01 Jan 2012


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Wheel Talk + Specialized are joining forces, and giving away a size Small PFIX for the new year. If you’ve been dying to get your hands on this bike, then now is your chance. Write us a comment in our post explaining why you have to have it. Short & sweet, long & thoughtful, write whatever it takes to get your message across, and this bike between your legs. Submissions end January 31st, and a winner will be chosen February 1st. Good luck, & we can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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407 Responses to “NEW BIKE FOR A NEW YEAR”

  1. Reply Dillon Stanley says:

    I would really like a new bike. I want something to put time into and progress at. Getting hooked with a bike would quite possibly the best thing to happen to me. Cheers!

    • Reply KAMYAR says:

      Hi I would like the new specialized pfix so i can ride fgfs im new to fixed gear and im getting sicked of riding conversion and it would be really wonderful to win the bike

    • Reply Alisha Ryvkin says:

      This new year calls for putting the fun between my legs
      I’m applying for all kinds of job an the bus /
      Metro system is the terrible this way I can FgFS my way
      To the interview I wanna wear a skirt an skid on the dirt
      Oh please hook it up for this gal really needs something to go right
      This new year I will get on two wheels an grind my way around my diagnosis lupus fixed gear please

    • Reply Kenneth .G. says:

      I come from a background of bmx and velodrome and i but since my local velodrome was closed due to lack of funds and my bmx bike front wheel fell off and bent the fork ive been wanting to get in to fgfs for a while. I need to ride!

  2. Reply Rory Bellamy says:

    I got here first therefore i was the most eager and thus worthy of it…
    And the fact that i’ve been after a nice new ride for nearly a year now but lack of money and getting fired from MacDonalds has hindered that…

  3. Reply michael.t says:

    I reeeeeeally want a new bike, since my bike was stolen, then found 2days after, chased him, but he got too far, a nice stranger offered to chase him with his truck, but when i got there, i found my bike ran over, bars, stem was scrapped, grips slipped off, frame bent at the rear triangle, my wheels were taco, one of the cranks arm was grinned enough to see a hole from the crash. (BTW, the crash was NOT from the guy with the truck, he was just helping, it was a collision form the burglar and a different) car All i keepd was my bars, stem and wheels. I think my frame is somewhere but, its pretty bent. Now i use a long board to get to school. Im pretty sure there’s worst stories than mine, but hopefully I get a new bike haha.

  4. Reply Justin Germek says:

    After my first and only Fgfs bike was stolen from me I was extremely disappointed because I had barely any time to progress on the bike but just enough time on it to fall in love with Fgfs. And I’d kill to have a Fgfs bike again. If I won I’d let you know my progression rate on the bike and let you know just how much I enjoy it and love it

  5. Reply Yulfiano says:

    because this is one of the most beautiful-est FgFs bike ive seen.. its also so stiff.. always been jealous to see someone riding this..
    also will put this beast in a good use.. commute to work especially.. hollywood area havent really seen Pfix wandering around, n i wanna let people see the unseen beauty :)
    happy holiday wheeltalk <3

  6. Reply ramon cote says:

    i desperatley need a good quality bike like the pfix its my dream bike ever since i seen pictures of the bike. the bike i currently ride now is a state bicycle co. bike, a piece of shit china made frame and parts on it. I would never be able to come up with all the money to buy one of these bikes, so i would be so happy and thankful if i won.

  7. Reply Freddie Trimble says:

    gimmie gimmie gimmie

  8. Reply Ryan Mamaradlo says:

    I’d love to have the Specialized P-fix in my possession. I’ve had experiences with Specialized products before when I was younger and it was my favorite brand to ride with. No problems at all. Having this sweet Specialized ride would be honorable for me to ride it!

  9. Reply Trevor Watson says:

    I wanted to bmx for a while so i let my friend hold my completely built charmer. for his bmx. one day i got jumped and his bmx was taken so now i have no money to pay back my friend which means i dont have a bike anymore): ive been wanting to bike sooo bad but fuck its hard for a 15 year old to earn 500 dollars to pay back someone who keeps asking everyday

  10. Reply johnny gonzalez says:

    i really dont know how to start this but here goes nothing, for the time being i am not riding at all. My bike was sold to support my family, my father has recently left my mother and money has been tight, my moms been working 2 jobs just to pay the house. but enough with the family issues, i myself would greatly appreciate this bike, my love for riding is tremendous, to have this bike would make me greatly appreciate, life, all the people at wheel talk, specialized bikes, and my chances at luck, thank you
    peace and love to all

  11. Reply Manny Orozco says:

    I feel like I deserve this bike, I found myself riding a conversion for over two years, and the bike itself was embarrassing, but I did it for the joy of riding fixed gear. As I am starting to get into fgfs it just ain’t going to cut it anymore after I bent my top and down tube. I would be forever grateful with you guys on wheeltalk if I was chosen as the winner. And p-fix’s are mighty purtty.

  12. Reply Jake Craigmile says:

    I need a new ride to beat the streets of downtown San Diego. Love the PFIX and would rep it with pride. Hook me up guys!

  13. Reply Kacper says:

    Well, if I got my filthy mitts on one of those famous FGFS bikes, I’d ride it around town, play polo, commute, beat it like crazy b*tch. All this because I’m not into bicycle stunts.

  14. Reply Braeden Santiano says:

    Been starting fgfs with a bikesdirect frame + a trick fork cause that’s all I could afford so far. Been trying to save money to build a 26″ legit fgfs bike to shred ! This would make my life a lot easier (:

  15. Reply Omar Sebai says:

    I have ridden many bikes but none compare to the P Fix. So easy to whip and perfect geo. I’ve had a lot of problems with bikes (breaking front wheels, messing up frames, whole bike being stolen) but i know the P Fix is the perfect bike and I would love to ride it.

  16. Reply Jose Gallardo says:

    This bike could take me places. And in nyc being young and broke nothing means more to me then rolling thru the streets riding finding dope spots to hit up or chill. And riding has always been my escape from the madness around me.currently bikeless. I get down.not to be cliche but riding bikes has made life bearable.I really want this bike id ride the hell out of it. I worked on bikes as a delivery.as a mechanic.and a rider. I love and live bikes.haha its true.thanks.

  17. Reply Sidharth Gaur says:

    I need this bike because I’ve been saving up for a new bike, but every single time I get close enough to it, a part on my bike keeps breaking. My birthday is a few days after the 31st, and my parents are tired of buying me bike parts, and I need a bike that will not break on me in 3 days. Also, my parents and friends always want me to ride my bike, but I never can because my headset is broken or my crank arms are always stripped, and made into a circle(I have the messenger cranks, and they are cheap) I also deserve a nice bike to make edits, and learn on. On top of that, I would try giving you an edit seasonally or monthly, when ever you want it. Thank’s,
    Sidharth Gaur

  18. Reply Tiera Taylor says:

    i need this because it would be a ridiculously badass polo beast, my current ride is taking a beating, and sadly, not standing up to it; I don’t have the money to change that.

  19. Reply cj botelho says:

    the pfix is an amazing bike really i love the geometry and everything about it specialized went above and beyond with this bike and to own one would be awesome and an awesome way to start a new year i want this bike!

  20. Reply Brian says:

    FGFS bikes makes the best all around city bikes. 365 day a year all weather commuting + the ability to trick = the perfect utilitarian street machine. If only I could afford one…

  21. Reply Jose Gallardo says:

    This bike could take me places. And in nyc being young and broke nothing means more to me then rolling thru the streets riding finding dope spots to hit up or chill. And riding has always been my escape from the madness around me.currently bikeless. I get down.not to be cliche but riding bikes has made life bearable.I’ve worked on bikes as a delivery and as a mechanic.I live and love bikes.id love to ride the hell out of this bike.thanx

  22. Reply Sam Garvin says:

    Yo wheeltalk help a rider out. I live in Mpls, minnesnowta and and have yet to see someone on a p-fix. I would rip that thing everyday no matter the weather. So holla at your boy.

  23. Reply Chris Pollack says:

    I would love this bike, because i sold my last fun bike and blew all the money. Now my main (road) bike has terminal cancer, and i don’t think it’s going to make it through Winter. I need a fresh new bike to cruise in the Spring. Please help me!

  24. Reply Christian says:

    Dear Wheel Talk X Specialized:

    I need a Pfix to get awesome, pretty simple.


  25. Reply fikri razali says:

    I want this fgfs because I like the geometric very much. It’s running using 26″ wheel to make the bike more pick up. With negative bb make me easier to double peg grind and also can use 175mm crank arm. And I don’t have more money to setup like this fgfs. Lastly, I like this bike so much!

  26. Reply Dano says:

    I don’t have a FGFS bike and I think this is the best one around. I live in Washington dc and we need more FGFS on our streets.

  27. Reply Trevor Watson says:

    I realllly need a bike,

    I wanted to practice bmx for a while so i let my friend hold my prized possesion, My completed bb17 charmer…. One day I was biking home late on my friends bmx and I usually take this sketchy area behind a school. And I got jumped for my friends bmx bike. The next day i told my friend and now I dont even have the mooney to pay him. SO he ddecided to keep my bike. I really want my bike back but i cant get it back): SO this pfix would be something great if i got it since I cant afford a new one.

  28. Reply James P. says:

    I really want this bike, because biking is my passion. I only been riding fixed for a year but it didnt take long to become addicted. Ive been wanted to get a freestyle bike but being a college student, money is tight. Also, nothing is better today then a PFIX. If its good for Tom La Marche but then its the bike for me.

  29. Reply Cody Thompson says:

    Gimmie that shit! We’ve been screamin microdrive for years now and this is just starting to happen. Ive bent too many sprockets and running a 30×12 sucks. I need this bike so I can my grubby ass hands on that hub.

  30. Reply Francis Roque says:

    So I been riding FGFS for about 9 months.. I can 180 off of stuff, Lots of bar variation tricks, half cab off 2-4 stage but the thing is, I have a windsor.. with track cranks. I have videos from Vimeo.com. I can’t afford a nice bike. It’ll be nice to have a solid bike. Also, I have met the WheelTalk riders and Seeing them shred in the PFix makes me want to shred on it

    • Reply Francis Roque says:

      Cont. Today, cacked my headset attempting a 360 off 4stair stage. Very soon, I have a feeling I might crack my frame (Windsor) and my bars (GT). I can see a slight split on my front rim on the welding. For my birthday (Nov. 8) I only got cupcakes and a sweater.. I know it’s the thought that counts but it would be nice to have a PFix. For Christmas, I got 20 dollars, which can’t fix my bike. Plus, I rarely get money so It would take me over 4 years to build me a semi nice bike.

      Happy New Years.

      • Reply Francis R says:

        So I been riding FGFS for 11 months? My parts are not holding me back. Other day, I was attempting to 3 a 4stair stage. Ending up eating mad shit, Frame and headset cracked, rear and front wheel welding split, broke 3 spokes, popped tube, bent bars.. I think I deserve this bike because I’m very commited to this sport and I don’t want to ever quit. People calling me names like “broke ass nigga” but they don’t know that my parents can’t afford that type of bike for the price of $800. Honestly, It’s really cheap for the bike.. We already can’t pay for this house, we are getting foreclosed in March so that is twice the bummer. I only get 100 dollars a year and i pay most of the money on Lunch for school. It’s 2.50 a day.. god damn. So if i would save up for a semi solid bike, it would probably take a decade! By the time, that happens.. I’m probably going to stop riding bikes, knowing I have to save up for so long.. Also I have guts to do anything tho, other day.. I 180 bar off the stage but I started correction hopping just to get my fakie. I think I would be really good for this bike knowing the WheelTalk Riders shred on me. I’m really sure I would shred on it as well. Honestly, this bike would change my whole life back around! I hope I win!

  31. Reply Ryan says:

    I like bikes, and chicks

  32. Reply johnny gonzalez says:

    I may not be the most talented bike rider out there but this is one bike i’ve been saving up for for over a year now. My dream was to have the best bike on the market and i found it with the pfix. I was right at my goal and about to order it when my mom lost her job. I come from a single parent family and the only source of income was my mom. Due to my mom losing her job, we did not have enough money to pay our property taxes and I gave up the money I had been saving in order to keep a roof over my family’s head. Winning this giveaway would mean the world out to me because while everyone was getting christmas presents, I was wishing that would be me opening my bike. Thank you for considering me in your contest.

  33. Reply Sidharth Gaur says:

    Hello Wheel Talk! I would love this bike because I’ve been riding fixed gear for a little more than 2 years. I always get close to getting enough money for a new part or a new bike, but something on my current bike always breaks, kind of like a curse. Another reason is because when ever my friends or my family want to bike with me, such as on the bike path in Venice or Santa Monica, I can never do it. Lastly, my parents are tired of buying bike parts for me, and I have to do it on my own. Thank You,
    Sidharth Gaur

  34. Reply santiago barajas says:

    This is a bad ass bike . I ride fixies and bmx I always wanted to try fixed bmx if i try and bmx on my fixie ill break that shit QUICK!!! lol . It would be real sick to rock this bike . It would shred sick!!

  35. Reply Craig Smith says:

    Why do I need a p-fix? Without a car I ride my bike exclusively, my road bike is a great machine but does not do well with skinny tires through snow and ice and it taking a beating from the grime. A fgfs bike will fit perfectly in colorado to commute on and tear up the single track. Rock garden to barspin is a good combo right?

  36. Reply S.E. Sainsbury says:

    I have been in college for the past 5 years and will be finally graduating this spring with my BFA. So I have accrued some debt, and money will become really tight with little room for spending on bikes and fun things. I love riding fixed, and have been riding for 3 years now and just got into FGFS and do not see myself slowing down. Along with living in Milwaukee where weather can become unpredictable and limit my ability to go outside during periods of the year. This makes me really cherish those times when I can be outside all day and really get some riding in. The P-fix would be a nice addition to the celebration of the end of my collegiate career and the limited period of nice weather!

  37. Reply Foster says:

    Because everyone is progressing at an amazing level, and I need to catch the fuck up. I got the motivation to rock that bike til it explodes, which i doubt it will. So I need you cats to send it my way. Someones got to knock LaMarche out of the number one edit spot next year.

  38. Reply Alec Sluser says:

    Im riding on a shit FGFS bike and i have a front wheel thats falling apart as we speak because its been through about 3 different people, hub and all! Im only 15 and iv been riding fixed since i was 13 and iv been riding free style for 6 months now and the only people i ride with are 20-30 year olds so its fucking awesome! One of them one the SF Bike Expo contest in the armature bracket to!

  39. Reply Scott says:

    I could really use a new bike because I’m currently riding a 2009 PK Ripper and my cranks are slipping, I constantly get flats because I can only run up to 35c tires. The Chukkers are pretty nice but the rest of the bike is wearing out and I need to start replacing bikes. I’ve been wanting a 26″ complete, that could fit fat tires, be strong, but still be fast and comfortable to trick on. I have wanted the P-Fix for quite some time. and have followed it since its earliest stages, but its not really in the budget being a full time college student. Living in an area that’s cold and snowy 4-5 months a year, it would be great to have a reliable bike that I could also do tricks on and ride all year round, even in the snow. I’ve been trying

  40. Reply chris williams says:

    i would love a new bicycle to be able to gain new experiences from a different style of riding and a larger collectiong of friends, being able to share that experience with others and lend friends the bike, i would love to get all bicycle riders together and ride instead of people judging because you ride bmx or a race bike or whatnot.

  41. Reply Xavier says:

    wheel talk and specialized,

    i recently cracked my frame by doing gnarly 360 backflip off 8ft jump in my hometown Northcote. i broke my arm , leg, my chest in several places , i dont even know how i survived, but i dont really care, all i want is to be able ride my FGFS bike again, but i cant :( cause its broken. it would so so sooooo much if i have the opportunity to ride a P-FIX FGFS bike.

    so please chop a brother out.

    signing off, xavier.

  42. Reply Chuck Berry says:

    This is bike up there with boobs! And I want it in my hands now! Give it to me and I will return photos of me jumping this into the Hudson river when it arrives in February. My word is bond.

  43. Reply nestor says:

    it be a wonderful to get this bike!

  44. Reply nestor says:

    so the reason i want this bike is bike is because i love to ride every chance i get to ride i do but unfortunately three months ago in October 13 i was hit and run over by a truck, i got really messed up and couldn’t walk for 4 weeks because the truck had run over my legs i immediately got sent to the ER later that day i got to see my bike and it was all totaled all the hard work and money spent on the bike gone. no part on my bike survived. i am really glad to still be alive but sad because my bike was destroyed. i really want this bike because i love to ride and i really want to get back out there on the streets. it would be wonderful to get this bike!

  45. Reply Benson says:

    I want to ride hard hit jumps ride trails battle snow use daily.

  46. Reply Lurvey says:

    I want to hop up curbs and shit, but I’m tired of having to true my wheels all the time.

  47. Reply Jim says:

    I recently came by one of these bikes for ‘free’ and the pawn shop was only offering me $200. Im convinced it is worth a lot more because it looks almost brand new and i think it was a very unique bike since it doesn’t have gears or brakes. Plus it looked very nice because it had a black frame and some very shiny red parts. could anyone here give me an estimate as to the value of this bike. Because i need as much cash as possible so i can buy meth.
    sincerely your main man Jim.

    ps if you give me another one i will be able to buy twice as much meth. XD

  48. Reply Matt Acosta says:

    and im only 15 and my parents wont buy me parts or a complete -_______- so itll make my life way easier and better hahaha and riding sport chalet easy off wheels suck!!!

  49. Reply michael.t says:

    I come form a poor family, its hard casue I live with my mom and my brother with only 2 room home. I had my bike stolen. After 3 days of searching, i found my bike with the burglar who stole it from me the first place, when i approched him, he started to run off and rode with the bike, for being chunky and non fit as i am, i couldn’t keep up, but a nice man in a truck offered to chase him and get the bike back, Luckly i received the bike back form him. When i got home and stored my bike in my house, in my backyard( my backyard is big enough for a car to squeeze in for a flush fit) and locked it up on my tree. There is no way anyone can see though my backyard, but the same person who sole my bike, followed me and stole it again! How i know, because i saw him the next day on the streets with my bike again! This time, he really booked it, unfortunately he went so fast, he ran a red light and got hit by a car where my bike was dragged. He was badly scratched all over, but still got away leaving my bike from the car crash trashed. My rear triangle on the frame was severely bent, my bars,stem was dragged and had scratches deep enough to look like i have been grinding on my bars and stem daily as it was a trick. Even my grips tore in half and slipped off and lost the other grip. My fork was bend forward and side of the fork was snapped, both wheels taco style. Seat looked like a bear had it as a chewing toy. Cranks was dragged far enough to leave a hole in them, exactly how you skid a tire. Sprocket was snapped in half and pedals were lost and only came back with a bent axle. Since i only live with my mom and my brother, i cant really afford a new bike, but i still have passion to ride every time my friends come over or when i scooter around with them. Losing my bike was like losing my dog that i grew up with(which died 3 years a go, not recently) If i even win this contest, I would be so grateful for having this chance to finally win something, but my story is probably not the saddest or best, but I hope whoever wins, should be the right person.

