For the past few days I’ve been riding + filming w/ my good friend Mike Schmitt from the GRIME. He’s been staying up in San Francisco, and we’ve been rolling around and hitting everything that SF has to offer. I enjoy riding w/ Mike, because he has a truly unique style of riding and is always in search for those creative tricks that only work w/ the spot. Be on the look out for a ton of fresh new content from Mike.


Pulled this photo of Matt Rice’s PFIX build from his Flickr. This is definitely the cleanest PFIX build I’ve seen yet, especially considering it’s a Size : Large frame. Super fresh w/ those gum wall tires, and silver chain. For those of you who don’t know, Matt Rice runs Deal With It SF. He rides blades, Fixed Freestyle, and holds it down mad well w/ a Kendama. Head over to his blog and check his shit out.


Here’s a screen shot I pulled last weekend of Ed giving 14 year old Gabe Alcantar some last minute advice before riding down this beast of a drop. He drew up quite the crowd during the time he spent on top the building, sizing up the drop. Cars, bikers, pedestrians all stopped and pulled out their iPhones, iPads, and cameras to record Gabe ride off this shit. We began to draw a pretty substantial crowd of on lookers until the inevitable Police Car rolled up on the spot. It was now or never, so Gabe gave it one final crank and hurled himself off the bank to drop.


I was in Wyoming for the Holidays, and I brought along w/ me my bike. Spent some time riding around in what surprisingly little snow there was this year. I even had the chance to ride the new Green River Bike Park which was a park full of snow covered dirt jumps, and ladder runs stretching around its perimeters.


Here’s a photo of my tattered and worn YNOT Straps. I’ve been running this pair for a while now, and they’ve withstood quite a beating, while feeling just as stiff as the day I got them. These are Ed Wonka’s Signature YNOT Straps in that Black & Yellow to match your G.O.A.T frame. Head over to YNOT and pick up a pair of these custom hand made pedal straps, and help support rider made products.


Here’s my top 10 favorite photo’s I’ve taken over the last year. 2011 has been a big year for us, and we plan on making this year even better. The top 3 are photos you may have not seen yet, and the rest are from sessions throughout the year. Devon Lawson throws some of the most dialed barspins I’ve ever seen, here’s a great example of that. He’s made some big moves this year and has helped to make San Jose a power house in the Fixed Freestyle scene.I don’t know what it is about Jeff, but he is incredibly photogenic. I’ve always been able to catch such great shots of him. I love funky wallrides, especially ones on weird nooks & lips on the wall. Here’s a shot of Me (Matt Reyes) riding this double bank back behind this parking lot on one of the steepest hills in the city. It was so much wasted effort trying to ride this spot. Up hill battle the entire time (more…)


I recently went on a night ride w/ my good friend Alex Le Cas-barré. He brought along w/ him his Felt TK2 and a 6pack of Stella for the ride in his new Chrome Night Series Messenger Bag. He’s back home in Paris right now, but I can’t wait until he’s back in town so we can ride, and kick it in the new year.


Here’s a great photo of Jeff Dempler throwing a bar spin off of one of the ledges at Pier 7, one of San Francisco’s most famous skate spot. The moment after sticking this bar spin Jeff popped his shoulder out of place, and wasn’t able to ride for the rest of the night. Quite unfortunate considering he landed the trick like butter.


Here’s a bunch of leftovers and recent footage from 2011. It’s been a long year, we have some big things in store, and plan on making 2012 even more better. End of the world? Never heard of it.