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Mike Schmitt


Mike Schmitt is always thinking out of the box, and trying to come up w/ unique ways of riding spots. He’s always setting up trash, bricks, and anything else he can find to make something sturdy enough to ride. Here’s a photo of him popping out of a smith on this rail that we rigged together beneath an overpass in San Jose. Creativity is key.


Yesterday I went down to San Jose and rolled around with Mike Schmitt + the usual lineup of SJ locals. He turned 23 over the weekend, and in celebration of that we mucked it around from spot to spot with plenty of refreshments, causing a scene at every stop along the way. Happy Birthday buddy, another good year.


I put together this short gif of Mike Schmitt racking a feeble down this skinny hubba in the Presidio. The apartment complexes out there have some of the best street spots in the city. So many untouched treasures just waiting to be hit. I’ve been doing a ton of filming for the upcoming Grime video “Shredwell 2” and can’t wait to start piecing this beast together. This gif turned out great, he just keeps on going & going.


Mike has been rocking the BalHogs grip strip on his down tube for quite a while now, and he’s been utilizing it to come up with some rather unique maneuvers. Mainly for mobbing down hill with his feet off the pedals and ass tucked behind the seat. Hanging so far back off the bike. Head over to the BalHogs webstore and pick one up while they’re still around, I know I can’t wait to slap one on my whip.


I remember going through tubes, and entire patch kits on the daily when I ran 700’s, but as rare of an event it is riding 26’s, flat tires are an inevitable part of riding bikes. Flats are the easiest way to put a damper on your day, and completely ruin a session. And with daylight savings in full effect, the amount of usable light to film with is dramatically shortened. Making it hard to get in a full days work unless you’re up and ready early enough to catch the good light. Here’s a screenshot of Mike fixing a flat from coming up short on an up rail. When is the last time you found yourself w/ a flat?


Caught this picture the other day of Mike checking out San Francisco’s famous Clipper Ledges. With rounded corners, and a shear drop on the other side, there have been plenty of people who have been worked at this spot. Mike was lucky enough to ride away unscathed hitting both hubba’s back to back. You’ll see the clip of the action either in the next Wheel Talk or Grime edit. Stay tuned.