  50. Reply Mike Glover says:

    Why do i have to have this bike? Because my bike and face were destroyed by at car on 11/28 and right now im out of a bike/transportation. I chose long ago to never drive
    and this has been the first time in over 10 years where i have been without a bike. So
    if you want to hook a guy up with a bike that really does need one.

    photo evidence of my face 2 days after the wreck


  51. Reply rob says:

    Im not about to give a sob story. I just want that freaking bike.ride it till everything falls off now that’s real talk

  52. Reply Jose Gallardo says:

    (this is my third attempt posting haha lets hope it works) I’m an NYC kid who loves bikes, used one for work as a delivery boy in midtown, rode it home to the Bronx. Rode it across every bridge in NY from the BX to BK and in between. I do my own repairs and my friends.I study bikes and research and learn and ride hard on shitty bikes.Cliche like but sincerely true, bikes are my life.and this bike would make it a doper one.Specially since i currently don’t have one. I need a bike in my life. I love the freedom of self powered mobility. and traveling and i know this bike could take the beatings.Thanks for this opportunity. Peace and love.

  53. Reply Ben Duncan says:

    I had been using my circa 1975 nishiki as a fixed gear until i broke the headset by jumping off a 2 foot ledge. now im using a cannondale but it is starting to break as well. i have been saving up for a long while but not anywhere close. it would make it alot easier and more fun! thanks,

  54. Reply Skyler Muldaur says:

    I got a ticket for being brakeless 2 months ago while I was riding in Culver City. I’m sure everyone reading this loves biking as much as life, so I’m sure you all understand the pain of not being able to ride for 2 months. My bike was considered an “illegal vehicle” and is not allowed to be ridden anymore. I worked for 2 years to save up for my bike, and now I can’t ride it. The P.Fix has brakes, so if I get it, I’ll be able to ride again. From one biker to another, help me out, because I want to be able to do what I love again. I want to ride more than anything else, and you guys can help me do that.

  55. Reply Troy Harbaugh says:

    I’d really enjoy this bike. I’ve been riding fixed now for atleast 5 years and I’ve been riding the same bike ever since. I think it’s time for an upgrade and the Pfix would be an ideal one. I’ve been saving up for the pfix for awhile now and i’m really no where near the amount I need. I even asked for only money this year for Christmas so that by my birthday in February I could have saved up enough money for this bike. I’ve really wanted to get into the FGFS game for such a long time. I’ve been supporting it anyway I can. I’ve seen practically every video there is to offer on FGFS. Slumworm is a straight up inspiration to me in every way. If I get this bike, I’d have to go big on it trying to follow in the footsteps of Slumworm. Well, I really do hope i’m choosen for this. It would be an honor and a blessing. Cheers ~!

  56. Reply jorge cortez says:

    Sup wheel talk i’m a 16 your old who lives in south central who has mad love for fixed gear free style i was inspired in 7th grade when i saw macfrma and keo curry and other ogs its been hard for the last years i became diabetic that same year i got into fixed gear u always whatch your videos you guys give me hope the only probelm i dont have money to be spending on bikes so its hard for my try new stuff with out breakin something i would love to be pro just with no money and my sickness gets in the way just seems rough and at times i wont be able compte with your guys level hope you guys read this and if i dont win this ill be happy knowing some gets the bike who needs it more than me i love what you guys do thanks- jorge cortez(real name)

  57. Reply Jentry Cox says:

    me and my girlfriend have been saving money to get her a bike but side expences keep showing up and we cant get money for her bike and if i won her this bike i would be so blessed and we would be really happy.this would be very great for her and i jus because we could get rid of our other expences and get the bike in the meantime for free.thank you.

  58. Reply Ben Duncan says:

    I had been using my circa 1975 nishiki as a fixed gear until i broke the headset by jumping off a 2 foot ledge. now im using a cannondale but it is starting to break as well. i have been saving up for a long while but not anywhere close. it would make it alot easier and more fun! im on a youth cycling team and really into mtbing and fixed. thanks

  59. Reply derek finch says:

    hey guys at wheel talk id love to get this bike because i used to ride a FGFS for about 2 or more years and had to sell it to fix my car and now really want to get back on the bike and ride but i have no source of income so i cant afford to buy a new bike. all my friends that ride have been wanting me to get a new one so they can have some one to ride with again. my last bike wasn’t to proper so id love to get a great new bike to ride and get good once again. iv been looking for a really good set up for a long time now and really like and want the PFIX because i’m a small guy and could really use the 26″s and the small frame and it plane just looks sick. not to mention my 18th birthday is on the 14th and would be the best gift ever!! thanks you guys for doing this and listening and reading. hope to hear beck from you guys! thanks so much!

  60. Reply Tom says:

    It would be great to have this bike, i rode bmx for years and got into fixed gears. This would be a great bike to learn some new things on. Thanks!

  61. Reply word is bond says:

    Ok, I was gonna fabricate some charming story, in which the daring lead (me) is tragically separated from his fixie, and is hitherto too heartbroken to replace his lost loyal friend. Then having one the hearts of the Wheel Talk crew, and this bike, I was planning on unwrapping it and putting besides the two road bikes I already have, but you should just give it to the guy with smashed up face. I mean, c’mon guys – he’s got a picture!

  62. Reply Schuyler says:

    I need this bike so that I can ride clean lines and learn an assortment of fgfs tricks.

  63. Reply Raphael says:

    Step 1: Aquire P-Fixed Bike

    Step 2: Shred some Gnar!

    Step 3: Shred some more Gnar!

  64. Reply paulmitchel says:

    i would really like this bike because biking, all forms, was my new years resolution for 2012. but as i was in downtown, san diego. for new years eve my bike was stolen where i locked, no im not trying to give a sob story but a new bike would help me get back on my feet, or some pedals in this case.

    tho the bike that was stolen was a 90′s conversion, and i am not the best fgfs’er out there i would like to get better (in all forms of biking).

    win or lose hope you all have the best of 2012 and years come

  65. Reply ferbyan says:

    i have to have it because i want to make my parent proud of me by riding FGFS and winning some competition. but now i only can do a few trick and my bike was not fit to me, it makes me difficult to learn some new trick. if i get this new bike, maybe it doesn’t make me difficult to learn some new trick and make me expert on it. i will be very happy if i get this bike, and i will make a video with this bike. sorry for the bad english hehe, thx :)

  66. Reply hyun says:

    i want it to ride it and shred it every single day until everything breaks.

  67. Reply Reese says:

    I’ve always been interested in FGFS and just recently really wanted to get into it. Not having the money for it, I still haven’t gotten the chance to build up another bike. Another reason why I’d love to have this Pfix is because the Fixed Gear scene in Hawaii seems to be slowing down. If I had this I’d work my butt off to get good and show it off at the local park and on the streets to get more people interested in riding Fixed. Thanks for this great opportunity and good luck to everyone.

  68. Reply Cory lippel says:

    i just want to ride. it doesnt matter if i win either way im going to keep riding. it would just be fun to have a different style frame and medium of riding to further myself

  69. Reply dean howard says:

    to Whom it may concern,

    i am 14 years old and all i wanted ever since 6th grade was to trick out with my friends, so i started saving, and i saved for 2 years, but eventually i started school and my funds would go to my family and whoever i could help out. much recently, my mother lost her job at a bank that was bought by a different company, she was released only a month before christmas. i love biking just as much as the next guy, but the difference is, biking is all i have. its my drive, its what motivates me. its a passion. a passion that can only be fueled by a bike way out of my price range. i ride on a half ass 3g “fixie” that is alright, but it can only get me so far. i see people at my school getting a new frame every year. they have parents who can afford to buy them nice bike parts and such. to afford anything as nice as what they ride, i would have to work all day for the people at my church. please help me. im just a kid who may not need a nice bike like this, but for once i would like something nice for myself. so please help me, with this once in a lifetime chance, because if you dont, no one else will.


    a fixed gear enthusiast.
    Dean Howard

  70. Reply Russ says:

    At the start of my first semester of college I just finished completing my nearly perfect thrasher build that I built up piece by piece with the money I had saved up over the summer. A few weeks into my second semester I ride it to class thinking It would be fine locked to that tree for just 45 minutes. I came out, the lock was cut, and my bike was gone. I’m a junior in college now and I’ve been unable to save up enough dough to piece together a nice FGFS. I’ve been looking at this bike since the beginning of the pfix thread on trick track and I would give this bike a shit ton of love.

  71. Reply Nick Schaub says:

    hey wheel talk bros. I recently had a bad house fire and nearly lost everything dear to me. the whole time i was worrying about my two bikes in the garage. By the time the fire department got finished both of my bikes were ruined. After countless emails and phone calls to both bike companies and the insurance company, i am left bikeless and being a full time student i am dead broke. My bikes were my only solace from my stress-filled life. i spent thousands of dollars and countless hours building and maintaining my Def Wish and roadie, and now i have no way to get around. thanks guys. i just know you will choose me!<3

  72. Reply Ethan says:

    The reason why i should have a p. fix is because it is a great way for me to get to school
    then after me and my homies can hit up spots and have a great time. It would be sick to have it i can hit up dirt jump and put this sweet ride on SINGLE SPEED. It would be super sweet to have this killer ride.

  73. Reply dave noakes says:

    i would like this bike because i broke my wrist riding on news years day so have to type this with one hand (which takes ages)and am in a cast for 8 weeks. A new shiny sick bike would make the pain go away :)

    also my ESB is fucked and im skint it doesnt have a neg bb so i cant use pegs properly….on the p fix i can use pegs :)

  74. Reply Ryan Mamaradlo says:

    It would be great to have a Specialized product! I’ve always had a specialized bicycle since I was a kid. I love the company due to the long-lasting problem-free products. It would be an honor to ride the new fgfs bicycle Specialized has came out with. I my friend’s Pfix before, and I must say it’s the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden!

  75. Reply Colin Aranowitz says:

    I would love to have this bike because it is a great bike and seeing you guys shred on it also gets me pumped to ride and it would be great to ride just like you guys. Being 13 and all it’s hard to get a nice bike, especially because I don’t have a job or anything. But this opportunity would be a great chance to get a awesome bike that I can enjoy without having to worry about it breaking. I am also starting to learn grinds so the negative bottom bracket and 14mm axle make it a perfect bike for that! I would be really greatful if I hear back from you guys! Thanks:)

  76. Reply Dominick says:

    I have ridden fixed back when it was all 80′s conversions and 23c tires. I broke the frame i had, and cased my rims. I snapped my cranks and bent my bars. I know the bike i had wasn’t made for tricks, but hey, i love the sport, and i love even more where FGFS is going. Since i broke my frame, i haven’t been able to ride for lack of $$$. I’ve been dying to hop back on a fixed for ages, and borrow a friend’s bike whenever i get the chance. There is no better feeling than going fakie through the city streets and seeing the faces of people as i ride by, throw a bar in, and slider out.

  77. Reply Ryan Mamaradlo says:

    It would be great to have a Specialized product! I’ve always had a specialized bicycle since I was a kid. I love the company due to the long-lasting problem-free products. It would be an honor to ride the new fgfs bicycle Specialized has came out with. I my friend’s Pfix before, and I must say it’s the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden!!

  78. Reply Alex Arzate says:

    I tink i deserve it because i really need a strong fixed freestyle bike. My 2 years ridin i been always tryn to bulid up a decent fgfs bike bu problem is money also tha parts i have now dnt alow me to go hard like i want too because sumtin always happns to my bike.! Bent cheap rims. Cheap frame tat can easally break snap or bend. Too much stress n i will b willn to fgfs on a Pfix cuz i herd they the shit pretty good bike always its 26′ all my close friends all ride 26′ n sponsored by Sadio Leader Grime Breakbreak Chrome Wheeltalk Chucker Velosity Ynot Breezy Iminusd LDG LAG an i wud b honerd ridn 26′ an fulfill become pro in Fgfs or close to tat on 26′ , i ride 700.z rite now but am always bein tld 26′ is tha way to ride its fun easy an a challenge tat am wiln to take bu tat wont all hapn unles i get luky an win a wonderfull complete good strong fgfs bike tat will not let me down so yea tanks for ur time.! :D

  79. Reply Javier Acosta says:

    My name is Javier im 10 years old. I wanna have a pfix small because its my size and i like doing tricks on my fixie. thank you.

  80. Reply Royce says:

    Hi, my name is Royce. For a while I have been looking for a fixed gear to ride around and try to good at it. I have always been working to get money but i never get enough. It took me 3 years to get a BMX bike witch I am selling cause I found that I like fixed gears the best. I am 13 years old that still has a sponge brain to soak up all the knowledge about fixed gear bikes. If I so happen to get this bike I will be very thankful and never stop training (besides homework) to get as good as you are. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and have a good one.


  81. Reply Javier Acosta says:

    my name is Javier im 10 years old. i wanna win the pfix small because its my size and i like doing tricks on fixies and i think i would be really happy to have the same bike that Matt Reyez rides. thank you

  82. Reply Justin Gonzales says:

    I would really like this Specialized PFix because I am 13 and It is hard for me to buy parts to build up a bike if I dont have a job to get money for the parts. I have a huge passion for FGFS. I ride everyday to get better. If I get this Specialized PFix It would last me a while and I would not have to buy any parts. The PFix would be the PERFECT bike for me because I would not have to worry about replacing any parts and that means I would not have to take a break from FGFS because my parts on my current fixie would break. I would be very great full if I get this bike.

  83. Reply christian fassbender says:

    Hi guys, I want to start out by saying i dig what you guys do here. About a year ago as I was just starting to get to a fun point with fsfg I snapped my frame in half dropping a six stair. I fractured both my knee cabs. I was out for a month,and decided to start searching for a new frame to save up for. But then my commuter shat out on me to. Since I dont own a car I decided to invest in a good track commuter because I could only afford one bike. Ever since then I have had problems finding good work,and im always dreming about riding fsfg again. Im 28 years old and I only have so many years before I have to chill out(even though I dont want to ever chill out). If I won this bike I would shred with a fury.

    Thanks for hearing my sob story. Enjoy.

  84. Reply Bob Bushell says:

    The wife has really taken to riding FGFS. The problem is she’s doing it on MY BIKE! Every time she wants to ride, I’m changing out the bars and the seat. I love it, but having her hooked up with a sweet PFIX would be awesome!

  85. Reply Royce Allen says:

    Hi my name is Royce Allen. For a long time now I’ve wanted fixed gear bike, but they are usually expensive. I saved up $300 to get a BMX bike which took me 2 and a half years. And now that I started off school badly, so I cant resume my job. My grades are doing fine now, but my biking experience is not. I was really in to BMX biking till I came across fixed gear bikes. I try my friends fixed gear bikes and they are truly amazing and different than normal bikes. I wish to get one of these bikes and hopefully become even as good as YOU. If i ever win this contest i will be very happy and never stop biking (after my homework is done of course) till i become very good. Thanks for taking your time to read this message. Bye :).

  86. Reply Lupe munoz says:

    Well hello guys my name is lupe and I’ve been wanting a legit 26 in fixie I can’t really afford it cause my dad thinks it’s way to Much so hoping guys if u could hook me up with a bike

  87. Reply Andy Pham says:

    Well, I’ve been riding fixed now and i’ve been progressing and getting better but im on a very low budget bike. My friends all have nice bikes and it would be really nice to win this bike. My parents dont even help me with my bike project because im so young(14) and think its a waste of time. They prefer me to doing schoolwork and study. I’m still able to bike, but its not the best bike, it keeps breaking, my parents won’t help me with it, and use everysingle dollar i get to save up to buy a better part. I’m just trying to say that it would be one of the best things ever if i win the a specialized pfix because i know i would not have to worry about parts, because this is one of the best bikes out there, and to show my parents that biking isnt just a waste of time.

  88. Reply Chris says:

    i think i should get the pfix because i didnt get anything for christmas because my parents were short on money and couldnt get me anything. Ive been trying to start riding fixed for over a year now but never have the money to get a bike. So this would be an oppurtonity for me to start a new sport and commite myself to it. The pfix seems prefect, i could get places, ride to school, and ride and hangout with friends. I have a feeling i could get really far with FGFS but not without a good bike. I would be more than happy to get this bike and actually start doing something with my life instead of sitting in front of a tv all day.

  89. Reply christian rodgers says:

    i would love to get this bike i love the FGFS sport and the whole movement of it. i would love to start riding FGFS, but i just cant afford to build a FGFS bike.i dont wanna ride bmx cuz everyone does that i want to do something different and get my friends into the sport. thanks for reading this peace bro

  90. Reply Tyler Shannon says:

    I want the bike because who wouldn’t? Beautiful geometry, beautiful handling, everything to make up a clean ride. If its good enough for Tom, it’s more than good enough for me. Riding fixed is dope, and there are plenty of spots to hit in my town

  91. Reply Eiram says:

    I love fixed gear freestyle. I always try to bike whenever I can, and I ride from city to city just so I can hang out with the homies and learn some tricks and have tons of fun. If I got this bike I would give it to my little brother so he would know why I love riding and get into the sport when he’s big enough to ride it. I’m sure that a Small PFix will be perfect for him!

  92. Reply Fernando Juarez says:

    I want a pfix specialized bike because its the best bike out rite now i got fuked over with my last bike deal and i dont have a bike im broke if i get that bike i wont trade it or sell it
    It would be my prized possession
    And i would finally get to pursue my dream of someday becoming a pro rider
    Fixed gear bikes are alot of money and i dont got that kind of cash
    I didnt get anythin for chrismas this year
    This would be a great present
    So i can start to ride again
    Im hopin i get this bike

    • Reply Random says:

      This is guy doesn’t tell the truth he is a lying sack of sh** he blamed my friend for something he broke on a bike he traded. Don’t trust this fool.

  93. Reply Name Woodysong says:

    i really wanna get a new bike especially if it is P.Fix!!

    it is not imported here in Seoul Korea….

    the distributor doesn’t even know fixed gear freestyle…

    so i need to get this one for our local scene!!!

    support local riders!!!

