11 Jun 2012


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Tuck no handers are one of my favorite tricks in the book, here’s an old photo of Alex Blanco showing us that he’s got that one in the bag. Spread them fingers boy. He’s put in a ton of work since then, and recently got picked up by BreakBrake17. I can’t wait to see a solo edit from this guy.

04 Jun 2012


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I’ve been riding for Specialized Bikes for a little more than a year now, and in that time I’ve watched Fixed Freestyle progress to a point which I never thought it would reach. The line between BMX + Fixed Freestyle is quickly fading, as we continue to push both ourselves and what we consider to be the standards for a FGFS Frame. The rest of the guys from Wheel Talk and I have been helping Specialized develop the PFIX since the days of the 1st prototype. We’ve put a lot into this bike, and plan on continuing to improve upon it. Fixed Freestyle has come a long way since the days of pole jams, I can’t wait to see where we take it from here.

04 Jun 2012


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Here’s a shot of Josh Boothby hopping over a fire hydrant and into the street along the Embarcadero. Boothby has some of the biggest hops in the game, and makes it over even the biggest barriers with ease. It’s great having heavy hitters like him to ride w/ up here. I roll around w/ Josh more than anyone else here in the city, and he doesn’t even live in SF. East Bay All Day.

03 Jun 2012


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Hiro Nakajima was in San Francisco for Red Bull Ride + Style a little while back. I managed to catch up w/ him at “The Island” while Boothby and I were riding there a few weeks ago. He recently released an edit of his trip to SF. I always like seeing other people shred spots in my backyard. Check it out HERE.

26 May 2012


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Jeff Dempler took this photo of our boy Scott Horton hitting a 1 foot Xup on this mellow dirt double. Scott has been riding his dirt bike a lot lately, but still hops on his Bicycle any chance he gets. Riding dirt is one of my favorite types of terrain. it’s unpredictable, moldable and slightly less forgiving than concrete. Only downfall being once you fall in it, that shit gets all over.

17 May 2012


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iMiNUSD just posted this photo that I took of Jakob Santos while he was in San Jose a while back. I miss having Jake around, he’s a hoot and a holler to say the least. This quote says it all “Don’t let his macho man hairstyle and tattoos fool you, he’s one of the most humble dudes you’ll ever meet.”

12 May 2012


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Miles Mathia kicked it w/ me in SF for the week he was in the city for Red Bull Ride + Style. It was a blast having Miles in town for a hot min, the dude rips on a bike. Which is why he recently got picked up by SKYLMT. I can’t wait to see what Miles does from here, the dirt edit he put out a while ago is one of my favorite fixed videos of all time.

10 May 2012


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Tom LaMarche reminds everyone why he’s still a beast on a bike, and gives us a taste of what true bike control looks like. He completely crushed shit in his latest video for Specialized. There’s just something about SD footy, east coast street spots, and TV broll that reminds me of Torey. It’s always a pleasure watching Tom ride. His smooth + burly riding style never ceases to amaze me.

09 May 2012


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The Fixed Gear scene in San Jose has hands down the largest community of freestyle riders I’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of place where people don’t just ride bikes, they ride fixed gear. Every time I go down there to ride it seems like there are more and more kids popping out of the woodwork. At this rate, it looks like Fixed Freestyle will be around for a long time to come.

08 May 2012


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Mike Schmitt is always thinking out of the box, and trying to come up w/ unique ways of riding spots. He’s always setting up trash, bricks, and anything else he can find to make something sturdy enough to ride. Here’s a photo of him popping out of a smith on this rail that we rigged together beneath an overpass in San Jose. Creativity is key.