26 Apr 2013


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Omar Sebai came up to SF and stayed at my pad for a few days during Spring Break. Devon Lawson and I took him around and showed him what the San Francisco street game has to offer. It was real sick watching Omar and Valentin ride together. I don’t know what they’re feeding kids these days but it seems to be working. I’ve been seeing a bunch of youngbloods crushing shit lately and really pushing things to the next level. One thing is for sure, these two have some dialed barspins.

23 Apr 2013


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Here’s an old photo of Alex Blanco that I took back when we filmed the “iMiNUSD Rides SF 2012” video. Jeff Dempler is in the foreground filming Blanco throwing a bar over the ledge and into the bank below. I saw a teaser for a Spike edit he’s been working on, can’t wait to see the finished part.

22 Apr 2013


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It’s been great having Mike Schmitt back in San Francisco. He gets off work around three everyday, giving us plenty of time to catch some clips and ride around before the sun sets. He’s always making obstacles out of trash off the street, and is constantly coming up w/ crazy ways to hit shit.

19 Apr 2013


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I hit this wallride to gap back into the street on my commute home from downtown everyday. Commuter tricks are the best part of riding Fixed Freestyle. I spend more time crushing through traffic and hitting stuff along the way than I do riding spots. Photo Credit : Mike T Schmitt

19 Apr 2013


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Here’s a photo that I took of Mike T Schmitt riding his signature MTS Burro Mudflaps, which are now available in Staph Infection Red. The ability to customize your inserts is a nice touch. They come stock with a meat insert and a photo of Mike’s open knee while in surgery. For those who don’t know Mike got some crazy Island funk while we were in Puerto Rico and had to fly back to the US to get Surgery. Hense the custom colorway, and choice in inserts. I find it funny that they come with a photo of meat considering Mike is vegan.

17 Apr 2013


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With daylight savings time in full effect, Devon Lawson and I have been out shooting longer and later. Making better use of the day and adjusting to the change in light at the usual spots. Here’s a couple screen shots I pulled from some recent clips we’ve been filming here in San Francisco.

16 Apr 2013


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Anthony Combs took this photo of me on my weathered and aged Specialized PFIX. I’ve been on the same frame for nearly a year now, and have grown so attached to the beaten look that I don’t want to hop on a fresh frame. The custom colorway is an easy differentiator that I feel like I’ve become directly associated with. Who knows maybe I’ll swap out frames in time for Ride & Style, only time will tell.

16 Apr 2013


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The other week I took pictures of all of us posted up at the Simpsons walls by the rails at Kezar. Now a days it seems like I ride w/ the same three people on a daily basis. Its easy to catch a quick session when you live w/ the people you ride w/. Devon is on the medium Grime Ghost Frame.

12 Apr 2013


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Anthony Combs recently got laced up w/ Breezy Excursion now that he’s a part of Wheel Talk. He might just be the flyest dude on 2 wheels now. Be on the look out for him rolling around the streets of San Jose, we’ll have more to come from Combs in the very near future. For those who are curious, he’s pedaling around on the Small Grime Ghost that’s lurking in the background.

12 Apr 2013


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Each month I’m going to begin pulling some of the #wheeltalk photos that you guys tag from our sidebar and start showcasing them here. We appreciate all the support we’ve received from the fixed scene over the years, and will continue to give back in every way we can. Keep the photos coming, and we’ll do the same.