  94. Reply Kphomma says:

    Winning stuff is rad, bikes are rad, FGFS makes me moist. Plus I miss it a bunch, to just thrash around town and wreck stuff is sw88. People hate it, people love it. You know whats good.

  95. Reply Woody Song says:

    I really need this one in Seoul Korea

    it is not imported never in Korea

    i’d love to ride this one and tell the distributor about what we ride and what FGFS is

    support korean local scene!!


  96. Reply vincent says:

    i want the pfixed because idk what the hype about fgfs is. I ride a DJ and its a lot of fun. never tried fixed and think its pretty dumb to do tricks on. PROVE ME WRONG!

  97. Reply Nelson says:

    I live in an area with a ton of hills and I don’t think there is a more exhilarating sense of freedom to be experienced than when you’re bombing a steep hill on a fixed gear. I would love to win this bike because I’ve been riding the same one for 2 years without swapping out parts because I don’t have the money, and would appreciate the new ride. Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  98. Reply David Chen says:

    I want a p-fix to mash with. (:

  99. Reply MATT says:

    I like bikes lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  100. Reply C.J. Aguilar says:

    Hi, i feel that i should have a shot at winning that PFix because i have been riding for about 4 years now and i have really grown to love riding fixed. sadly, i dont have my NS Analog FGFS bike anymore due to expenses . If i had the chance to go back in time and keep my bike, i would, but times are hard and people need to make a living, but if i had another shot at riding a FGFS bike, i would be the happiest person in the world. please consider giving me a shot at winning that PFix.


  101. Reply Jones says:

    With this bike, I would show the boys that women playing bike polo can be super awesome too.

  102. Reply Ronnie says:

    Hi I would truly love to get a specialized pfix because it will be my one ticket to get back into not just freestyle fixed gear, but just riding a fixed gear period. My previous fixed gear has failed on me because I decided to modify it by crimping my chain stays to fit a 32c tire in the back. I saw someone do this and explain it on there website/blog. Bad Idea, it cracked completely right where i crimped using a c clamp and a block of wood. My friend has also tried the idea and his chain stays also got broke, just not as bad. I sold the rest of my parts and have been riding my bmx since. This was almost three years ago. Times are tough and money is harder to come by so Ive just been making due with my bmx but I would love to get back into the game. The nyc scene is basically non existent and Im not sure if me getting back on one would help but its one more person than before, and, it will certainly bring me back to the scene here or at least whats left of it. So please, please pick me and I promise Ill put in work on that pfix and most importantly, have the most fun!!! Thank you for your time, and I appreciate this contest and I really hope that I am chosen. Thanks

    • Reply Ronnie says:

      Hi again I’m commenting because my bmx bike just got recently stolen. So i no longer have any bike to ride. I am really devastated. It got stolen in Staten Island, NY in front of cvs in hylan plaza near path mark/kmart. Its a raw fbm gypsy frame, black bars, black fork, chrome front wheel, red and black back wheel, leopard print fur pivotal seat. This is a longshot but its worth a try so please if any info email me rjimenea@hotmail.com thank you

  103. Reply Christopher says:

    I want this bike because it is a SPECIALIZED PFIX. You cannot get any better than that. There is no other bike like it and it is a sexy work of art!

  104. Reply Julian B. says:

    I go apeshit if i GOT THIS BIKE. I have been following the FGFS scene and am an avid reader to tricktrack and support my local fgfs shop in Sacramento. Go to the trick comps . I personally would love this bike but I think I would be to tall for It since im 6’1″. Both me and My girlfriend are into fgfs and polo and she has been ranting and raving about getting a new bike. She currently rides a 49cm Univega nuovo sport 1981 that we found by a dumpster with trashed wheels and crankset.It it a piece of shit but beggers cant be choosers, so I repainted it flat black and put a shitty bmx stem, soma the late riser bars, and some mountain bike wheels and put foot straps on it. ITS set up as a fixie. She is 5’4″ and wants something that can take the abuse. Not like her Petite UNIVEGA frame. Although she isnt afraid to wreck her univega it already has dents in the frame, and shes badass at wheelies. I feel like shit cuz we didnt have any money to get her some new stuff for her bike but if we got this bike i know she would be riding this beast all day.

  105. Reply haroon says:

    …because man can’t have enough bikes. the amount of bikes man must have is n+1. n stands for the current number of bikes you have which is one in my case. so need another one, because my 40 year old track frame is slowly passing away during my work as a messenger.

  106. Reply Sean Hunter says:

    i want sore legs. i want shredded knees. i want bloodied elbows, and hands so bruised i can barely hold the bars. i want tire marks, grease on my clotes, and destroyed vans. i want something back that my 24 year old self has long forgotten. i want the pain, and the glory, that this will bring. I WANT THIS BIKE.

  107. Reply gilbert silveira says:

    getting the pfix will keep busy so i dont become an alcoholic, or drug dealer

  108. Reply Connor Taylor says:

    I think I deserve to win the P.Fix because I would give it to my Dad because I would like to give back to him for introducing me to the wonderful world of cycling.

  109. Reply Charlotte Rx says:

    I need a FGFS bike. I can’t stop falling on my Fuji Track, thats kinda annoying to feel in your ass whatever you’re ridin upon.
    Actually, all of my mates ride FGFS bikes, and my friend Gomok make me wanna try some tricking, so I would really love to have this bike.

  110. Reply Göran says:

    Just to stand out of the crowd I’ll do it in Dutch!

    Ik wil deze fiets ernstig graag, want die fiets is gewoon perfect! Het is de ontbrekende fiets in mijn collectie en kijk er nu al naar uit om erop rondjes te rijden door de straten van Rotterdam!

    Thanks! And Big up to all you guys!

    ps: medium;)

  111. Reply Tamás Szemadám says:

    I’ve been riding FGFS for about a year and a half now, but unfortunately in Hungary (where I live) I just can’t get any good bike to use. There are some Hungarian-made models, but they suck…. but the P-Fix is great, it would be more than perfect for me.

  112. Reply Asger says:

    Hi there, happy new year and greetings from denmark

    I need this bike to spread the fixed freestyle culture i denmark.
    I love riding fixed gear bicycles and up until now the whole fixed gear culture in denmark is about messenger riding or old school track racing. It would therefore be nice to bring the fixed freestyle culture to denmark to show people some new stuff.


  113. Reply Sohib Danishyar says:

    I am new to FGFS, and bought a bike a few months ago. Later I realized that it’s too big for me, for FGFS at least. The frame is so battered now that I cant sell it, and I cannot afford another one. So, this P-Fix would be a great asset to my riding.

    Good luck everyone!

  114. Reply Gusti Rangga says:

    I want Specialized P.Fix, because FGFS is tickets to greatness and I want it :)

  115. Reply Matt shapiro says:

    I’m just tryna land some sweet ass ollies on that thang

  116. Reply Freddie P says:

    “Nothing in this life is for free”
    Competitions like this like to prove that statement wrong and we would all like to benefit from it. But when you look through the 100s of comments everyone is selling their story, making the above statement true again….
    To be honest, I don’t give a shit, I would tell my life story if it meant I would win :P
    But, in reality, no one deserves are free bike more than the next guy. Yeah there are the sob stories but that’s life.

    This is a lovely bike, Specialized have a way of doing things, they like to see what riders want and serve it to them with perfection (plus a cherry on top). I’ve wanted this bike since its realise and with Tom LaMarche’s influence, it turns it to gold. Not to mention you guys, Wheel Talk, it can’t get any better than this!
    Plus on top of all this, I would just love to see the look on my mates who ride BMX faces when I ride on this!
    Good luck to everyone.

  117. Reply Liam Godfrey says:

    Small Bike + Small Man = BIG THINGS (+1 Big Grin)

  118. Reply vlad suhov says:

    the reason that i want this bike is because i haven’t been riding aprll, i had just a newly built bike for tricks and it got stolen of me, i cant justify spending another grand on a bike :( mayaswell give this a go heh. all my friends do fgfs so i use their bikes sometimes. a small pfix would be more than perfect for me as im small myself. thanks

  119. Reply Chris Hufelschulte says:

    When I decided to build up a fixied gear bicicle two years ago, focus was on getting something with two wheels to be faster than by foot.
    I would have never thought that something that simple could lead me to so many new people. The whole scene inspired me so much and gave me something new in my life.
    People told me to get a trick bike, but my old one was fine.
    I argued whether to follow their idea or not but I never realized it.

    Now, 3 weeks ago my old bike broke and I think this could be my chance to do what I should have done earlier.

    Riding a trick track.

    New year – new bike.
    That is my vision for 2012

  120. Reply Armando Navarro says:

    Hello, Wheeltalk and Specialized; I have a really big passion for bikes that words and thoughts could not explain, it can only be felt when one rides without fears, concerns or cares. I cannot remember when was the first time I rode a bike, it was too long ago. I’m currently riding a fixed 18:52 ration Schwinn Prelude conversion that I my self built three years ago; and I love riding fixed gear. I’ve always kept track of the FGFS scene and I think all of the FGFS bikes are great in their own way. They’re tough and fun, like little things in this world aren’t. When the Specialized P-fix came out, and Tom LaMarche made edits riding it, I felt like a kid all over again; I knew that someday I would own a P-fix, but that day has yet to come. Now that I see this chance of making that day possible, I’m really happy to participate because I’ve nothing to lose in participating, yet a P-Fix to gain; which would make me really happy ’cause I’ve always wanted a FGFS bike, but can’t afford one. I’m a college student working a full time job, and the bike I currently have it’s great. I wouldn’t sell it to anyone. But FGFS is something out of my reach because I can’t afford a bike, it would be an honor to ride a P-Fix.This bike in particular is mesmerizing, I love the Specialized logo cut out on the head tube, the red rims it has, the fat wheels that it also has are great, not to mention the frame; that thing is a force of nature. And the brand itself, everyone in the bike community knows how great specialized bikes are; I’ve known how great they are, but never had the chance to buy one. It would really be an honor to ride the Specialized P-Fix and a dream come true. Thank you.


  121. Reply Marco Cecchinato says:

    I really need P-FIX because I want the best fix ever before the end of the world, fu****g Maya.
    I want to grow a lot and learning new trick without broke all of my bike parts!

  122. Reply bas b says:

    i really want this pfix because i had orderd a fgfs bike 3 months ago and they told me that i would have to wait 2 week en after 2 weeks they told me that ik would have to wait for another 2 month so i waited 2 and when i came the ther shop they told me that only 3 large where shipped insted of my bike :( so now i didn’t got my bike
    and i really like the looks of the pfix

  123. Reply Alec says:

    Ill become a pro and make FGFS more popular and mainstream bringing more money into the sport

  124. Reply Victor Gomez says:

    I always want to have one and when i saw it for the first time I fallen in love with it. I want to have a trick fixed gear bike but I don’t have enough money to buy one. Please give me the bike. Thank you.

  125. Reply Brian Ahola says:

    My new years resolution is to get a new bike setup, so I can switch to 26, have a stronger bike with a better geometry so ill be able to progress with my riding through this new year. I don’t think I’m going to be able to follow through on that resolution because I am not going to be able to afford to buy and build up a new bike. If i won this bike it would really help me out and would solve this big problem for me.
    Thanks a lot and happy new year!

  126. Reply Jeffrey says:

    I think with a Pfix I could make my buddy Killa Kareem whine about how my bike is better than his pro model by Leader. Then I would to a bunny hop onto his face and skid over his guts.

    But, perhaps, I would glide gingerly through the streets of Atlanta. My favorite lady next to me and a coffee in had from a local shop. We would ride fro downtown to the edge of the perimeter and sit in a patch of grass. Staring at the far-off mountain ranges we would light a spliff and find the man in the boat.

  127. Reply Ross says:

    My lady would look hot on it…

  128. Reply Carl Lucas says:

    I’m a broke college student with the swagger of a cripple, need this bike to get me through the rough streets of Atlanta while I pick up chicks with my bike dripping swagu.

  129. Reply Richard says:

    May I please have it? Im the only one that said please.

  130. Reply Joe Kief says:

    I’d love to win this bike because it would be rad. I don’t have a sob story but I love bikes, so that’s what I’ve got.

  131. Reply Kyle Henricksen says:

    I am the only fixed freestyle rider in Boston and I am lonely. I don’t need or want it for myself…just would really love to get someone else hooked up so I can have people to ride with.

  132. Reply Greg Robertson says:

    As a former BMX Rider I feel I can truly connect and appreciate FGFS. After a knee surgery that never fully healed, I was forced to sell my BMX bikes. Now that my knee has had substantial time to heal, I feel that I should be back on a bike.

    I graduated highschool, but I knew my parents didn’t have money to send me to college, so I threw away my dreams and immediately began working full-time. Fast-forward 3 years and my brother graduated highschool. I didn’t want money to hold him back so I essentially emptied my bank account and got him into college. He needed a car to get to school, so I used my name and credit to get a reliable, fuel effeciant car for him. Soon after, my mom passed away, and my dad could no longer afford to keep the house. I put forth my income and am now renting an appartment. I couldn’t see my brother doing very well in school if he lived with my dad, so I took him in.

    Winning a bike would not only let me forget about my life for a while, but would get me out of the house and be good for my health.

    Did I mention I have a beard? That is neat.

    Regardless of the outcome, thanks for the chance WheelTalk!

  133. Reply Paul says:

    I need that bike so i can do sweet tricks

  134. Reply arturo alonso says:

    i really need this P.fix , why ? …because i sold my whole complete bike to buy my daughter her christmas gift =D , the down side i got left out with out a bike . upside she had a great christmas with a big smile =’D… but now I’m too poor to Afford another bike . an i would be happy if i could get this as my gift

  135. Reply Chris Wooley says:

    I think i should get the pfix beacuse ive been pushing myself everyday when i go out to ride around sf searching for new spots. i snaped the chainstay on my mordacai last week hitting some dirt jumps. over shot the landing . in short im a few hundred short for rent of december and no where close to having jannuary dealt with. i wont be able to get a new frame for a while now so these next two months are going to be slow ones. I love the geo of the pfix and it looks like it rides reall nice from the edits ive seen. Make dirt jumps a alot easier than my old mordacai. My life revolves around bikes and seeing my snaped frame in the corner of the room everyday when i walk out my house to go to work on the fucking bus is killing me. My bike was my escape from all push and pull of SF and i cant wait to get back to the trails and hit some more jumps. thanks for listening to me Happy New Year’s guys take care.

  136. Reply Chris Wooley says:

    i dont know if my post went through or not long story short i snaped the chainstay on my mordacai hitting some dirt jumps in the park. havnt paid decembers rent yet and nmo money to get a new frame my life was that bike please put me on a new one so i can hit trals as soon as posible.

  137. Reply Lauren Colwill says:

    Why do I want this beautiful bike? To ride. I don’t need it for tricks and giggles…I need this bike as an escape. To have when I have nothing else. A best friend that will take me as far as I can go, and for how much money every time? $0. I haven’t had a bike since I was about 10 or 11, but this past year it’s been constantly in my mind about getting one. I know we’re all struggling financially, and my request for this bike isn’t any better than anyone else’s, but here I am. I simply want and need a bike for my own enrichment.

    This is a wonderful thing you’re doing here, friends

    Thanks for your time

  138. Reply Chris Wooley says:

    hi my name is chris ive been riding fgfs for a year now but i snaped the chainstay on my mordacai last week im broke and cant pay rent here in sf and taking the bus to work is just depressing. I was really getting amped on my progression dirt jumps and handrails are all i think about now and they arnt very safe on a snaped frame so hook it up it would mean alot to me. Thanks guys

  139. Reply Dalia R. says:

    I would love this bike because its hard to come up with money nowadays. I’ve been wanting to build a fgfs for quite a while now but still no success. I would ask my parents to lend me money but through out my life I’ve always been told you have to work to get what you want and im gonna stick to that cause in the end you can’t always depend on someone to be there lending you a hand. Times are tough to get a job nowadays but hopefully I win this bike.

  140. Reply geddy moyle says:

    the pfixed is SICK! i’m just a humble young lad from beautiful salt lake city, utah. i’ve been riding fixed for a couple of years now, but only fast bikes. i’ve got this tark bike i like to mess around on. but i would like to step it up and go bigger. i can’t really tell you guys that i need a bike, or my bike got stolen, or that i have no other way around. all i can say is that you guys make sick bikes, and i would love to have one between my muscular fixie thighs, please consider me. your bike would not be wasted or just placed somewhere to rot. cheers!

  141. Reply David Matoba says:

    Hey, my name is David and I work at a small LBS in Madison, WI. I ride fgfs and believe this sport has gained legitimate support from the Madison community, however there is little support from the other local bike shops. Specialized is being dealt exclusively through big roadie bike shops where the owners have no interest in supporting other parts of the cycling world. I would love to have the ability to ride and represent a well made, marketable product through my bike shop with hope of gaining excitement and respect for the fgfs industry in a city with no defined fgfs scene. I love the spread of the fgfs industry because of both its potential and my personal love for it. I hope I get the chance to represent wheeltalk, specialized, and the fgfs community in my hometown.


  142. Reply Benjamin Osuna says:

    Give me the bike and I’ll let the riding do the talking!!!

  143. Reply Ulises Mendzoa says:

    Hi guys my name is Ulises Mendoza, my friends just call me keo, i cant believe u guys are giving one of these amazing bikes away, i have been waiting for this moment. Well i would really love and would enjoy to have this bike because i am commited to the fixed gear freestyle life, i have been wanting this bike ever since pre orders came out, almost everyday i go onto the city grounds website and look at it, i have told many of many friends how i would just love to have this bike, unfortunately i cant afford it cuz my family doesnt have that type of money, i’m just a 15 year old kid living in south central LA. My current bike is a thrasher v1 but my rims have messed up and i haven’t been on my bike for over 2 months and it really sucks i want to get back onto a god bike this this wonderful specialized u guys are giving away, i dont really enter contest like these because i never win, my dream is to get sponsored and if i get this bike i promise u guys i will get there and u guys will hear about me very soon, i even brag about it to my girlfriend, she knows how much i’m in love with this sport and she even says u probably would check out bikes before u check out girls and all my friends laugh cuz its true, i’m in love with the fixed gear freestyle sport. Once again I thank you guys for giving me an amazing oportunity of winning this wonderful bike that in my opinion has a good set up, i really hope i win.
    If i win u guys can contact me on facebook at Ulises Keo Mendoza or send me a message to my email scfixies@yahoo.com
    Once again thanks very much

  144. Reply Neil Carey says:

    First of all i want to start of by saying this is so awesome that you guys team up with Specialized to do this. This shows alot about Specialized and how they are willing to take a hit and give away a free bike to reach out and show some love to the public. It is a rare occasion when a bike company gives something away for free, i dont know any other company that would be or is doing this, and if they were it would not be anywere near the caliber of the PFIX or the price range. I fell in love with the PFIX when i saw Tom La Marche “Toronto and Montreal” edit ( if not the best this is one of the best FGFS edits out there, if you havent seen it WATCH IT, http://vimeo.com/31240644). When i saw this i was saying to myself “how the hell did that bike take such a beating??” This thing has been the biggest buzz in FGFS in 2011, every blog i have been on people have been raving about the PFIX. I recently have been very interested in FGFS, i do not own a FGFS bike though =/, i have been a bike messenger in Sacramento, Ca for 2 years now and i have loved it, but i have had 2 bikes stolen in the past year. Right now i have been riding a beaten to hell khs flite 100 that i bought off someone for the cheap and i dont know how long i have before i have to do a overhaul i cant afford. I would really love to have the PFIX in my life to use for work to support my family and also to have my first FGFS bike to do tricks on instead of watching other peoples edits (which i will still do and enjoy) but maybe i can do my own =). Once again i would like to thank you guys for giving people the opportunity to win such a dope bike, i hope who ever wins this contest really needs this bike and just rides this hell out of this until it snaps in half!!

