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Cheap thrills & climbing hills. If there’s a fixie event happening, nearby we’ll be there. With our camera’s ready, our heads bouncing, and high fives being thrown in every direction. We’re always ready to cut loose and have a good time. If there’s one thing boy scouts taught me, it’s “be prepared”.

The Red Bull Bay Climb in San Francisco was a real cliff hanger. As in everybody felt like they were standing on the face of a cliff the entire time . To even make it to the top, is a feat strength in itself. Word on the street is that 103 total miles were raced by all of the participants. I always enjoy shooting the fixed gear events we take part in and usually find a friend to help capture the times I’m not behind the lens. This time Portland’s finest Ramon Antonio III came down to contribute to this 60 second recap.

It was great kicking it with all the homies in The Bay. Until next time. (more…)


Earlier this Summer I called in a favor from a couple of the boys to do this photoshoot for Chrome Industries. We decided to film this quick video piece as well since we were in our element and had some time on our hands. With SOMA West Skatepark as the backdrop, it wasn’t hard to stack enough for this 46 second cut. Shout out to Josh & Gabe for coming out to have a good time.

Josh Silva (Fixed Gear Freestyle)
Gabriel May (Skateboard)
Bryce Richardson (Vibe Technician)

Click more to see photos from this shoot. (more…)


There are only a handful of people who bridge the gap between track bikes and the common day FGFS build. Andy Sparks & Michael Chacon have been doing so for years. With no real agenda, we met up at the clocktower, rode around down town and put together one day jammer. This video was a true pleasure to piece together and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did filming it.



After two days of filming with Jiwoo Kim we were able to produce this quick edit from his far too short stay with us in San Francisco. I don’t usually film in slow mo but figured we’d take a stab at it for this piece and see where it took us. As the newest member of the ENDFGFS team in Korea he’s one dude you’ll want to keep an eye on. Press play and enjoy.



Words cannot convey how amped I was to see so many familiar faces at the FGFS Jam during the SF Bike Expo this year. The Bay Area came out in force to show it’s support for the scene and throw down on the course they constructed inside the Cow Palace. This is the first year they’ve allowed us to ride inside the convention center, which sounded like a great idea until Boothby hung up on the rafters throwing a backflip during practice. Shout out to Johnathan Ball for shooting video and helping cover the event in-between riding in it. Once again, coverage of the provided by Suck My Cog and yours truly here at Wheel Talk. Thank you to everyone who showed up and look forward to more Jams rolling out in the coming year.



Originally released on 04.20.2014, here’s Ed “Wonka” Laforte’s section from the TURF Bikes full length video, Word Is Bond. Now that most of the clips are 2-3 years old, we decided it was time for this footage to resurface and get released section by section over the next couple of months. Keep your ear to the ground and enjoy the first section in Word Is Bond, or check out the full length video below.


After nearly 3 months of trying to keep things under wraps while filming for this video we’re finally ready to announce my introduction to the BOMBTRACK Team. Filmed on location here in San Francisco, we roamed all over the neighborhood in search of short-lived spots from all of the constant construction the city seems to be cemented in. In addition to stopping on the street for a quick clip, we checked off a bunch of spots off from the endless bucket list of places we’ve been wanting to ride. Check out some screen shots from the video below and head over to BOMBTRACK to check out what they’re working with.


On Saturday a bunch of us headed to the Mission District for burritos, brews and the first sanctioned Mission Criterium held in San Francisco. They had a prototype for this event last year and were able to get permits this year to shut down streets for the race. I teamed up w/ MTS to shoot the event, kick it w/ the homies and watch the action unfold. There were a couple pile ups in the beginning but as the crowd thinned out, it became clear who was leading the pack and chomping at the bit.
1st – Manuel Barra
2nd – Marc Marino
3rd – Chas Christiansen