cracked cans by the river and looked forward to what tomorrow would bring.

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35MM – ARIZONA 2016

Here are a handful of 35mm shots I took during the two days we were in Arizona before the Prickly Pear Jam. All the footage we caught during that time made it’s way into the “Chain Gang” video which you can see by either clicking the link or scrolling down to the bottom of this post. It was great to ride with some familiar faces in some unfamiliar territory.

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This morning Mike Schmitt released the official recap of the Prickly Pear Jam that happened in Arizona a couple weeks ago. This 10 minute video is packed full of good times, vicious heat, and collective mix of familiar faces. My favorite part of the video and possibly the funniest part of the day was when Mike pulled a 180 crook in flip flops for a quick 20 bucks. At which point everyone came together and scrounged up enough to pay the debt. Shout out to Zane Meyer for all the arial coverage, and to Kai Yao for shooting secondary angles. Press play to see first hand why this was one of the best FGFS events that has happened in a really long time.






“Turn your bike sideways and do whatever the hell you want”
were the only words I said when shooting these photos. I wish I could have captured a profile photo of everyone who came out the the Prickly Pear Jam in Arizona, but I only walked away with portraits of these 8 during the 3 days we were there. Scroll through and take a look at some all too familiar faces. After that, this concludes my photo coverage of both the jam and my brief stay to the land of the sun, or better put “A sunny place for shady people”. Who knows where the next jam will lead us.








Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Those words couldn’t be more true as the 2016 Prickly Pear Jam in Arizona comes to a close. Huge shout out to everyone who showed up and an ever louder applause to Mike Schmitt for bringing everyone together. I’m looking forward to seeing where the next jam like this is going to take place. Until then, enjoy scrolling through these 50 of the images I took during the day of the event, and keep your eyes peeled for a video of the Jam coming soon.