  145. Reply Rachel B says:

    I would love a new ride for the new year..my old bike is a conversion and I would love to get my hands on a proper freestyle fixie. It would be really awesome to win and the small size Pfix would be the right fit for me.

  146. Reply David says:

    Id like to have this bike for a few reasons, the main reason is that I could use the PFIX for all of its intended and available purposes. Living in Philadelphia I love to ride FDR skatepark and Ive been dying for something I can ride fixed and freewheel there in my free time. Having one bike to do both with would just be amazing. I work as a courier on my bike so using a PFIX to get around would make things so much easier. Being able to hop up and down curbs without worrying about something breaking, and In the winter I could run it fixed with brakes which would make things alot safer and easier as well. Im on such a tight budget I cant afford getting a bike to have fun on nor can I risk breaking my bike because I need it for work. This thing would be bombproof at work and would let me enjoy what I have around me much more as well. Please wheeltalk, help me out, and Id love to help you guys out as well by promoting specialized and wheeltalk out on the east coast by riding the PFIX for fun and for work on a daily basis!

  147. Reply Ryan M. says:

    Hey there guys. Here’s the breakdown on why I would love one of these bikes:

    My fixed was my commuter as well as my trick bike. It was a v1 Volume Thrasher, custom maroon powdercoat that I did myself. I’m a full-time student running around Athens, OH, and money is tight. I spent something around 2 years slowly buying parts for that machine, and I built it, and it was grand. I lived on that thing for something close to a year. This October I was riding to class when I rode past a three-way intersection, and I got tagged by what I think was a sedan on my left side. I say “I think” because they sped off and left me with:
    - A broken ankle
    - A hernia
    - An insane amount of hospital bills
    - A broken bike

    My Thrasher frame was cracked in two places beyond my ability to weld back, bars bent, real wheel bent bad. The only thing I’ve been able to save from that bike was my seat and seatpost, front hub, and fork. Had to sell the front hub and fork for cash to help with my portion of the bills. If I didn’t have insurance I would have been totally screwed.

    I’d love one of these bikes because when I’m allowed to ride again, I want something to ride on. In just a few months I lost my favorite hobby, and my favorite bike, as well as totally screwing up my financial situation.

    All I really want to do is ride again. If you guys made that happen I’d appreciate it more than you would know.

  148. Reply oscar a says:

    Well I don’t think I deserve this bike more than these guys (and girls) I think they all deserve a nice rig like this one for all there hardships and struggles…because in times like this we all need an escape something to help us forget the harsh realities of this cruel world if only for a moment and I commend u for ur generousity…that said help me escape homie! happy new!! Peace and love

  149. Reply Meagan Marly Cronk says:

    because free shit is awesome, and so is the P-FIX

  150. Reply George.G says:

    I m from Greece, and everything about bikes is really expensive here!!
    so, it will be super to have this bike.
    Keep Riding and Happy New Year to everybody!!!

  151. Reply Solo Praphath says:

    My name is Solo and I’ve been riding fixed for about 3 and a half years in SJ. Throughout the years, fixed gears have evolved into a whole new level. It went from track frames w/29er forks to DJ geo Negative bb frames w/ 26′s. But I myself was a bigger guy into fgfs, and what pissed me of so much was that parts were never durable back in day so I was never able to progress much. I’ve broken through a Surly Steamroller, Leader 725, and Windsor Timeline in a span of a year. Every time I was downtown something was wrong with my bike. So many companies have come out ever since fgfs became a huge rant though. I was always off and on with my bike because something was always broken. Fgfs was not cheap though, and the economy’s in the shits. I’ve ridden a few times with you guys like at the 1st breezy comp 2 years back, but Scott only remembers me because we used to ride a lot back in the day before when he his starfucker. But I must say, WheelTalk for the past months has been straight killing it for our SJ FGFS scene,I never thought San Jose would be actually known for this shit we do. But it would mean a lot to me if I can just ride and burn with my homies Scott, Anthony, Blanco and Matt again like how it was a few years back. When Me, Blanco, and Combs were “tarcking” on conversions at ccp and quantum hahaha. I’ve been trying to get a bike started up for the longest time but times are just so hard right now moving from job to job getting laid off and shit. FGFS is still my passion, but I just can never come up with enough money for a bike. If I could bike again with my Wheeltalk+IMD niggas that would mean the world to me, because I’ve made too many good memories from riding fixed to just let them go like that.

  152. Reply Najmuddin Nan says:

    I want a new p-fix because I know this frame is really rad and built nicely! I wanna rip it! I want a new frame to replace my broken mordecai frame :( I know this p-fix would enable me to play fgfs to a high new level. I really really really need the bike. I’ve been in love with the p-fix since the first time I saw it!

    Pretty please? :D

  153. Reply jeremy says:

    ive been trying to progress with-in the fixed free world but im limited by my bike and my bike is limited by money.

  154. Reply Gordon Casey says:

    I’ve read Wheel-Talk since it’s induction, and have been coming back everyday for a daily read ever since. When I heard you guy’s where teaming up with Specialized for p-fix I wanted nothing more than to pump out a pre-order however, I’m charging my dreams of becoming a videographer (BMX and Skateboarding) so almost all my money goes to camera equipment, a new bike has taken the back seat to my dreams and it’s getting old tricking my beater bike, yet I still keep doing it because I have tons of fun! I seriously would be one of the most grateful people, not to mention I would shred that P-fix into the ground and provide any photos or HD footage you guys needed of me rolling it so you could promote this contest for years to come! Thanks for the read and have a killer 2012!

  155. Reply markR says:

    i really want to get a hold of this beasT! been loving this bike way way back almost a year ago when it was just a proto

  156. Reply Kyle Ramirez says:

    I would like to have this bike because I wanna get back into doing trick riding I was there in the start of freestyle trick riding if you look me up on youtube. At this point in my life I just lost my job as bike messenger in sf lack of being no work. I have had a lot of bad luck in the past few months now I also broke my hand right before I lost my job. I recently broke my iphone and I don’t have any money for a new one or phone. I’m in a fight of trying to get unemployment and food stamps. I’m struggling really badly would love to have some luck of winning something.

  157. Reply Daniel Kim says:

    I want to shred the shit out of it!!!

  158. Reply slumworm says:

    There are some really good ones in here. I can’t believe the amount of responses.

  159. Reply Richie Medellin says:

    One main reason i would appreciate you guys giving me this bike is because I have always dreamed about doing a 180 of a 5 stair or a Barhop over the homie laying down and all that good stuff but I really haven’t had the chance to really experience what it feels like to wake up to your own bike and be able to go out and have a good time. It’ll be a great experience for you guys to help out with that.

  160. Reply Nick Acuavera says:

    I ride fixed gear 700c track and still do Freestyle but i cant do bar spins and most tricks that FGFS can. iv been eager to get a freestyle bike to get better but money is such a issue now a days and not many companies sell Freestyle i would love to get this bike so i can start riding freestyle and ride and thrash everyday all day i would love to get this bike and im sure my 700c rims and frame are gonna snap any day now from doing freestyle ticks 700c was once for me and then i saw the Pfix(: if i had this bike my dream of getting a FGFS bike would be complete ever sense i saw Freestyle bikes my goal is been to acquire one

  161. Reply Brian Shin says:

    I think Francis Roque deserves this P Fix. This kid has gone through countless frames, he currently rides a windsor with track cranks and a piece of shit wheel set. He always breaks his frames and finds cheap deals like 30 dollar windsor frames to replace them. I think its time for Francis Roque to ride on something he deserves. I say he deserves it because Francis throws down harder then any kid i know on a windsor. Theres a reason why he breaks his frames constantly, He’s throwing 180 bars off things on a windsor. I was gonna make an entry for myself, but if I was giving a bike away it’d go to Francis Roque. A kid who doesn’t have enough money for a bike that fits him.

  162. Reply FishandChips says:


    I think I deserve a bike that wont snap on me CAUSE IM SUPER SICK of breaking shit. I have snapped 4 frames this year and had my bike jacked 3 times (got it back twice). I spent every last penny I had on my SE uvt frame and I already snapped one, they sent me a new one but its way too big and will snap as soon as I go big!.

    My wheels are completely FUCKED so I need the P-FIX so I can GET BUCK!

    p.s. I will be releasing mad edits in 2012 and if its on a p-fix those edits will be on a whole OTHER LEVEL!


  163. Reply Aidan Kai Seufert says:

    I’ve been riding fixed for a couple years now. Been racing in the local alley cats and been taking the idea of “one” gear farther than what most people think. Attempting centuries and state to state trips, and trying to push that a fixed gear is more and should be more than just an image. Even though I have been riding my track bike, racing down the urban streets, and trying to better the fixed gear culture, I wanted add another aspect that we lack here in Columbus: Fixed Gear Free Style. Once I get the risers on, I try to practice as much as I can but to have a FGFS specific bike would be more than I could ever ask for. I will take this bike and use it to expand the views that most people “believe” what they “think” fixed gear culture and cycling is all about. Doing it for the people.

  164. Reply Matt says:

    I need something tough to pull my daughters trailer around when we go out …. i think this would do the job =P

  165. Reply NameAngel Figueroa says:

    Born and raised in the 408. i like to throw myself at things and see how badly i can hurt myself. na, but i was supposed to get a pfixed but my dad ordered some older specialized fixie and so im looking to keep up with my boyz on da strrets wit a new pfix. i’ll be trucking by the end of my first month doe if you help me out just a little.ha

  166. Reply Danny Nghieu says:

    My Redline Urbis has been my beater FGFS bike for a while. I’ve decided to retire it after 6 months of hardcore falling. Also, being a Philly native, born and raised, I’ve seen Tom LaMarche kick ass on his Pfix and being the fanboy that i am, I would love to own a Pfix and rock the fuck out on it.

  167. Reply joseph a. says:

    i gave my road bike to a man who rides 30 miles both ways to and from work in cleveland because his was his only form of transportation to support his family and someone stole his. a few days after, my bmx bike got stolen from my car along with a pair of shoes and old mcdonalds fries. im down and out guys. lookin for some hope! happy new year

  168. Reply Mark P. says:

    Okay, I’m not going to give you some b.s. sob story about my bike being stolen, broken, being a crappy conversion, or being burnt to bits ( I think I read that in a comment) I’m not saying those comments are real, and I’m not saying they’re fake. I have one bike and its in perfect condition other than the fact that my rear hub is making this awful grinding noise…maybe its dirt? I don’t know, I just need to take it into the shop to get a tune up I guess. Let me clarify that it is a “track” bike, not a “trick” bike. I just have a bad habit of taking it on this little pump track near my house. Now that I think of it, maybe thats why my hub is messed up? Oh well…The closest I had to a trick bike was an SE Draft I had a couple years ago. It was my first “real” fixed gear bike, which I sold when I decided to get more serious about mashing. Yada da mean? Anyways, other than the usual leg overs and backward circles, I was able to do some bar spins, bar spins to wheelies, and maybe once…just once, I might have done a hop bar. Never could do keo’s, still can’t. Anyways, back on topic, I don’t think I deserve the PFIX…it would be beyond sick to get it though. It has a lot of funk, you know? I live in Augusta, Ga. You know who was born in Augusta? James Brown. Thats right, the GOD FATHER OF SOUL himself. He was pretty funky himself, but I don’t have to tell anyone that. So when I’m cruising down Broad Street and pass his memorial statue that all the hobos constantly swarm for the comfort of James’ loving arms, I want them to see me swaggin out on a fly bike. Never got to meet him though. ANYWAYS, I’m not promising I’ll put out crazy edits or be the next Jensen, but I will promise you I’d ride the crap out of it. Plus, my local bike shop carries pretty much nothing but Specialized (and Giant) so maybe they’ll geek out about it? Who knows.

    After re-reading this, maybe I should have just gone with a b.s. sob story?

    James Brown R.I.P.

  169. Reply Chris B. says:

    I will hopefully selling my financial burden of a car within the next 30 days, and my office is moving locations the first week of February. So in a month I will be without a bank draining car and having to travel twice the distance to work as I had before, with a car, or on a bike. I’ve already mapped the bike ride to work and it’s a combination of urban back streets and some bike trails which will make for a pretty nice 10+ mile round trip bike commute. It would be amazing to kick off a new year of being vehicle/loan free and in a new office space to be topped off with winning a brand new PFIX! Thanks!

  170. Reply Andrew Lam says:

    I have been riding Fixed Gear for well over 3 1/2 years and I am currently a Sophomore in college. I haven’t been riding bikes for well over 6 months because I have had my last bike stolen from me on campus and I am currently unable to afford a new bike. I come from a lower middle class family and I work to help pay for my tuition and books at school. Because of this, I have not had the monetary funds to build up a new bike. I started getting into FGFS about a year or so, but I haven’t progressed that far due to my bike being stolen from me. I started to lose my passion for biking, but I feel that if I am able to win this bike, I’ll be able to revive that passion for bikes. Riding a Fixed Gear has become a lifestyle, it is much more than a fad and I understand that and hope that I will be considered to win this bike. Thank you very much to the Wheel Talk team and Specialized Bikes!

  171. Reply Dan Schwizzy says:

    Here are the reasons why I should win this contest:
    1) I deserve this bike because I think that being the millionth person on here whose bike was stolen counts for something. It was a 2006 Specialized Langster. I loved this bike and will never see it again.
    2) I’ve got impeccable grammar, thus making my post easier to digest.
    3) (nonchalantly boast about all the tricks I can do here)
    4) I’ve never owned a bike with headtube cut-outs. Winning this contest would change this.
    5) I’ve entered numerous contests to win bikes and frames to no avail. Winning this contest would change this.
    6) Hopefully you’ll decide not to read all of the entries and choose the winner by closing your eyes, scrolling, and pointing when someone says stop. Hopefully you land on this entry.
    7) If you do judge this contest using the aforementioned method, adding reason number seven will increase my chances of winning increasing the size of my post.
    8) Innovate or Die.

  172. Reply Cameron Ford says:

    I’m a new dad and my bike life has become quite sad.
    I used to shred the streets of the ATL now I’m up to my neck in diaper hell!
    The little guy is worth it all, but with nothing to ride my legs are not what I recall.
    My belly has grown a bit larger and dreams of rippin at the park are getting farther.
    “Put this Pfix between his legs”, my wife loudly begs.
    “He is driving me crazy, I have even started calling him “Mr. Lazy”! ”
    Please get her off my back and give me something new for my bike rack.
    Back to the streets with my new whip to teach my little guy some sick tricks!

  173. Reply Eric says:

    I need this bike so i can be cool like matt

  174. Reply Nathan Jus Liv says:

    I jus turned 15 and looking for a trick bike to trick on. i diddnt get any thing for christmas because my family cant aford me a bike. All my friends hav nice fgfs bikes and i cant go along with them on bike trips or trick seshess . Ive tried my friends bike and i can already do keos, some stairs, fackie, and 180, basic bar spin.As i write this im watching my friends leave me for a bike trip so i hope to win this bike and it will mean alout to me if i do. :)

  175. Reply Alex stewart says:

    This bike has forever changed the fixed gear; and its for the better. And everything that you guys are doing in with specialized and in the east bay area is the best thing for fixed gear freestyle.

  176. Reply german says:

    WHYYY??? 35 yrs old and still wanting to do some rails in that small frame!!!Because its supposed that no one from ARGENTINA can win ANYTHING in a contest in USA!!
    Thats why,because chances are really small but I got some “either”
    Thanks,German Karp,Argentina.

  177. Reply Samuel Zepeda says:

    Hey what’s up WheelTalk crew, hey it would be so amazing to win this but you know the chances are like 1/100,000 maybe but it would be so legit to be riding a brand new pfix because everytime I ride fixed gear 700c bike, the damn tires pop. I would love to have a nice ride without popin my damn tires. And also if I get this we should go riding in sj. It was sick watching you shred it on those Trk frames. Well it would be amazing to win this. Lates bro.

  178. Reply t.lee says:

    How awesome would it be if I was the only girl in my group that had a bad ass Specialized P-Fix!

  179. Reply Patrick Viruel says:

    Hi wheel talk happy new year!
    I’m Patrick I’m 15 years old and am a fixed gear rider and have been riding for a year and a half. I have a track bike and it’s getting really old because I can’t progress with my tricks and have been wanting to go freestyle for a long time. I feel with this bike I could greatly improve my fixed gear abilities. I love riding fixed with all my heart it’s like a passion and I would be very thankful if I could win.

    Thanks for your time,
    Patrick Viruel (fixed gear enthusiast)

  180. Reply Juan Gonazlez says:

    I used to ride but then my bike got stolen like 2 months ago :( I havent really been doing anything since. ahhh i ready all the comments fuck this give it to the person with the stolen bike lol

  181. Reply Pepe says:

    I have been ridimg fixed gear for 5 years now would like to win this bike because i rode for nemesis projects and they completely messed up on my signature frame geometry.and so me and my friend carl decided to get custom frames built for our crew Gnarcotix. we released a full length at iminusd.the whole team quit riding except for Carl Dolatre and me Filipe Motta. i got rid of my gnarcotix signature custom frame because it wasnt what i wanted also it was too heavy for me.so now im riding a thrasher frame on 26′s that i really like with really high quality parts because i trade my fancy track bike for it. and i have been progressin alot on bmx and ive been able to transfer all my trick from my bmx onto my riding.and im working on a edit right now but i think if i had this setup thats a 26″ dedicated frame i wouldnt have to run 160 cranks and its small and im only 5’4 so it would fit me perfectly it would really help my progression and my overall riding.and who knows maybe land myself a spot on the team,but thats only something only time would tell.
    This is my latest edit ive progressed alot since this was filmed
    i wasnt able to ride how i wanted because the frame wasnt how i wanted it.
    but i still managed to have fun with the bike

  182. Reply Craig says:

    Hey, the reason i want to win this bike is because for a lot of my life, ive been stuck in my house; My father is an alcoholic and him and my mom constantly argue and yell while i sit to the side. If i won this bike it would give me the ability to go out and do something with my life. I need something to get me away from my fighting parents and i would love to win this bike so i can commit to riding and getting better. Winning this bike would be like my way of escaping my home situation and getting away from it. It would also be my main source of transportation considering i can hardly rely on my dad for rides.

