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Jaoa Danaikrit - China Banks - San Francisco
The other day Jaoa Danaikrit and I went riding around down town and made a pit stop at one of the most iconic spots in San Francisco. The China Banks are deceptively difficult to ride, have been capped for as long as I can remember, and can be a quick bust if you draw too much attention to yourself. Nobody ever said riding street was easy, and despite the challenge, this is one of the sickest spots to ride.


Everyday I make my way in and out of San Francisco by passing beneath miles of steel that make up the Bay Bridge. Living across the water has given me a greater appreciation for the city than living in it ever has. We have the good view of The City here in the East Bay, especially at dusk. Shout out to Mike Schmitt for shooting this photo of me doing a hard 180 in front of an audience of statues guarding the chapel’s double doors. I just dropped off a couple more rolls this week, and can’t wait to see how they turn out. Check out more 35mm captures HERE.
Photo Credit : Mike Schmitt (Above)
Photo Credit : Matt Reyes (Below)


Yesterday a building in the neighborhood I work in caught on fire and had the whole city talking. If you live anywhere near San Francisco I’m sure you saw pictures of the blaze or perhaps even took some yourself. Smoke could be seen billowing into the sky from across the Bay as the firefighters attempted to fight back the flames. Bryan Dempler & I showed up the next day to find that they were still hosing down the building from nearly every angle on the block. We hung out until we could tell they wanted us to jet, at which point we packed our bags and shot a couple more photos along the Muni tracks on 3rd Street. I wonder what’s for lunch tomorrow?
Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


I shot this photo of Devon Lawson doing a double tire ride along this rubber tube that was loosely attached to some wall in the Mission. There’s nothing like a Burrito from Los Coyotes to give you the energy of an ox and the strength of ten men.


Earlier today I met up with Bryan Dempler to film a couple more interviews for a documentary he’s been working on. Between work and sleep it’s hard to find the time to film. Especially when the sun sets before we’re even out. That being said we’ve been finding the time to get shit done during our lunch breaks. Check out a couple of these stills he took while we kicked it in China Town here in San Francisco. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


Last week Devon Lawson and I went out to catch clips of tricks we’ve been eying for quite some time now. Riding everything from the College campus up the street to the ledge at the bus stop on the corner. Felt good to finally get a camera out and knock out shit in our own neighborhood.


A couple of weeks ago I ran into Yohei Hayama and Hiro as I was riding home up the wiggle. Yohei came from Japan to SF to bomb hills, and kick it w/ the locals. I’m real glad I met up w/ them when I did and had a chance to cruise around on Yohei’s last day in town. Check out more from his trip HERE


Anthony Combs is a straight madman when he rides, and this photo of him ejecting from the cockpit underlines that fact. Anybody that rides Fixed Freestyle knows that it isn’t always easy to bail off the bike. Foot retention can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. But Ant seemed to have no problem muscling his bike out from underneath him while we were riding around SF the other day. I’ve never seen anybody cannonball off their bike like that before.


Mike Schmitt popped off this photo of my doing a little rock climbing (wall tap 180) in Golden Gate just before we discovered that they gutted the dirt jumps hidden deep in the park. With more and more spots being torn out, we’re going to have to take matters into our own hands and start making our own. Time to go buy some quickcrete + shovels, and find a decent location to build.


This weekend Mike Schmitt and I went to go ride the dirt jumps hidden in Golden Gate Park, only to find that the city had completely gutted the place. Leveling everything in their path, leaving behind nothing but a couple of signs telling us to turn around and fuck off. It’s always a shame to see a spot go, especially one as sacred as this. We will rebuild, despite the city’s destructive ways.