Ed just put the new SADIO TEAM EDIT up on THE GRIME. There is some pretty heavy tricks in here w/ a more up lifting track to lighten the mood. I always love seeing collab edits. So much stronger as a whole.


Alright so first things first, this song has been stuck in my head ever since I 1st watched it a couple days ago. Bay Area local Lane Daniels has a style all his own and has some serious bike control. I liked all the tire slide combos & the wheelie behind the cop. Lane was killing it at the iMiNUSD 2nd Year Comp a couple months ago, its good to see some more video of him.


Here’s the trailer for a Fixed Freestyle documentary that I’ve been working on with riders from all over northern California (Ed Wonka, Josh Boothby, Matt Reyes, Mike Schmitt, Matt Montoya, Jakob Santos, Kenny Arimoto Jason Clary, Jeff Dempler, Scott Horton, Gonzo, Nick Price, & Gabe ) Focused on creating an understanding of the Fixed Freestyle scene & culture. Reasons why we ride, what makes it so unique & where we’re going to take it next.


Here is a little minute long montage of footage that I shot during the last week of September. Everything from footage of the Bicycle Film Festival in San Francisco, to my cat Stella hanging out on the couch while I put this together. This is more of a lifestyle piece than anything, and after making it makes me want to do day in the life edits of everyone. Maybe even an episode of Cribs, we’ll see.


Here’s a bunch of Screen Shots I pulled from some footage I’ve shot this last month. From top to bottom, we got Mike & Ed rolling around down town San Jose. Next there’s Matt Montoya w/ one of the longest fakie wheelies I’ve ever seen. Forest Parker has those 180 bars on lock and makes throwing em’ over those orange cones look easy. Hang over tooths down handrails are an Ed Wonka specialty, here’s a shot of him serving one up proper. And last but not least, we have Joshua Boothby w/ a truely massive 360 over the handrail, landing into the grass bank. #butteronbutter Keep your eyes peeled for a couple edits coming out this week.


San Jose local, Devon Lawson has been riding on Grime Bikes for a minute now, and this this edit publicly solidifies that. Stoked to see some top notch riding from more underground riders. Devon just recently got into the Freestyle game 6+ months ago, and since then has progressed in a phenomenal rate. Can’t wait to see more from him.


Here’s a video I put together using clips I’ve collected of Joshua Boothby riding in SF & MKE. On SE Bikes 700c frame & new 26in prototype. Boothby has always crushed it on 700’s, I can’t wait to see the kind of magic he pulls out of his hat now that he’s on 26’s and isn’t fighting the bike. Even though he already makes things look far too easy.


Since we’re on the subject of “liking” pages, go ahead and “like” the WT page as well. We took this photo a while ago for a mag, but I think I’ve been sitting on it long enough and it’s about time people see a proper family photo. Photo Credit : Wheel Talk Road


After some minor speed bumps we finally have the Fixed Freestyle Facebook Page up and running in full effect. With admins from all over the world, riders are all able to post all of their media + content in one central location. Creating an extensive library and data base of everything Fixed. Making it easier to get your trick fix unlike ever before. Do yourself a favor & click “like”. Creator : Ed Wonka


Mikul Eriksson was @ the CCP Classic last weekend, covering the event for iMiNUSD. I wasn’t able to make it out for the event, but from what I’ve seen and heard, there was quite a turn out to support the growing FGFS scene in San Jose. Here’s an unbelievable photo of Mike dropping one hand on a crank arm grind down this double handrail. It looks like he’s surfing more than anything. Photo Credit : Mikul Eriksson