  183. Reply Michael From SJ says:

    Hey, I never really got a chance to get it (back in aug.) I couldn’t wait that long for the bike to come out. Since I wanted to ride daily. So I ended up buying the BB17 Charmer. Its a alright bike, but i want to be able to have another one to ride when it breaks down and fails on me. I’m not greedy or anything haha. Its always better to have 2 then one. Also, since I heard from friends that its a great deal for a bike.

  184. Reply Stephen Smith says:

    i really want a p fix because i think that i am a very skilled rider but my bike is just holding me back. i would be able to do so much more and make more progress in the sport with a good realiable bike.

  185. Reply Dillan says:

    Man i think i should get this bike kuse i dont even own a fixed gear anymore kuse i broke my converted ross frame bunny hoppping a 4 set hahaha havnt rode a fix in over a year and ive never even owned an actual fixed gear freestyle bike. i can do 180s and almost bunnyhop bars on my friend kevins thrasher but he wont let me even try one more than once or twice…if you give me one of these awesome pfix bikes ill go pro…i already have practiced on my bmx =) come on hook a brother up! i never win shit

  186. Reply Michael Chea says:

    Fixed Gear freestyle has had such a large impact on my life. During the summer of 2008, 3 and a half years ago, I graduated high school without much of an identity and yet to discover anything i really wanted to pursue. Simultaneously, as my senior year winded down, I came across the Macaframa trailer. I was instantly intrigued by not only the bikes, but the lifestyle that came with it. All i could think about for the next week were the insane riders bombing the streets of san Francisco along with KEO working his magic. I knew that fixed gears was something i wanted to be apart of my life. Little did i know how big of an impact it would have. At that time, fixed gears weren’t widely known and I was only able to find one shop in Santa cruz that specialized in fixed gears. I worked with them to build a Motobecame mirage convesion. The moment I got on it i felt like a new person. The next year was spent with that conversion. I took it everywhere with me. It was my chariot and i was able to experience things i never thought i would, most noteably when i brought it to australia and explored the city of Sydney.
    Living in San Jose also allowed me to meet people with the same love i had for the new found hobby. SJF’s first alleycat will be an event i never forget. It was great seeing the evolution of this sport from the forefront. Riders were pushing tricks and everyone was becoming apart of this world, which san jose has had a big part in. I was proud to be apart of the city and it saddened me that i had to leave the fixed gear freestyle capital to come to davis for college.
    Davis is known for have the largest bike community which was music to my ears. I soon found out that the city with the most bikes also had the most bike crooks. My bike was stolen at a frat party which i mistakened as a gathering of good natured students bonding. I never felt so much pain from that loss. I quickly built my next bike the Leader TRK V1. It was a major upgrade and i was again whole, but saddly again it was stolen from the library lot. I spent the next 4 monthes without a bike and the scene sped past me leaving me behind. Eventually i got a 1/8th scrambler which i was satisfied with, but it wasn’t able to stand up to the abuse and broke down. I now currently have a UVT frame that I have been pushing hard. I feel that the PFIX is the next step for me. With the new frame, I feel that my progression will be unihibited as it has in the past with the strength of the steel masterpiece. I want to be able to exert my full potential on the sport i love so much and continue to push it to new heights.

  187. Reply Alex N. says:

    I would really like to have a Specialized P-fix because it is the future of Fixed Freestyle. The sport has progressed rapidly over the years and it looks like its going to keep progressing for quite some time. From 700′s with 23c tires to 26x 2inch tires, the love of the sport has grown on me. Following the sport since 2009, when keo spins were the 360′s of today, I have found something that I really love doing. Watching the guys from Wheeltalk just kill everything in their path has been an inspiration to my riding. Watching Slum with his stylish whips, Horton with the grinds and the rest of the gang have really made an impact on me. I would like to have this bike as much as the guy before me as well as the guy after me. I have personally ridden a frame, and I must admit, it is very responsive. It can handle pretty much what the average FGFS rider throws its way. Well, that’s what I was able to come up with. Good Luck to everyone and may the best story win.

  188. Reply Jeremy Orbacedo says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I f*cking love FGFS and I’d f*cking love to have this bike between my legs.

  189. Reply Harry M says:

    FGFS is not as big over here in the UK as it is USA, however it is growing, i am starting to see more and more riders out , whether its freestyle or just fixed. I know companies such as The Grime are distributing their new G.O.A.T out to the UK to try and get more and more riders out and get some better parts over here. If you could give me the chance to ride this SICK bike it would help this sport grow and for it to be recognised even more. The more parts and more riders we have, the bigger the freestyle scence will be. My last point is i would finally like a frame that does not snap on me!!

  190. Reply Nicolai Olsen says:

    My interest in fix biking started 3 years ago. At this time fixbiking was pretty unknown in Denmark where I live. Then I started to build my own bike. I used old painted parts and it became at nice green bike. Lots of people were very impressed and said it was a awesome bike. But, – some day, when I was driving in the skatepark I crazed, and my beloved bike broke down.The frame was broken.It was a sad day. Now I haven’t got money to build a new one, because I am studying, and dosent got the time for a job . I miss fixbiking and my bike-friends are sad, that I cant join them, so they send me this link to this competition.
    I can’t afford a new bike, so I would really hope that you would consider me winning this beautiful PFIX.
    If I won this competition, it would make my life a lot easier and better..
    I would love to get out on the streets this summer with my friends, so we can make some cool edits of this awesome bike
    Fix is my life – so please choose me and let me win !!! FIX ME UP!

    Link to my old bike:


  191. Reply johnny gonzalez says:

    Ive been enthusiastic about this bike, leaving a comment and coming back to read other peoples comments just to check if mine is better, i really want and need this bike, i cant tell you that ive been doing fgfs for a while, i had no money to even afford a starter fgfs bike, i had a cheap micargi frame with crappy parts, i sold that bike to give my mom money for house payments, i even sold some christmas presents, everybody goes through some shit in life. having this bike would put me in a sanctuary, when im mad, go ride, when im bothered, go ride, when im happy, go ride. shit ill even get a wheel talk tattoo just to show my appreciation, thanks for the opportunity.

  192. Reply Alex says:

    I haven’t ridden a bike in over 4 years, since my ex-wife sold my bikes during our divorce and I lost my job. This bike would help me get to work easier, it would allow me to get healthy and spend more time with my daughter. It would give me freedom I don’t have and can’t afford.

  193. Reply al morris says:

    I just want the bike because i’m 6’4 and riding a small P-Fix will make it look like i’m riding BMX. Then after i get the bike i start my own blog titled ProllyIsNotTheComeUp

  194. Reply George says:

    i’d really like to try riding FGFS but it’s too expensive for me. also these are goood bikes.

  195. Reply weazle says:

    Come on I was there from the start! I need a new bike! Dont act like you dont know me!

  196. Reply Wheel Talk + Specialized P.Fix Giveaway :: PEDAL Consumption says:

    [...] Wheel Talk and Specialized are joining forces, and giving away a FREE small P.Fix. Head over to Wheel Talk to get all the juicy details. Previous post [...]

  197. Reply Michael says:

    I’m poor and I’ve always wanted totry biking like fgfs

  198. Reply Michael says:

    Ive been big in mountain biking and stuff and I’ve always wanted to try a new type of biking like fgfs

  199. Reply Farith Kamal says:

    Sup there!
    how are u ?
    why i want this P-fix? cuz im small n my height was 152cm only. I know this bike is really suitable for me cuz this is only frame that have shorter top tube(able to barspin right?), high n long headtube on the small size(so i dont have to use alot of spacer) n this is the perfect geometry for rider like me. Hope if i get this bike will help me more to progress on my riding. TQ for reading, hope to see u guys n shred with u guys! cheeerrrsss!!

  200. Reply Jay Manalo says:

    Hey everyone, this is Jay from Stockton, CA. I’ve been riding fixed gears since October of 2010. My cousins got me into the Fixed Gear Freestyle sport. I’m currently riding on a SE Lager 2008 frame with Weinmann DP18′s and some more stock parts. The reason why I want this bike is because I wish to progress more with this bike. I’ve been holding back on tricking because my SE Lager cannot handle the tricks I do while I progress. I want this bike so I can trick without holding back anymore, and I can progress faster and become cleaner in my tricking. And IF I win this bike, maybe someday I’ll be known with how far I get with tricking on this bike. Hopefully if I get this, I can show you and pay back to you how much I’ve been holding back on tricking. Thank you and goodluck to everyone.

    • Reply Jay Manalo says:

      1/4/2012: Got a pinch flat :|

    • Reply Jay Manalo says:

      [CONTINUED] Hey guys this is Jay again from Stockton, CA. I don’t know, this bike has been on my mind all day, just knowing I have so much bike problems, this would just be a miracle you know? All those time’s dreaming of having that one bike that you wanted or how if your bike was solid and didn’t have to hold back on yourself from abusing or tricking hard. This bike would just give me an opportunity to stop holding back, to start tricking like I should, also with this bike it’ll help me become even more closer than I am to the fixed gear sport. It’s only been a day after I posted my first comment, and I just daydream about this bike, how life would be IF I’d ever win it, and how easier tricking would be knowing that those old bike problems you had in the past never effected your bike, just how much you’ll progress once you get this bike. I grinded down my frame where the brake cable should go just so I can fit fatter tires on my SE Lager 2008. All the frustrations and nights going to sleep knowing you had bike problems to wake up with in the morning, that would all go away for me if I won this bike. I know by the end of this there will be possibly over 1000+ comments saying their stories, and I’d be lucky enough just for mine to be read. And if this being read, no matter entry or hoster, Thank you for reading this, and again good luck to everyone.

    • Reply Jay Manalo says:

      So today I rode at Downtown Stockton, lots of spots hit up, but then later today on Facebook I was talking about how I was doing pretty good today, and I wanted to go all out, but my friend said “know your limits.” If I had this bike, I would have no limits, I wouldn’t hold back because some parts of my bike make noise, or some effect your riding, I’d go all out, everyday, trick hard until I’m sore, then wake up the next day and repeat the last one. That’s what I want so bad to do, without holding back and going all out just one time on this bike doesn’t satisfy me. I want to go all out without holding back on my bike and progress faster and trick harder than I ever can. I want the feeling of blisters on my hand to not be known anymore, because you’re hands would be used to throwing down that hard of a trick, or doing that sick line you’ve always imagined. Drawing it in your head makes it even more to want, because you’d just see yourself, riding that bike, knowing you have no limits, you have your limits physically, but not on your bike. Thank you for reading this again, and goodluck to everyone.

      • Reply Jay Manalo says:

        You know what would be amazing? If you were able to give out 2 PFix’s aha. Because if I wanted someone else to win besides me, it would be Francis Roque. Goodluck to everyone! 15 days remaining.

    • Reply Jay Manalo says:

      Today I hit up some spots, it was fun, but I had some more bike problems :\ I think my 2nd set of cranks are starting to break down, and I don’t have any money to upgrade, and I REALLY want to continue riding, it’s a passion for me right now, I don’t know what I’d be doing without FGFS, it takes me places, gets me closer to friends, keeps me athletic, and I want to stay in the sport as long as I can, I hope something happens, something really nice happens to me, although there are 300+ entries, I’d be lucky to just get my entry and replies read, and hopefully a miracle happens for me, because if my name was announced as the winner, I’m not even going to lie, I’d cry of happiness, because all the times I’d get frustrated of my bike problems, going to sleep and waking up thinking you can ride, but ended up remembering the bike problems you have, it would go away, I’d be happy. And to be honest, if this did actually happen to me, it would be the first time I’d cry of happiness, because it’s just something that is unbelievable. Some people read my entry and replies, and probably say “Oh another ‘sob’ story,” but no, it’s not, it’s another dedicated FGFS rider, trying to get lucky and have his dream bike. I’d just be so happy if I won this bike. I wouldn’t have to gaze upon other peoples bike, when I can look at mine and be so happy to have a solid & stable bike. I’d have few restrictions to my tricking, and more fun. No worrying about loose cranks, untrued rims, hard seats, broken headset, any bike problems you can imagine, they’d just disappear, 15 days left, goodluck to everyone, and if you are reading this, thank you so much for reading, no matter who you are. Thank you. Goodluck everyone.

      • Reply Jay Manalo says:

        Today I had to pay $8 for 2 used tubes, just because my tires gave up on me, that $8 was supposed to be $10, which I was supposed to have $20 to buy a part, well, looks like I’m back at the $20. See if I had this bike, it would mean SO MUCH to me, I promise. Just coming back to reply daily about how I would feel if I won this bike, like in my last post, I’d CRY, of happiness, I would cry because I KNOW this is a miracle for me, 317+ people will be entering, and if I was chosen among those 317+ I’d burst in to tears in a heartbeat. You don’t often see a 16 year old guy, a junior in high school, crying in happiness for a new bike. It would be unique to see that, and if this happens to me, most of my family that is home and saw me crying would ask, “why are you crying?” and I’d tell them, “I won my dream bike.” I’m currently applying to go to a continuation school, or remedial school, because I messed up my Freshman and Sophmore years, and I want to make it up. I’m an absolute disappointment in my house and the only thing that helps me run away from all these problems, my grades, the house, the problems in life financially, is my bike, because it’s just me and the bike. FGFS is now a lifestyle for me, a passion, and I don’t want to give it up, with this bike, it would help me continue riding and tricking. My dad is unemployed, and my mom is the one only putting income into the house, I don’t get allowance, I have no source of money, and finding a job would only be rare, even if it was a summer job. I just want this bike so bad. I’d stay on the WheelTalk site for 3 hours, just to wait for who won, even if it wasn’t me, I’d congratulate them and move on with life, but if I did win. I’d thank everyone, especially the WheelTalk and Specialized team for putting this together, for making a dream come true, for ending my bike problems, for progressing me and cut the ropes that hold me back from tricking, I’d thank them, and most especially, I’d thank God, because in the last days of this contest, that’s who I’m turning to, because I want this bike, to end my problems, because riding isn’t supposed to stress you, it’s supposed to relieve you from the problems you have, and if I win this bike, that’s exactly what it would do. 12 day’s left, Goodluck to everyone, and hopefully, my entries and replies will be read. Good luck and thank you for reading.

        • Reply Jay Manalo says:

          For my last few replies to this post, just before the winner is chosen, I just want to post my bike check: Profile Design Aluminum bars[hits my frame], SE Lager 2008 Frame, SE Affix Stem[hits my frame], SE Landing Gear Fork[was cut short, was bought like this, my fork raddles every time I trick, cut short so my stem/bars can't clear],Stock seat and seat post, Stock bottom bracket, Stock cranks and chainring[my original ratio is 46-17, but I reduced to 42-17, so my chain is very long, my axle nuts are halfway off the dropouts of the frame, and also the dropouts are slowly bending due to the length of the chain,Burro straps and Shadow conspiracy Ravanger pedals[ran for 1 year and counting, straps are ripping], Weinmann DP18′s with a front 38c tire[bubbles often :\] and a rear 35c tire[but very skinny, not strong enough, and its the fattest I can fit on my frame, my spokes get lose very often in the rear, I wish they didn't :\] There are countless problems with this bike, the ones I mention are not even half, of what other problems it has, if only I won this bike, I would be so happy, with no bike problems, 9 days remaining, and thank you for reading this reply, Good luck to everyone out there.

          • Jay Manalo says:

            I’ve just been posting about the PFix giveaway and how it would totally change my life, and I’ve been getting nothing but put downs, and discouragement comments, it kinda brings me down how some “friends” can just side to someone that fast, but it’s whatever, I really want this bike, my frame is starting to crank on the welds on my top tube, and I want to ride so bad, I have no money to buy another frame, if I win this PFix, I’ll still be riding, and no matter what everyone says to put me down, I’m still here. Haters are gonna hate, but I’m still standing up. Stoked for the entry deadline, so when Matt Reyes, or any other staff/team riders/Specialized workers read this, I hope they can understand what I’m going through right now. I feel betrayed, that easily, luckily I still have a fix to ride, but my bike’s life is soon coming to an end, and I don’t want to miss this sport, I want to endure in this sport, and get out there to become known, to become a great FGFS rider. A lot of people say I put so much potential in what I do, and are amazed how my bike is holding up, it’s because I conserve my bike, and I still want to ride and progress for the longest I can. If I win this bike, it will let me trick how I’m supposed to, hard, no limits, no holding back anymore, because no bike problems to be on my mind, and no matter how much people criticize, I’m still a dedicated rider of the FGFS sport, thank you everyone for reading, and good luck to all. January 31st/February 1st is fast approaching. Good luck everyone. Stay riding, stay true, and stay in the game.

          • Jay Manalo says:

            Spell check for:January 23, 2012 at 7:50 PM, meant to say CRACK on my welds on the top tube of the frame.

    • Reply Jay Manalo says:

      Heey guys, I’ve been thinking about this bike, and how much it would just change my life, although I may not throw down the hardest tricks, but if I win this bike, I’ll go all out for you WheelTalk, just to show how much the FGFS sport means to me, I never get any dreams to become true, and if this was the first, I’d give back my all, 100 times more, I’d honestly put my heart into the sport, way more than I am right now. This is an addict for me now, a passion, a lifestyle. It’s not a hobby, because when I trick, I put my heart into it, I love teaching others, progressing, to become closer to the sport. If I win this bike, I promise I’ll even try to get it myself to your level of tricking, because if I win, that’s my next goal, no hesitation or playing around, straight up tricking, make progress, go to sleep, and wake up to do the same thing, because this sport is my life. FGFS has changed me, it’s calmed me, it’s kept me going in life, I honestly don’t know where I’ll be without this style of life, go back to what I do before? No, I’d try my hardest, sell everything in my possession, just to get back on those 2 wheels. I promise WheelTalk, if i win this bike, I’ll put my life into it, and I’ll show you how much help you’ve given me with this bike. 1 week left, it’s either dreams come true for me, or they shatter, but no matter what, I’m still here, tricking hard, dedicated to the sport, and doing whatever it takes to get to the top. Goodluck everyone, and thank you for reading.

