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Here’s a look at my current Specialized PFIX build. I just recently got on the production model PFIX after riding the same prototype frame for 9+ months. I decided to rattle can this one something special since I’ve been riding a nearly colorless set up for what feels like years now. It’s hard to tell who’s who when everyone’s bike is murdered out.


I took this picture of Seitaro Iki and his Unknown, on his last day in San Francisco. He flew out here a few weeks ago to spend some time in his so called “Dream City”. He flew back home to Japan earlier today, I can’t wait until the next time he comes back to visit. Check out more photos HERE.


I took this picture of Christian Hamrick’s Grime G.O.A.T a few weeks ago, while I was hanging out in down town San Jose. I’ve always been a fan of RAW, unpainted frames & white wall tires, and photos taken like this of bikes.


Mike has been rocking the BalHogs grip strip on his down tube for quite a while now, and he’s been utilizing it to come up with some rather unique maneuvers. Mainly for mobbing down hill with his feet off the pedals and ass tucked behind the seat. Hanging so far back off the bike. Head over to the BalHogs webstore and pick one up while they’re still around, I know I can’t wait to slap one on my whip.


Pulled this photo of Matt Rice’s PFIX build from his Flickr. This is definitely the cleanest PFIX build I’ve seen yet, especially considering it’s a Size : Large frame. Super fresh w/ those gum wall tires, and silver chain. For those of you who don’t know, Matt Rice runs Deal With It SF. He rides blades, Fixed Freestyle, and holds it down mad well w/ a Kendama. Head over to his blog and check his shit out.


I recently went on a night ride w/ my good friend Alex Le Cas-barrĂ©. He brought along w/ him his Felt TK2 and a 6pack of Stella for the ride in his new Chrome Night Series Messenger Bag. He’s back home in Paris right now, but I can’t wait until he’s back in town so we can ride, and kick it in the new year.