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Fixie Master 700. With Summer coming to a close Chrome Industries just released this video I filmed with Andy Sparks in San Francisco earlier this year. With only 60 seconds on the clock, Andy opened up his bag of tricks and pulled out some quick combos, most of which were landed on the first t (try). The best part about working at Chrome is wrangling your friends in for “photo shoots”.

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Cheap thrills & climbing hills. If there’s a fixie event happening, nearby we’ll be there. With our camera’s ready, our heads bouncing, and high fives being thrown in every direction. We’re always ready to cut loose and have a good time. If there’s one thing boy scouts taught me, it’s “be prepared”.

The Red Bull Bay Climb in San Francisco was a real cliff hanger. As in everybody felt like they were standing on the face of a cliff the entire time . To even make it to the top, is a feat strength in itself. Word on the street is that 103 total miles were raced by all of the participants. I always enjoy shooting the fixed gear events we take part in and usually find a friend to help capture the times I’m not behind the lens. This time Portland’s finest Ramon Antonio III came down to contribute to this 60 second recap.

It was great kicking it with all the homies in The Bay. Until next time. (more…)


Earlier this Summer I called in a favor from a couple of the boys to do this photoshoot for Chrome Industries. We decided to film this quick video piece as well since we were in our element and had some time on our hands. With SOMA West Skatepark as the backdrop, it wasn’t hard to stack enough for this 46 second cut. Shout out to Josh & Gabe for coming out to have a good time.

Josh Silva (Fixed Gear Freestyle)
Gabriel May (Skateboard)
Bryce Richardson (Vibe Technician)

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There are only a handful of people who bridge the gap between track bikes and the common day FGFS build. Andy Sparks & Michael Chacon have been doing so for years. With no real agenda, we met up at the clocktower, rode around down town and put together one day jammer. This video was a true pleasure to piece together and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did filming it.



Feast your eyes on some of the leftover crust Terry Barentsen cut together before we grabbed a slice and started filming the NYC Pizza video. I’ve been really enjoying this series of day edits Terry has been releasing and am glad we had the chance to film while I was in town last week. Keep your ear to the ground for more of Terry’s work.



After two days of filming with Jiwoo Kim we were able to produce this quick edit from his far too short stay with us in San Francisco. I don’t usually film in slow mo but figured we’d take a stab at it for this piece and see where it took us. As the newest member of the ENDFGFS team in Korea he’s one dude you’ll want to keep an eye on. Press play and enjoy.



This morning Mike Schmitt released the official recap of the Prickly Pear Jam that happened in Arizona a couple weeks ago. This 10 minute video is packed full of good times, vicious heat, and collective mix of familiar faces. My favorite part of the video and possibly the funniest part of the day was when Mike pulled a 180 crook in flip flops for a quick 20 bucks. At which point everyone came together and scrounged up enough to pay the debt. Shout out to Zane Meyer for all the arial coverage, and to Kai Yao for shooting secondary angles. Press play to see first hand why this was one of the best FGFS events that has happened in a really long time.



I’m trying to figure out where to even begin with this one and I think it makes the most sense to explain what the term “Tarck” means. If you’ve been riding fixed gear for more than 5 or 6 years, you probably already know, but simply put it’s tricks on track bikes. It can be both something you do and used as a term to describe a type of bike. It’s what Fixed Gear Freestyle started out as and has been making a silent resurgence as of lately. Mike Schmitt & I met up in downtown San Francisco one gloomy afternoon and had a ton of fun filming for this one. He stripped out the threads on his rear wheel trying to foot plant 180 off the fire hydrant, but we didn’t let that stop us from having a good time. Be on the look out for more track bike videos like this peppered into the usual FGFS coverage.