      • Reply Jay Manalo says:

        The video above was just 2 days after I got my parts. I got my G turns and 180s back the 1st day, and needed to make a teaser the 2nd day. Not throwing any bangers, just getting used to my bike, posted the URL in my reply so you can see my set up. http://vimeo.com/user9919805/videos

        • Reply Jay Manalo says:

          The bike at :27 is not my bike, it is my friends. The one with the brown frame is my bike.

          • Jay Manalo says:

            Although I don’t get any support posts, I even know who the people are that gives support posts to another person, no matter what, I’m still dedicated to the sport, riding, tricking hard, throwing down as good as I can, and still in the sport. Goodluck, tomorrows the last day to enter, and Wednesday is the declaring of the winner. I’ll be here daily like I always was just to read the new posts, GOOD LUCK STAY RIDING AND BE SAFE, thanks for reading this guys, WheelTalk hands down is just a crew full of riders that throw down bangers 100%, hope to be at your level soon, if no one motivates me, I’m my own motivation, people put me down, but I’m still here. Goodluck everyone. Thanks for reading my entry+continuation and daily replies.

          • Jay Manalo says:

            No matter what happens tomorrow, I’m still a dedicated rider in the sport. Goodluck everyone, tomorrows the day everyone’s been waiting for. Thank you for reading all my replies to my post.

  201. Reply Richard Ordonez says:

    This past year I got FATTTTTT! Gained like 50 pounds, Seriously! I need to do something fun besides sit at my work desk the whole day taking like a thousand mini breaks to look at bikes online. I think I created a new standard to looking at Facebook, because no longer do I look at my friend pages, but bicycle pages with all the bikes I wish I had! I would really appreciate winning this bike as I would most definitely lose some weight while learning some kick ass tricks like the videos I see on this website. When I have this bike parked next to me at my work desk, I will most likely stop looking at bikes online and will eventually concentrate on my actual work. Finally get something done for a change. I’m pretty sure when my body is all tone again my wife will enjoy looking at me with my shirt off. She always tells me she wished I had those side abs, the kind you see when a skinny guy bends over to hold his bike’s handle bar. I know, that you know what I mean!! Bottom line please let me win this bike.

  202. Reply dan says:

    I’d like to the win this bike because I’d like to hit some trails with it. It looks indestructible.

  203. Reply Joshua Flores says:

    I’m tired of walking places because my fiancee doesn’t have a bike.

  204. Reply Eric Comacho says:

    Hey my name is Eric. I’ve been riding FGFS for almost a year now and progressing well. Its been tough managing school and riding but I’ve managed to get a 4.2 GPA. One of my friends who got me into riding is in need of a bike and I’d love to win the pfix so he can get back into it. He truly deserves it. Thanks for reading!

  205. Reply Jet says:

    As much as i would love to have this bike, I’m entering this for a friend of mine. Me and my friend have been riding for a long time together but he has never had his own bike. He has always rode my old fixie, that is honestly a piece of junk. He just recently got into his dream college but it is far away and the campus is large so hes going to need a bike to go around in. It would be really awesome if i could win this and give it to him as a congratulations present. When i saw this giveaway i knew i had to give it a try.

  206. Reply Jared says:

    I truthfully have no sob story what so ever. I just have a love for fgfs and dont own a fixed gear bike anymore. My friend let me borrow his 700c bike because he got a brand new 26inch set up and i fell in love with his fixie and now that i moved i dont have a bike. It mean the world to me if i won this contest because it would mean that i would be able to do what i love again. Thanks Slumworm and specialized for throwing this giveaway!

  207. Reply Chuy says:

    Short kid + Small Pfix = CHINGON!!

  208. Reply Mario says:

    I want this bike before the world ends…..dont die

  209. Reply Kayla says:

    Roses are red
    the leaves are green
    if you don’t give me the bike
    then you’re really mean

  210. Reply Joseph Downs says:

    I’d Like to be given this bicycle because my previous ride was stolen from me and i work a shitty job and cant afford a new bike so i walk everywhere. i really miss riding and i feel like it was a crucial part of regulating my stress levels and just keeping myself happy in day to day life. anyway if you do decide to give it to me i would be most appreciative of the gesture. and if not i’m humble, and will continue enjoying all the edits posted by WT. :)

  211. Reply RJ Dacon says:

    Sup WT, my name is RJ. I reside in the 408 area and ride DT as frequently as I can. I’ve always been into bikes since I was kid. Or anything on two wheels for that matter. I recently met Gabe Alcantara who at that time was on the Specialized Pfix in a small. We rode from time to time and you can’t believe how unbelievable the bike felt under me. Just amazing, geo was great, and the components were top of the line. From then on I was focused on racking up money to get a complete from ID. So far that fantasy is well, staying a fantasy. Times are hard, and I also have other things to deal with my bike right now. If given the chance I’d put the bike to good use and give it the abuse that it can handle. I’m on that real talk shit. Thanks for reading.

  212. Reply NameJohn says:

    I am a man of few words. I Like Bike.

  213. Reply DavidBrown says:

    I was hit and run by a car nine months ago, My bike got totaled, and I ended up with a broken leg and two ribs. I’ve gotten going again on a ghetto old bike,but it’s not the same as a real FGFS bike. I hope you’ll consider me.

  214. Reply mateo juan barroetaveña says:

    hi i’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, i ride FGFS since a year now, i’m one of the only two FGFS riders in the country and the thing is, there are no FGFS frames here. i simply need the bike in order to progress. i been ridin a ’26 DJ frame but it’s just not the same, the seatpost is too low and i have to make my own hubs from bmx ones because there are no fixed gear hubs that stand the strong use. i also play hard court bike polo and the bike would be awesome for it, sept of 2011 we went to chile to play the first southamerican polo tournament, it was really great !
    i would really like having you over to meet Argentina, it’s people, it’s food and ride as hard as we can obviously !

    • Reply mateo juan barroetaveña says:

      We are also going to host the 2nd southamerican bike polo tournament in october, it would be much more interesting if you come by then.

      it’s a easy way of advertising, lot of videos are gonna come out. and imagine having a freestyle rider and bikepolo player with the pfix ;)

      please get back to me..even if anotherone wins the bike..i’ll be glad if you came to Argentina, you’d love it. contact me.

  215. Reply Daniel Mendes says:

    Because my lil homie Miguel needs a freestyle fixed !

  216. Reply Christian Ustarroz says:

    The Flyer up top says leave a comment of why you want it.
    i already ride a FGFS bike. but not the P-fixed. its a free bike, and anyone in this world would take anything thats free, if they like. But i dont like the p-fixed, I LOVE IT…
    i can write a list up to 100 reasons why i love the p-fixed.
    but thats not what you want to know.
    i want the p-fixed because i love riding 26″, and these wheels seem like they can withstand anything. they’re double walled, 36h 26″.. the frame geometry is great, one of the best out there, its light, stylish, and lets not forget the decorative Specialized carve out, its one of a kind.
    I also want this bike because i see Tom Lamarsh riding it.. and since he is probly the best FGFS rider out there you know this must be one of the best FGFS bikes out there..

    but besides this all i want the bike because bike riding to me is a lifestyle, exercising is the best medicine out there, and with this bike i would stay healthy and be in good shape.
    be able to 180 a 9 stair, fakie wheelie, but best of all….. I WANT THIS BIKE TO HAVE FUN

  217. Reply Tanner lee says:

    ive been riding fixed gear freestyle on my free time while i wrestled and played travling baseball for 3 years in the past year i got tendinitis in my throwing shoulder and cant play baseball or wrestle so all my time now goes to riding my volume cutter v3 running 700cs id like the new Pfix so i could expanded my fixed gear freestyle range of tricks, my bike now has horrible pedal strike and cant handle the stair or tricks i wanna learn. if i got this bike it would mean alot i ride my volume cutter everyday to school and back and everywhere i go around town. the New Pfix would be a greatly loved and put to good used everyday rain or shine.


  218. Reply Michael Hanson says:

    Dear contest,
    My name is Mike and I am in need of a fgfs bicycle to start the new year. My awesome friend Kyle rides around and does tricks all day. I call up Kyle and say hey Kyle wanna hang out and ride bikes? He says yea of course I do Mike. Then we meet up and Kyle just rides off things and does tricks while I’m stuck just riding around in circles in the middle of the street with my silly beat up fixed gear bike with skinny little tires. Now don’t get me wrong I love my fixed gear and I can sure beat Kyle in a race because of his spinny little gear ratio. However, this year I’d like to ride wheelies down the street and do bunny hops and jump off stuff to impress all the girlies.
    Kyle looks so majestic on his fgfs. Always with a smile on his face and watching how much fun he is having makes me smile and laugh too. So please, I clearly need this bike more than everyone else.
    Signed, Mike

  219. Reply Luke Buell says:

    If I got it, I would ride it.

  220. Reply Jesus G says:

    I’m 17 , i want this small pfix to give to my friend cause he is really good but his bike broke after doing a 5 stair 180. im sure he will get better if he gets a new bike so if i get chosen to get this pfix i would greatly appreciate it

  221. Reply Jeff M. says:

    I would really like to have the p.fix because it would motivate me to go out and ride it and I would loose weight and live healthy

  222. Reply Sam says:

    I want the bike because my local bike shop made fun of fixed gear f reestyle! I want to show them what fgfs is really all about. I mean why would a bike shop make fun of anyone riding a bike!!

  223. Reply Carlos Marmolejo says:

    My name is Carlos Marmolejo and I am 16 years old. Biking is a great part of my life with out a doubt. Many people see biking as a source of transportation or a good pass time but I do not see it as simply that. I see it as a way of life, moving art, a second part of me, literally my life. I am currently riding a Vertical Mountain Bike bought at Costco for 150, 7 years ago. It is rusty old and the wheels are started to crack because of so much out in the sun. Vertical bikes were actually recalled for being hazardous and unsafe to ride and yet I ride it every where and all the time. I removed the derailer, speed changes, and one brake. Put Ory grips on it, and a half link chain. So what I have is a hazardous rusty modified old recalled bike which I ride every day either to get somewhere or to just simply ride. But, even then I love that bike, it might not be new and nice like other bikes but it is still a bike and that is what I love about it. I endo, 360, wheelie, bunny hop(nearly everything), attempt grinds with my attached pegs, and fakie down hills most of the time when I ride. I had a Vertical bmx bike also from Costco that I use do tricks on until the frame collapsed and I broke my leg along with it. I had a full leg cast for about 3 months, the worst 3 months of my life. After I healed I jumped on the mtb in my back yard, modified it ,and stuck with it until present day. One day after coming back from a ride to Venice Beach I thought I’d check out my facebook account and I found a link to a Vimeo link that led to a video with Michael Chacon riding his fgfs bike. From the minute it started I told myself, “I need to get one of those!” So I told my dad about buying a bike and he was very fond of the idea. It would save him a bit of money if I didn’t need rides everywhere or rides home after my mtb’s chain popped or became wedged between my wheel and the back of the frame. Soon after our conversation I looked up popular fgfs bikes and quickly decided to build my own, I searched parts everywhere and bookmarked the pages to the sites. In the end I had a list of what my bike would consist of. I calculated the price and the total was $1,678. I thought nothing of it and simply presented it to my dad, telling him that the bike was built to last, safe, and a great starter fgfs bike. But, he simply looked at me and said, “Son, believe me i want to buy this bike for you, but I simply can’t it is just way to expensive. I expected to hear that so I had second proposition, I told him that I could simply buy every part separate every 2 weeks but even then the answer was still no. I pleaded for about 4 months for him to buy just the frame or a cheaper bike but he just didn’t have the money to pay for it. But, i didn’t give up there I tried buying used parts but even then people only discounted about 10 to 20 bucks. So finally I decided if I can’t get a new bike then I’ll just have to be the best at tricking on a hazardous rusty old modified mtb. I began tricking with it doing simple stuff like 180′s and 360′s then moved on to endo’s and wheelie’s. I saw people with bmx bikes grinding so I grabbed my old bikes pegs, screwed them on and tried it. Many tell me I should be grinding on it but I really can’t see how my bike can get any worse. I won’t say I’m the best at tricking because I do beginner stuff, I’ve seen many other people doing crazy things on a bike I didn’t ever think was possible. Fgfs simply intrigues me, it’s a fine moving art that changed the way I see riding. I am not going to say that I need the Specialized Pfix, but I will say that I very much desire and want it. Being the winner of the Specialized Pfix would literally change my life. So in conclusion I hope that if I am not the winner of this giveaway that someone else who truly deserves it does. I hope that I have not taken to much of your time and thank you fro taking the time to read this.

    Carlos Arik Marmolejo Panuco

  224. Reply Jonathan Nguyen says:

    Jeffy D. from I-D told me to go 26 SO HERE I AM WHEELTALK. BLESS ME WITH A P-FIX.

  225. Reply Henry L says:

    Dear WheelTalkFixed,

    I would be exceptionally grateful if I received a free P.Fix. I am already so inspired by FGFS and this would allow me to pursue my ambitions of the growing “fixed-gear culture.” My brother has been a large influence on me as well because he is the one who introduced it to me. He moved out to San Francisco a few months ago and his bike the only one I was able to ride. He only visits occasionally, due to his busy school schedule. I absolutely love riding his bike. The main benefit from receiving a free P.Fix is that from the poor economic times, I’m moving out soon which will not allow me to walk to school, which is currently across the street, and there is no current free bus system in my city. Having access to bike to school will not only make it easier to get to school but will also allow me to learn FGFS and to grow with it as well. It’s great that wheeltalkfixed is doing such a contest to spread FGFS. I immensely thank you for your consideration.

    Thank you, Henry

  226. Reply Bajus says:

    if i got it i would say :
    Uh’.. so sweet .. it’s so so so beutibeutifulllllllll……. than maii girl friend :*

  227. Reply Andrew Voegeli says:

    Ill jump el toro on it

  228. Reply Ryan says:

    Gimme dat bike foo! No Seriously, i would like that bike.

  229. Reply Lane Daniels says:

    I would enjoy this bike because I just got “laid off” from my job.

  230. Reply David Mason says:

    I would love a new specialized pfix so when i ride to formations in ACU’s and my chain of command gives me that look i could grin ear to ear and know they think i lost my mind…..lmao

  231. Reply Jayson Sagisi says:

    I’m born and still being raised in San Jose… That’s it.

  232. Reply Jayson Sagisi says:

    Born and still being raised in San Jose… That’s all.

  233. Reply Nikolai Purkiss says:

    Riding a conversion is lame. Need something fresh.

  234. Reply Boony says:

    I’m poor. Give me give me!

  235. Reply Tinj says:

    After watching the SPCA commercial featuring Sarah McLachlan, in a moment of compassion I donated every last cent I had to save all of those pitiful looking animals in the commercial. Unfortunately the P-fix came out soon after and I am now unable to afford one of my own. I’m like one of those poor poor animals in the commercial but instead of a home, all i need is a P-Fix. Please, find it in your heart to help a brotha out and I will leave you with this.

    Spend all your time waiting
    For that second chance
    For a break that would make it okay
    There’s always one reason
    To feel not good enough
    And it’s hard at the end of the day
    I need some distraction
    Oh beautiful release
    Memory seeps from my veins
    Let me be empty
    And weightless and maybe
    I’ll find some peace tonight if I could only ride my very own P-Fix by Specialized

  236. Reply Julian Arteaga says:

    hey hows it going? hope your good. my friend brought me here, i kept asking him to see if there are any fixies to buy from his friends. i love all sorts of riding fixies and bmx. i ride every single day after school every weekend, its just what i love to do but i dont have a fixie anymore sadly. but when i did its like stress free from school and parents. i just cant afford this, every time i am with my friend i non stop riding it, he bugs me to buy one so we can film. i think i should have it because im going to treat it great and put in all i have to riding. im not trying to be a kiss ass or lieing but i really need this my own parents dont support me in this, they dont understand the thrill i get out of it. this is why i deserve it. thanks.

  237. Reply Aaron Keokham says:

    I’ve been riding fixed gear for little over a year now and my bike build is pretty decent, I got a scrambler v3. Not really great for tricking, I broke my frame so I welded it. Still riding but I want to really get into fgfs more Grinds and stuff. I’m digging the color and set up, which is a plus so yehh. I don’t have time for a job, with school going on so it would be nice to get this beast of a bike.

  238. Reply Dustin W says:

    Broke college student here. I ride my bike everywhere….class, work, friends, and most of all for fun. I grew up skating and now biking has taken over my life. With a newly added group of folks playing polo in town and wanting to blast out tricks like I used to, this bike would be the next best thing for me. I got loans to pay off man.

  239. Reply JD says:

    I got robbed for my bike about 3 months ago during riots in London this summer.. My wrist is just about healed after taking quite a beating and I just can’t afford a new bike. Winning this would be amazing. Cheers

  240. Reply Miles Mathia says:

    Hey you guys at wheel talk and specialized my name iris miles and I have been riding and working on bike geometry and it’s function for a while,the p fix has the up to date design and aesthetically pleasing. If the p fix size small could fit in my future for riding I am sure progress would follow. Thanks for hearing me out

  241. Reply Miles Mathia says:

    I really need a bike like them pfix to help me progress in this sport of fgfs. The bike has a perfect geo ,swift look , built to last. Exactly what this sport needs. If I had the bread I would buy it but I don’t so that’s why i would like you guys at wheel talk to hear me out. My bike is bent, broken and honestly a struggle to work with. I am stoked you guys get the chance to give back to the riding community and at this point in the movement it would help me stay on my bike instead of working on it. Plenty of deserving people will post their reasons and setbacks I just hope I get the chance to have one myself.

  242. Reply Cameron M says:

    This is truly an awesome giveaway. I’ve been saving up for a bike but it’s slow going. I’m only 16 so I’ve still got some time for saving, but winning this would be a huge help. I’d love to win this thing.

  243. Reply Kareem says:

    How many times have i been stoped by police asKing for brakes?
    How much money have i soent on fixed gear throughout the years?
    There are many more questions i have , but the PFix would solve all of them.
    I have been looking for a perfect 26″ fgfs complete bike for a while and the one that struck me the most was this bike.
    With its great tire clearence , amazing strength , outstanding monuverbility , etc. This bike is great for anyone, especially me.
    Anyone with a bike like this is lucky, and must be very fortunate.
    I need this beauty , who wouldnt?
    Would be siked if i one and posting this comment insures me tht i have a chance.
    So lets see if im that luky guy….

