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15 Apr 2014


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As promised here’s some more screen shots from The upcoming Turf Bikes Video, “Word Is Bond”. Ed “Wonka” LaForte’s section is sure to impress considering there’s few people who are willing and able to try some of the tricks Ed does. The official web release is on 4.20.2014 less than 5 days from now. If you missed the last 2 premiere’s then you can still make the one in China going down on April 19th. Otherwise kick back and wait to watch it on the internet just like everybody else. Check out more screen grabs below. Read more

09 Apr 2014


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Christian Hamrick collected clips for the Turf BikesWord Is Bond” Video while he was on the Coast to Ghost Trip and during a short visit he made to the West Coast. Hambone is currently living in Kansas City, a place which I’m told has unreal street spots. We might just have to make a trip out there to investigate these so called spots. If you live near San Jose, come out to the premiere being held at iMiNUSD on Saturday April 12th. We’re going to meet up and ride earlier during the day and then head to ID doors open at 7:30. Be there or be square. Circles only, no invite, all ages are welcome. Check out more screen shots below.
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05 Apr 2014


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Tonight we’re premiering “Word Is Bond” in San Francisco. If you live in the area you should come out to Lower Branch at 8pm & kick it with the rest of the Fixed Freestyle scene here in the Bay. Here’s some screen shots of Jimmy Watcha, as motivation to make it to the event. Jimmy may be the youngest member on the Turf Mob, be he holds his own and manhandles his bike like a lion tamer. Come see for yourself, we’ll be at this address HERE. Check out more below. Read more

13 Mar 2014


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As promised here’s some more screen shots from the upcoming Turf Bikes video “Word Is Bond“. I’m in the midst of wrapping up editing the last couple sections and adding the icing on top of the cake. We’ve been filming over the last year and finally have something that we feel strongly about and are just about ready to share w/ the world. Until then you’ll just have to soak in these screen shots of Mike Schmitt. Read more

05 Mar 2014


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Yesterday Lucas Bockelmann went out filming w/ Ed Wonka around the streets of San Francisco. I went over to Ed’s house last night to peep some of the footage and eat some pizza. This huge tooth hangover was by far one of the gnarlier things they shot. I’m super stoked on the look of Lucas’s new HVX video camera which he’s currently using to film a video of all the dudes in Northern & Southern California.

04 Mar 2014


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I recently pulled a bunch of screen shots from Devon Lawson’s part in the upcoming Turf Bikes video. We’re currently wrapping up editing “Word Is Bond” and plan to have a premier or two before we release it. We’ll keep you posted on the details, but for now you’ll just have to marinate over these shots of Devon. Click the “Read More” to see more screen grabs Read more

26 Aug 2013


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A few weeks ago JeffyD, Mikul Eriksson and his crew made it up to SF to meet up with Matt Reyes and make use of the Canon C100 they rented. The day was full of fast tricks and faster riding all over the city, with a lot of commuting footage with some tricks mixed in. Above is a photo of Matt blasting a curb cut over the fire hydrant. Below is Matt getting sideways over the city, into the steepest hill of the day. Read more

05 Jun 2013


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Omar Sebai is a 16 year old shredder from Southern California, and is the newest member to the Wheel Talk Youngbloods team. He’s one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met and has barspins down better than I could ever dream. He came and stayed at my pad in SF for a few days during Spring Break, and was able to film enough in both SF and SJ to put together this nice introduction. So kick back, relax and enjoy this minute and a half video of Omar Sebai. Click the read more button below to see some screen shots from the video. Read more

10 May 2013


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Jonathan Davis was mobbing around the course like a bat out of hell, crushing everything that lied in his wake. His motorcycle helmet w/ the fuck the world decal really helped set the tone for what to expect from his riding. JD pulled one of the craziest tricks of the day when he double peg stalled the huge wallride in front of the judges booth. He was one of the few people to hit the wallride from quarter to quarter.

09 May 2013


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Posting shit about myself is always strange, but I had some screen shots from the 2013 Ride + Style video I made and figured I’d post them up anyways. Last weekend was too good. It was real rad to have everybody in town at the same time. Our house was pretty hectic to say the least. People fell asleep wherever they could find the space. There needs to be more events like this, it’s a good excuse to get all the homies together. Check out more screen shots below. Read more