This is the 1st picture I’ve seen of the SF Bike Expo All Fixed Comp. It’s a family event bringing together some of the best Fixed Freestyle riders from all over California. Everyone had a blast trying to figure out how they were going to ride the back yard wrestling match of a course. Consisting of primarily dirt jumps mixed in w/ wood ramps & a single grind-able rail fitted in between a kicker gap. Photo Credit : LDG Mike


CHROME just recently announced that they’re doing a video contest for the best minute of fixed freestyle footage. The winner will receive a fatty hook up on chrome products, shoes, bags, shirts, etc. Chrome’s very own, Ed Wonka will pick the winner, and all submissions are due by November 28th. So if you’re thinking about entering or want some free shit, now is your chance. Check out the Chrome site for upload information, and a list of the prizes.


Matt Montoya recently put together this piece for iMiNUSD using the shop’s camera. There’s some clean lines in here, not to mention quite a few night shots. The video features IMD Riders Ed Wonka, Anthony Combs, Matt Montoya, Devon Lawson, Alex Blanco, & Gabe Alcantara. Can’t wait to see more from these guys holding it down for their hometown of San Jose.


SADIO BIKES welcomes Scott Horton to the Team, as their newest addition to the International lineup. He’s been putting in work on his PFIX w/ Sadio Components ever since we got them in the mail a few months back. Scott pedals hard into everything he ride, and has some interesting tricks up his sleeve, the hop through the bars to peg ride being one of them. Check out his page on the Sadio site HERE.


Christian Hamrick put this together while he was back out here in the Bay a couple weeks ago. There are some great clips in here both b-roll and riding. Cunningham Skatepark is so big you could ride it every day and never get tired of it. You’re always finding something new, especially if you’re around the right kind of people. And right now, San Jose is the place to be for Fixed Freestyle. There is such a strong FGFS presence, and the scene is so huge that there are new kids popping up ever day.


Here’s a sneak peek of one of the new and improved BoomBotix BB1 Portable Speaker. It isn’t just some stunnin’ new color way either, it comes equipped w/ a more powerful capacitor making it 5 decimals louder than the last. Giving you crisper highs and a more rounded full sound that still supplies plenty of bass. So far my favorite thing about it is the volume control stationed on top of it’s head. Makes it so much easier to adjust, and saves me from digging through my pocket to change it while I’m riding through traffic in the city.  I’ll keep you up to date on when these will be available.


Ed just put the new SADIO TEAM EDIT up on THE GRIME. There is some pretty heavy tricks in here w/ a more up lifting track to lighten the mood. I always love seeing collab edits. So much stronger as a whole.


Alright so first things first, this song has been stuck in my head ever since I 1st watched it a couple days ago. Bay Area local Lane Daniels has a style all his own and has some serious bike control. I liked all the tire slide combos & the wheelie behind the cop. Lane was killing it at the iMiNUSD 2nd Year Comp a couple months ago, its good to see some more video of him.