  244. Reply Jimmy Duhaylungsod says:

    Ive been riding for a year now i could do some g turns and 180s but thru the summer my bike was broken down i havent road for like 2 months then i finally got to fix my bike on the first day but then it got jacked so i havent been riding for 8 months now i could really use this bike rightnow im working on a yellow windsor with track cranks and a missing front wheel i cant afford all of these fgfs parts im to poor

  245. Reply RH says:

    Because nobody else I know rides FGFS, so when I go out alone I would love a neat bike to go out on. Also because I can spell.

  246. Reply Jaylan Tucker says:

    I would be so grateful if i got that bike see i ride FGFS now and my bike just got stolen before the holidays and bikes are really expensive. I know i could afford a new one, i give you my honest word if i were to recive this bike i would gaurd it with my life and that i will send you clips on my progress and new tricks i learn. All my friends have bikes and i want to ride with them so i hope that you pick me please i just wish you knew how much it would mean to me.


  247. Reply Cameron Ford says:

    Slumworm! Pick me!

  248. Reply Kelvin Acosta says:

    I really want a pfix because those bikes are AWESOME! Giving me this bike will make me the happiest person! i love bikes and the pfix is awesome! I’ll even make you an awesome video! I hope i get picked, thanks.

  249. Reply Matthew"Buffalo"Morgan says:

    Hello, my name is Matthew”Buffalo”Morgan & I am from Macon,GA. I had a pretty sick PK Ripper that was stolen a few months back, it took me over a year to build that bike & I loved it with all my heart, I had stopped at a really hood gas station to grab a drink, locked my beautiful steed up & when I returned it was gone, I cant even begin to describe the way I felt when I realized my bike was gone,forever. After countless days of searching,still no bike so i turned to riding a single speed mtn bike a friend let me borrow but its just not the same, so no more fgfs for the Buffalo because I am dirt poor, like I said it took me a year to build that Ripper, I had the frame for almost 3 months before I was even able to actually build it up & ride it. All in all I just really want to get back on the fgfs train so please take me into consideration for your P FIX give a way.
    Thanks for your time-Buffalo

  250. Reply s.mooney says:

    I would want to be like wheel talk crew

  251. Reply Joey L says:

    i would love to get a specialized pfix because ive been riding a crappy windsor for the past year or so. i have cracked almost every single part of the bike. My parents currently do not have the funds to buy me a new build. I’ve progress so much with flat 3′s and what not. i would love this bike to take me to the next level. This bike could really help me out in the future. So Slumworm ! pick me ! this could definitely change my life if i received it (:

  252. Reply Richard says:

    Look at all these people writing a thoughtful message so they can get a bike. But really they all should deserve the bike as a matter of fact. Why would I be so special of receiving this beautiful machine between my legs. For one I can learn a matter of tricks with it, and second of all I would be able to commute throughout my community and enjoy my long walks on the beach.

  253. Reply Drew says:

    I have been working my ass off so much just to live in San Francisco. I am still riding a fixed conversion and let me tell you it sucks having a shitty bike when everyone in the city are riding past you with there flashy bikes. I ride a few miles everyday just to get to work to make a living; how much i would love to have a new dope bike to ride around the city.

  254. Reply Savion Easley says:

    I want this bike because,i don’t have a bike and everybody i hang out with has bikes.They always make fun of me for not having a fgfs bike.They always call me bikeless and poor just because i dont have a fgfs.That is why i want that bike.

  255. Reply Savion Easley says:

    I want this bike because everybody around me has bikes and im the only one without one.I get made fun of because I can’t afford it.They call me bikeless and poor.This bike would change my life!

  256. Reply Nick Koo says:

    The P fix is a great bike. I’d buy one

    …But I don’t have the money dooooood. And just maybe this diehard 700c rider might go 26.

  257. Reply Braulio Esquivel says:

    hi im talking to you guys hoping that you’ll give me the new specialized pfix. i have been riding for about 2 years and have saved and saved but im 15 and wasn’t allowed to buy anything big like this bike. And now everyone is getting into fgfs and im stuck with my track bike just riding with all my other friends who have an fgfs and im always stuck being behind the camera. I would very much enjoy having this bike and not have to struggle with getting so pumped, juiced, and inspired by all these great riders. Then being able to get in on the action and not just try and do a trick and end up messing up my already untrue rims. Or not have the chance to let all this inspiration just let loose and just ride without the worry of anything happening to the bike. Because i know this bike is sturdy and can take on anything i throw at it. So please consider my request and you guys are behind my whole drive to ride. Also it’s my birthday on the 20th and it would be really cool if I got this bike. And thanks for your time.

  258. Reply Francis R says:

    So I been riding FGFS for 11 months? My parts are not holding me back. Other day, I was attempting to 3 a 4stair stage. Ending up eating mad shit, Frame and headset cracked, rear wheel welding split, broke 3 spokes, popped tube, bent bars.. I think I deserve this bike because I’m very commited to this sport and I don’t want to ever quit. People calling me names like “broke ass nigga” but they don’t know that my parents can’t afford that type of bike for the price of $800. Honestly, It’s really cheap for the bike.. We already can’t pay for this house, we are getting foreclosed in March so that is twice the bummer. I only get 100 dollars a year and i pay most of the money on Lunch for school. It’s 2.50 a day.. god damn. So if i would save up for a semi solid bike, it would probably take a decade! By the time, that happens.. I’m probably going to stop riding bikes, knowing I have to save up for so long.. Also I have guts to do anything tho, other day.. I 180 bar off the stage but I started correction hopping just to get my fakie. I think I would be really good for this bike knowing the WheelTalk Riders shred on me. I’m really sure I would shred on it as well. Honestly, this bike would change my whole life back around! I hope I win!

  259. Reply Chaz Jew says:

    I would love to have a Pfix because its a nice bike and i currently have no trick bike that is running im broke looking for a job. My homie let me borrow his wheels and bars and some other parts but a couple months ago i got repoed for a sale he had to make and now im stuck without a working bike i have a frame but it is not very nice and i wana get back out and ride with all my fixed freestyle friends. All 8 or 9 of us in berkeley:D

  260. Reply Elihue Taylor says:

    i would really like to get a pfix because all of my friends ride and im really intrested in what 26 feels like and i have a couple of friends that are also trying to get this pfix and it would be really funny if i won

  261. Reply Shinobu K says:

    I was encouraged to buy a pfix as my first fixie, but I couldn’t afford it because my family has had some financial issues. I’ve been wanting the Pfix every since I saw the prototype version. I thought that the bike was flawless. I want to be able to hang out with my friends more often and be able to learn tricks with them. The great thing about the Pfix is that it’s made by Specialized and the that you won’t have to buy any upgrades for the bike because it comes with everything I need. Some day i wish to be shredding in the streets of LA with my buddies and getting sponsored! Hook me up WheelTalk!

  262. Reply Carter Dennis says:

    I read through all these reasons why people say they need this bike and notice something very odd. A lot of folks say their bike got stolen a few days ago or ran over by a car. How could you let that happen? If I was going to be giving away a beautiful bike it would have to go to someone responsible to give it the proper care and not neglect it. Iv had my track bike for years and have never had it stolen. I keep it clean and well maintained. I want to win this bike to start learning tricks and to have fun on. I assure it would receive just as much love as I have given my other bikes.

  263. Reply THE KAT says:

    Whats good id like that bike and put in work…..ride with the DT fgfs homies hit some dirt and creek trails on those 26″ yyyyeeeeeeeeee! Besides that i need a bike that can take some abuse and this bike WILL be rode every day all day

  264. Reply Darrin Chhoeun says:

    I would like this fixed gear so I can trick with my friends! I can’t afford one and I’m only 14 :(

  265. Reply Luis Rodriguez says:

    Hey I am from a small town called East Palo Alto in the peninsula. The Fixed Gear movement is big there but only on road/track bikes but not much Freestyle. Me and my friend ride freestyle, He rides his Awesome destroy but i ride a BMX that I bearly could afford for like 50 bucks. Im not an advanced rider but riding a couple times on my friends sick DEstroy bike, it kills me not to have a FGFS bike myself. I feel that this is the perfect oppportunity to get my hands on the P-fixed which I have been dying to get. I rie 24/7 I love it and I’d love to win this bike and it would mean everything!! Maybe even show it off to my friend. Im not doing so good financially either so thats why I cant afford one myself. So i feel this give-away is perfect for me and specially because it is a P-fixed being given away. Thanks Specialized and Wheeltalk for this opportunity! :D

  266. Reply Adam Germek says:

    I want this bike strictly because ive rode fixed gear free style for a while with a track setup trying to do tricks with it and i couldnt keep up with replacing weak track parts, so having a fresh strong 26 fixed bike and having it been built from a trusted bike company like specialized would mean the world to me. Id make it count and ride it everyday without having to worry about being careful with it like my delicate freestyle track setup. The pfix would also provide great transportation for me to get to school, itd mean no more walking for 30 minutes to get to school. The pfix would litteraly change my life.

  267. Reply Brian says:

    I want to get a pfix because one of my friends had one and i’ve been using it and I really love it, but my family has some money issues right now and I had to sell my camera and bike, so I would really love to get a new fgfs bike. thanks!

  268. Reply Calvin says:

    im 13 years old and i’m off of a bike. ok so right now i’m on a urge for a new beefy bike. i have great potential and i will shred this bike forsure! i’m not trying to be cocky or anything,but i know for a fact things will go hard when i ride this bike. i ride every single day just throwing my body for it. i ride where ever and when ever. i know that if i’m that lucky kid to get this, bike my ass will be so soar from just going for crazy shit. the bike is amazing and since i heard of it i wanted to have it. its perfect geometry from any other complete bike out there. every single part of it is perfect including the grips. thank you for the chance to make my dreams come true.

  269. Reply Vince says:

    hey , ive been wanting a new bike really bad.Im only 13 so i dont have alot of money and my parents think bikes are too expensive, you know asian parents right?;] well anyways,i dont know if my other reply was able to submit or not but imma repeat myself anyways.Ive been into riding bikes every since i saw 2 professional bmxers during a school assembly do tricks.Ever since then i had wanted to ride a bike and do tricks.So i took my sisters old barbie bike and rode it for awhile and then my mom bough me a mongoose bmx bike and i have rode it ever since then. But like 3 months ago i was to lazy to put my bike in the garage so i left it outside in my backyard, yea it got stolen.My mom said it was my fault for being lazy so she said she wasnt gonna buy me a new bike so i saved up money and bough a track fixie.To bad my fixie has so much problems, i cant even go to foodmax and buy my grandma her phone caard so she can call people in vietnam or buy milk for my baby cousin without stopping and fixing my bike.FML i wish i was a billionare, i be riding a gold fgfs.I already know im not gonna win, half of the other comments said that there bikes were stolen just like mine so …. ehhh Chinese New YEARS , red envelope will help me raise money for a new bike,maybe.

  270. Reply Vince says:

    Fml , i got carried away and wrote a bunch of stuff Lol. i dont even think anyones gonna read my story long and boring D:.

  271. Reply Danny Skit Tran says:

    Hey guys!
    I’m entering this contest because I would love to own a pfix. In the last few months, I’ve broken one part off my bike every week or so. I recently just broke my front wheel, tacoed the wheel, axles bent, bearings are broken, and missing 3 spokes. I know I’m not the only one who would LOVE to own a Pfix made by one of the best companies out there, but this here is a try. I’ve been riding for the past 2 years, FGFS and track, and everything is just so expensive now a days. Being this young, 14, and trying to go out there, trying to go big, focus on school, focus on riding, and having fun, is hard to do. I try my best to keep up, but sometimes, I feel like if I had a bike that can suit me, then it’d be much easier for me. Honestly, if I had the money, I’d totally buy one, right now. But because I don’t, I’m asking you guys, to help contribute to me. If not, its fine! But please, do give this to a person who deserves this bike. If I don’t get this bike, I think my bro @Francis Roque ^ deserves this bike. Like Brian said, Francis has been running on track cranks and some stock Windsor frame for the last few months. I know he cracked a few already. He’s been going big lately, and I know he deserves it. He doesn’t have a budget for a nice, gnar bike like everyone else does, like me. I know Francis will shred on the PFIX, I know he deserves it from the way I’ve seen him ride. Trust me WHEELTALK, he does deserve it. Thank you for taking your time to read this strange ass reply, but it’s worth a try to help myself or a homie out.


  272. Reply Jos says:

    Getting decent FGFS products in Holland is a bitch! And I was in doubt wether to switch from 700c to 26″, but when I win this bike, I don’t to be in doubt no more! Let me win this bike so I can hop on the 26″ hype as well!

  273. Reply Chris Avolio says:

    I would really appreciate if i won this bike because my P -FIX was stolen ! I don’t have enough money to buy another and it would be sad if my love for biking was interrupted due to the thief. Thank you !

    -Chris Avolio

  274. Reply Long Tran says:

    I’m a broke college student. Been riding/tricking on Fixed gear since 70′s conversion frames. This bike will get me laid =). I want to show it off in my town to get you guys more customers. Let me at it!

  275. Reply Jeffrey Cabrera says:

    Hi. My names jeffrey cabrera, ever since i got into fgfs it was amazing to me. I tried it out and was fun. Funny thing is i never had the money to afford a nice bike to even do the tricks everyone else can do. I rode my friends bike. I would spend hours at a time afterschool everyday to do fgfs. I dont have any parents to support me on this one
    dream. Being a pro fgfs rider. Im a foster child living in los angeles. So i really had no one to ask to atleast help me out on getting a bike. I tried my hardest just to get one. I would stand on the streets performing some dance techniques i learned when i was a child and earn about 10 bucks a day. And i would try to help around in bike shops which only earned me bout 5 dollars. I did that for about 1 year. Well i finally got a bike i really liked. I got the all new thrasher v2 when it came out about 2 months ago. I was so happy. I rode that bike for a couple of weeks, then while i was riding around some fools pushed me off my bike and took off with my bike. Left me to go to the hospital with a cuncushion. I got out the hospital with a police report in my hands and until now i havent got my bike yet. I dont think ill ever get it back. All the work i lut in for that bike gone down the drain… so please specilized hook me up. I really need a boke right now so i can blow up big and be famous, then my parents can find me

  276. Reply Ryan Mamaradlo says:

    I would like to cancel my submission for myself, because I think Francis Roque deserves this bike more than I do. It sucks seeing him trick on a crappy bike. With such potential, he’ll put this Pfix into use.

  277. Reply Sergio Sandoval says:

    I want the pfix because the sport of riding a bike isn’t only a hobbie it’s a way of life. And In my case I don’t reely own my own bike and this sounds like the opportunity of a life time. If I were to win the bike I can guarantee it would be the right decision because I would not only ride it everyday and be determined to get better in the long run but for once be able to call something my prized possession in my whole 15 years of existence.

  278. Reply Sergio Sandoval says:

    I want the pfix because the sport of riding a bike isn’t only a hobbie it’s a way of life. And In my case I don’t reely own my own bike and this sounds like the opportunity of a life time. If I were to win the bike I can guarantee it would be the right decision because I would not only ride it everyday and be determined to get better in the long run but for once be able to call something my prized possession in my whole 15 years of existence. So I’d honestly greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  279. Reply Matthew Collins says:

    wow this bike looks beast hope i get a chance to ride a fixie

  280. Reply slumworm says:

    Stoked on the incredible amount of responses. 13 days left.

  281. Reply Brian Shin says:

    Francis Can Flat 3 on a windsor I dont think anyone deserves a better bike more then he does

  282. Reply S.MOONEY says:

    Because my wife will never let me purchase a P. Fixed!!!

  283. Reply Benjammin says:

    Hey Wheeltalk & Specialized,

    I want your P.Fix for three simple reasons:

    I realize Coaster-Brake Freestyle is going nowhere. Fast.

    I’ve never broken a bone…yet–

    and finally I look forward to sending you a video of the first time I huck myself off a ten stair set!

  284. Reply Vince says:

    I want the p.fix because im lonely and i sit in the corner to pretend im a radish everyday for hours.Let me have this bike so i can stop being a radish and be a biker,keep me busy away from home, away from my grandma who makes me do chores everyday.SAVE ME FROM THIS LONELY RADISH LIFE AND LET ME HAVE THE P fix.

  285. Reply Brandon De La Cruz says:

    Hi Wheeltalk, I have been looking at the Specialized P.fix for awhile now and every time I search it up i just fall in love and what i say is.. WOW. I wish i had a bike like this.., and I know this fine work of art will holdup to what i have to throw on it. (I’m not really good at FGFS but oh well..). But at the same time I’m really progressing too! I’ve got a couple blisters but that’s not affecting the way i ride plus what I’ve seen done with the P. fix is just outstanding.. Well i hope i win this bike and progress to be as good as the wheeltalk crew xD . Thanks and good luck guy’s. :D

  286. Reply andy ha says:

    i really think my friends FRANCIS ROQUE deserves a better bike then he has right now..he would put it into good use just like how he does on his windsor but its now cracked and even his chukker are bent,untrue,missing spokes and when he rode with me today his bike sounded like shopping cart,also his GT bmx bars are bent to one side and every single dam day when he rides with his friends,he gets make fun of because he has the crappy’s $200 windsor bike, but hes the best out of all of them!.he has no type of money to replace for a nice built..so i think francis roque REALLY REALLY REALLY deserves this PFIX!! THANKS.

  287. Reply michael johnson says:

    hi my name is michael. i have been riding fgfs for a year and a half until my bike was stolen from my girlfriends house while i took her to the doctor. the thief kicked a hole through the garage into the house where they ransacked the entire house stealing anything of value including my beloved bike. i havent been on a bike since september of 2011. im trying to save money to buy a bike but its really difficult to save when you have bills and responsibilities. my bike was my only form of transportation. i would love to be the proud owner of a p.fix from specialized. i will understand if someone else deserves it more than i do. thank you for the opportunity to have my story reviewed and considered. thank you-michael johnson.

  288. Reply Christian Rios-Vaca says:

    So one of our homies just opened up a bike shop here in the central valley (Black Sheep Cycles). And they got a good team goin. They’ve been killin all the local spots, putting up sick edits, and winning some comps. If I won this pfix I would get in this fgfs game and be apart of all the sick shit my homies have been throwing down. They don’t hold back and neither would I. So expect more sick shit to be coming out of the 209 area. Thanks for reading.

  289. Reply Artiom Kapitanov says:

    Guys i really want that PFIX! i need a bike to ride around Tel Aviv!
    It will be the first PFIX in Israel and in the whole middle east!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???
    I can promote Wheel Talk and Spesh across Israel with this wonderful piece of bike engineering!!!
    think about it dudes!!!

  290. Reply sandra thiel says:

    hej hej..

    my name ist sandra and i´m from germany.. the FGFS scene is not huge here, but it is growing yet..i want to push the fixed gear freestyle scene in germany, also i want to push the female scene..for this task i need the specialized pfix..

    LET ME WIN the PFIX to show the male dudes that girls/women can trick a fixed gear bike, too..


  291. Reply Ryan Mamaradlo says:

    Francis Roque be doing some coo tricks. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=256502784423210&set=vb.100001904707434&type=2&theater You can even hear how crappy his bike sounds in this video. He deserves this bike more than anyone, I swear. He’d be able to put a pfix into use.

  292. Reply Jimz Garner Gumahad Duhaylungsod says:

    I want this pfix because i just want it (:

  293. Reply Andrew A. says:

    I am a college student living in Baltimore, Maryland. I have left my family behind and have come to this big city all the way across the country. I have no mode of transportation, except for walking and the Bus, and I think that a BIKE would be the perfect way to get around town. If I were to win this bike it would change my life greatly. It would expand the places that I was able to go and make my commute to school much easier. I really hope to win this bike so I can ride it everywhere.

  294. Reply Jaime A. De Leon says:

    So, I got this friend named: Elliott Ramirez https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002806252913 that’s his facebook so you know he’s real, He’s a good dude, a great musician, & everyone’s friend (proof: http://www.ksat.com/news/Tagging-suspect-hit-with-taser-2-arrested/-/478452/8491880/-/8pjnvg/-/index.html, arrested for being a graffito tag lookOut for his friend and band mate Just Last night ( and I’m not too sure but he might’ve gotten his bike confiscated by the police or something) )
    Dude is really great at trickin on fixed bikes & damn near any skateboard that comes his way, he’s a Ripper. As of right now he’s got a bike swap 700c set up (thats a little too big for him) and he’s driven that thing into the ground time and time again, he might be missing a few spokes and got ton of play in the cranks , but that doesn’t stop him. Recently his bike got super trashed and a friend of ours lent him his def wish that was two sizes too big for him, and within the three or so weeks that it was in his possession he nailed bar spins and bunny hops and all sorts of rad tricks, , dude is cool, he’s taught me a bunch about tricks and he’s always down to let me use his bike. We always joke about how when either of us get a decent bike we’re just gonna take turns hurting ourselves and are gonna get sponsored as a two man one bike team. We read the blogs and check out the cool new videos and stuff thats coming out. But honest its gonna be a while till either of us get a 26” bike going. I pre-ordered a grime goat frame, but lets be honest, this game aint cheap and its gonna take me a minute to get all my parts and stuff. With that in mind, its gonna be hard for Elliott , he’s low on bucks these days and with passing of his pops about a year or two ago he’s just been helping out his mom and riding when he can and taking breaks for the occasional 40 here and there, and just trying to get by. But yea, it would be cool if he had a chance at getting on a p-fix, the dude is broke man, he’s never asked for much. Hell he’s the one that told me about this giveaway, but figured he wouldn’t have a chance at winning, so fuck that, my homie needs this bike and I know he’d be super appreciative – Jaime A. De Leon

  295. Reply Shelby says:

    I let a friend talk me into riding fixed and completely fell in love with it… Rode bmx as a kid and the mash set up I have restricts me from riding the way that I would like to… I need a freestyle set up and I had a specialized fatboy that I loved… Only thing that keeps me from a pfix is a tight budget…

  296. Reply Kenny Kith says:

    please let me win this bike god <3

  297. Reply Kenny Kith says:

    well i would really like this bike wheeltalk! and specialized! i think this would be a perfect bike for me because i know i would be able to progress. I was using a SE draft before it got stolen and it wasnt really much. and now i cant afford one :( so if you guys give me a chance to have this bike i will forsure will put this to use. Thank you wheeltalk for reading this!

  298. Reply Maxi G says:

    Well, Honestly this is a bike everyone wants. Starting off, FGFS has always been my thing. Actually, riding fixed gear period. After a while bikes went, and they came. I remember when my friends and I would bring our bikes to school so everyone could see. Those were the good times. The Great Times. After school we’d all gather up and go riding somewhere. And it wasnt like we were all strangers, we all new eachother. It was about 15 of Us, and we’d do it every Friday. Riding Fixed gear has brought many experiences for my friends and I. Many great memories, and many great moments. Yes, they are all unforgettable. Sometimes I just wish we could all go back and do the things we did everyday. But things happen. People get older, people change, and people move. Then there are the people who didn’t move, or change so much, like myself. I dont have a bike now, at all. We are all scattered now. Some go to different schools, some live out of state, and a few just moved out of the country. Nothing is the same anymore. Its just like “Blah!”, without the excitement.. yeah. I need the Pfix, not just for tricks, but to try to bring back those memories and Those Great Times. If i got the bike, im sure all of my old friends will start to ride again. I just know it. It’d be the best, just like the the first time I went to Critical Mass haha. We didnt have trick bikes back then but still rode fixed. Except my buddy got a Charge Scissor fork on his Vilano 2010 frame. Then thats when we got into tricking. But yeah, the Pfix would be great, not just for me, but for all of my buddies. It would also help me get to school since sometimes im always really late. I might have my big brother and little brother get into FGFS too.

  299. Reply Maxi G says:

    Well, Honestly this is a bike everyone wants. Starting off, FGFS has always been my thing. Actually, riding fixed gear period. After a while bikes went, and they came. I remember when my friends and I would bring our bikes to school so everyone could see. Those were the good times. The Great Times. After school we’d all gather up and go riding somewhere. And it wasnt like we were all strangers, we all new eachother. It was about 15 of Us, and we’d do it every Friday. Riding Fixed gear has brought many experiences for my friends and I. Many great memories, and many great moments. Yes, they are all unforgettable. Sometimes I just wish we could all go back and do the things we did everyday. But things happen. People get older, people change, and people move. Then there are the people who didn’t move, or change so much, like myself. I dont have a bike now, at all. We are all scattered now. Some go to different schools, some live out of state, and a few just moved out of the country. Nothing is the same anymore. Its just like “Blah!”, without the excitement.. yeah. I need the Pfix, not just for tricks, but to try to bring back those memories and Those Great Times. If i got the bike, im sure all of my old friends will start to ride again. I just know it. It’d be the best, just like the the first time I went to Critical Mass haha. We didnt have trick bikes back then but still rode fixed. Except my buddy got a Charge Scissor fork on his Vilano 2010 frame. Then thats when we got into tricking. But yeah, the Pfix would be great, not just for me, but for all of my buddies. It would also help me get to school since sometimes im always really late. I might have my big brother and little brother get into FGFS too.
    I am inspired by everyone who rides fixed gear out there, no matter how good you are because thats not what it is all about. Its about having Great Times and doing what you Love to do.

  300. Reply Name says:

    my name is timo and I’m from germany ..
    its nearly impossible to get a freestyle fixed in here in germany and as
    student i dont have the chance to get a bike from the usa
    sadly a few month ago our house burned down and we lost everything..
    now im living at my friend house , hoping everyday to can get back on a fixed to forgett all that shit happend for a few hours and just have some good times with my friends.
    i’m sorry for the bad english, but this is something like my last chance to get back on a bike
    i would be soooo damn happy to see you spupprting me with that bike

  301. Reply Kevin Smelly says:

    My name’s Kevin Selle and my bike was stolen off my friend’s porch last October, two weeks after getting my first 26″ wheelset. FGFS is the one thing in my life that truly makes me happy and although that was taken away from me by some crackhead, I still had a commuter bike I could get to work on so I was fine. That was until a couple months later when some asshole decided to run up on me while riding, shove me into a wall, completely ruing my fork, and pepper spray me in the face while I was down.
    But this is not a sob story, I just have shit luck and I know it. This is the story of a dude who rides everyday in Portland, OR, rain or shine, on the shittiest bikes (cough* eighthinch scrambler cough*). The saddest part of this is that, in the cycling capital of the country, I was one of only three people who rode FGFS. I’m writing this not because I necessarily deserve this more than anyone else, but because it would awesome for the FGFS community to give me this opportunity to keep pushing the sport and to show these snobby Portland roadies how to have fun on a bike.

  302. Reply Tristen Nolasco says:

    Welp that was just to grab your guys attention because I know there’s alot of other posts on here and doing something different can help me stand out just that much more. First of all I just wanna say thanks for all that WEELTALK has done to help this sport progress as well as help me progress. I’m on this site everyday reading up on everything going down in the fgfs world and just can’t get enough of it. But back to why I want this bike. I had been riding for about a year on my mordecai and I can honestly say I have the most fun ever when I’m on my bike but that all came to a real abrupt halt when I snapped my chainstays on my bike. I have been bikeless for about a month and a half now and it is the worst. I actually have to go home and do homework instead of riding my bike….. I found out a little while ago that my local bike shop had one p.fix in stock and so i have been skating over there after school at least twice a week to test ride it! They’re getting pretty sick of me there but I cant help myself…. I LOVE THAT BIKE! If I could win this p.fix it would be so awesome. I’ve come to really like the feel of the bike and having my own bike again that I can keep at my house and not have to leave collateral every time I want to ride it would be great. Keep me in mind and Thanks alot for keeping me stoked on bikes.
    Also heres another little something that I hope you guys consider. It’s like I was destined to win….

  303. Reply Panupong Dansingchai says:

    บ้านผมจน ผมอยากมีแบบคนอื่นบ้าง

  304. Reply Pranod says:

    Hello ‘ My name is Pranod. I’m from Thailand .We have no Specilized ‘P fix in my country and it’s Damn cool. I really realy wanna have it

  305. Reply Cantello says:

    I would love to see you pick my son to represent your company . He would ride your bike with pride and integrity. From the time he went to school he was raised to give back to his community. As an artist I sold my work at craft shows. Tanner would come along and sell his own art work. Each year his mom would take him to the store and buy art sets, or books, or huge Lego set for the whole classroom. Spending at least $75 each year from his hard earned money. Takes a very long time at $1 each to earn it. Now that he is older he has learned that if you have wealth it is always important to share it. Karma is important. Be kind to all and it will eventually come back to you. I would love him to win this bike. Thanks, a proud Dad!

  306. Reply Mark says:

    I think i deserve this bike because i love riding fixed gear freestyle and was doing so happily until two months ago my bike was stolen. The pfix is also my favourite complete as no other company makes one that compares to it.
    Thanks for reading

  307. Reply Bernardo Gonzalez says:

    I been riding fixed gear bikes for a while now. Like many of us that are in the fixed gear community or fgfs, we constantly look at blogs for the new and upcoming bikes or parts. When I came across the pfix, I really liked it and not to mention tagging a big name company on it made the product more reliable. The pfix set up seems to be pretty dialed in with the help of some of the best fgfs riders. Overall I want a pfix and lack the funds to obtain one, so getting one in this giveaway would definitely help me out and hopefully hit the streets on a new whip.

  308. Reply Bernardo Gonzalez says:

    I been riding fixed gear bikes for a while now. I want a pfix. nuff said

  309. Reply tracy says:

    My son is going to kill me when reads this post but all he can talk about is how he wishes he could write the perfect post to win this bike. I snooped into his old school files and found this English paper he had written awhile back. It was about his first fixie he got when he was 13. He is now 16 and would so love to have this bike. Please read the following. It really is from the heart and expresses the passion he has for fixie riding.

    “My First Fixed Gear Bike
    As I filled the tubes with air and the tires hardened I mounted the seat and rode into the open air…The summer of 6th grade and 7th grade I rode a heavy mountain bike with a yellow race stripe on it, it was a present from my past birthday that I liked then hated quickly. It must have weighed about 40 pounds, and every single time I rode with people I always fell behind because it weighed so much. I just wanted a bike that weighed nothing and could set a fast pace that I could cruise on.
    So I started looking around at bikes while I rode around town and one day I saw three guys all on colorful bikes riding backwards and doing tricks. I sat there amazed that they were riding backwards on their bikes it just didn’t seem possible to do. I watched them until they left then went home to try and find what kind of bikes they were riding I couldn’t find them online because I didn’t know what to search for. Finally I saw my long time friend Kyle riding his bike and I asked him if he had ever seen people riding backwards on their bike and he said that yeah he has and the bikes were called “fixies” or fixed gear bicycle. The component that made it go backwards was the back Cog that was threaded into 2 pieces one big and one dropped down a size so a reverse lock ring can lock onto it and hold the cog in place. I knew that bicycle was the perfect one for me it was different but yet still comfortable and fast. I went home and started looking for all the money I had trying to get enough to buy a new fixed gear bicycle I only had a $150 sitting around and that didn’t seem like enough for a nice one. So I looked around my property to find something I could use to make a fixed gear bike out of and save money so I didn’t have to wait longer to earn more money. I found just what I needed in my back yard sitting behind out old pool deck. It had been my dad’s old ten speed bike he rode to college on. I tore the whole bike apart until it was just a frame set and a crank set, sanded it down, and painted it black. I ordered a pair of yellow rims, red handle bars, two red tires, and a yellow chain to make it a Chico high bike. After a few weeks of waiting all my parts were here and my bike seemed ready to assemble finally. I called my friend Kyle to help me assemble it and he came over in minutes. It only took us an hour to assemble the whole bike together it was beautiful just what I wanted a Red Yellow and Black fixie just made how I wanted it. We went to sports ltd to buy a new adapter to fill up my new tubes and get my new bicycle running. As I filled the tubes with air and the tires hardened I mounted the seat and rode into the open air .The pedals constantly moved it didn’t feel right but after awhile I got used to it. I had to ride with a brake on it because my mom was scared I would get hit. Even though it had a brake on it which I didn’t like it was still one of the greatest things I ever spend my money on and still is together to this day today.”

    p.s. He know longer has a brake and yes I still yell at him to be careful as he rides backwards, throws bar spins and scares me spitless with his antics.

  310. Reply miguel mantecon says:

    i want to be on wheeltalk just like slum jeffy d scott gonz and nick408 but my mom won’t let me.

  311. Reply Jake says:

    Me and my nishiki have been through a lot… I rode that bike every single day to work in Orlando. We would ride slow on dates with my girlfriend. We would ride fast after fights with my girlfriend. I eventually rode that bike to the beach to propose to her. My faithful friend.

    I rode that bike to my job interview in my new town. And again, every day to work. Now it’s been 3 months since I saw it last. It’s time to move on and find a new bike to carry me through the next season- come what may. And I would be honored to receive the PFIX.


  312. Reply Denzel Wilson says:

    My boy Francis Got this one!

  313. Reply Jamie Kirkham says:

    Coz I’m a small kat with a big love for shredding! Grinds my sprocket that 99% of the FGFS bikes on the market have geometry that create a stand over height fit for lurch from the adams family.

  314. Reply Jake Quintero says:

    Hi, My name is Jake Quintero. I’ve been riding fixed for about 3 years. Only conversions , though.. I’m getting tired of trackstands and keos. I want this bike because , I’ve been wanting a FGFS bike for a while now. My parents think a bike is a bike , and they will not buy me one or help me buy one. They don’t understand the joy and excitement I get out of riding and mashing. I watch freestyle videos almost everyday, and I dream about being as good as the pros. I live in Virginia and there are only a handful of fixed riders in my area. I want to spread the fixed gear movement, and I also want to start my own fixed gear bike shop when I grow older . This is my dream, and winning this bike would make my life complete, I would not want anything else but to ride my bike every single day. I hope you choose me. I would appreciate it soo much.

  315. Reply Brandon Lee says:

    I really want to win the pfix because from what i’ve seen this is an incredibly nice bike. I haven’t been biking for a while now because i have no money for a new bike and winning one of these would be sick.

  316. Reply John Tran says:

    I grew up in Stocktan, California for most of my life. My family was poor and couldn’t afford to move away. When my parents came from their refugee camps to America they had no where to live or go, so they chose what they could manage. My mother, my father, my 7 sisters and my 3 brothers lived in a one story 3 room duplex. Being the #1 worst city in America lived up to it’s reputation. Here is where my brothers’ went to juvenal hall, broke away from home, and ultimately the death of my brother. This became a huge change in my life. After the death of my brother my family became much closer and forced us to move. I moved to San Jose where a large predominant community was riding fgfs. I quickly got involved in the scene; however, I had no money or bike, so I generally sat on the side lines and watched my friends and recorded edits for them. Whenever my friends would drop their bikes for just a moment I ceased the chance to get my practice in. My parents would love to buy me things that I want, but at their financial state they can’t. This is my chance to join the scene and to be the person in front of the camera rather than behind it. This is my chance to show my true potential. This is my chance to own my very own Specialized Pfix.

  317. Reply Jake Quintero says:

    Hi , my name is Jake. I’ve been riding fixed for about 3 years now. I want this bike because I am tired of doing trackstands and wheelies on a conversion. I wanna be as good as the pros. I watch freestyle videos every single day and get more and more inspired to ride like them. I would love to ride FGFS but I just do not have the bike for it. My parents think a bike is a bike and will not help me buy one. They do not understand the joy and excitement I get out of riding fixed. I live in Virginia and there are only a handful of riders in my area. I have yet to see a FGFS bike in my area, and I want to be one of the firsts. I want to spread the fixed movement by showing off big tricks on a freestyle bike. In the future I want to start my own fixed gear shop . I want others to know about these bikes . I’m really just tired of riding by myself haha. If I am lucky enough to be chosen for this bike, I will ride it everyday and try my best to become better and better. I hope you choose me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Jake Quintero

  318. Reply Vasilis Berberis says:

    Hey WheelTalk crew, pardon my last minute response, but my name is Vasilis Berberis, and I’m 17 years old living in San Jose. Soon I will be attending SJSU, or SFSU, and I want to be a part of the fixed scene, I always walk into Imd and see the friendly atmosphere in the store. Its so cool to be able to see Jeffy D or Scott H working behind the counter, because its like, people that live in other cities or countries just get to see them on vimeo, and here they are, in front of my eyes. Going through high school, I have watched the fixed scene explode as many people at my school ride bikes. I rode a skateboard during these times. As a non working teenager, I do not have the funds to just purchase a thousand dollar bike. I have always loved riding bikes, as I used them all the time to get from spot to spot to skate at. Watching you guys do what you have done on these bikes, I am really inspired to ride and progress. I have seen the innovations and what can be possible on these bikes, and how you guys never cease to push those limits. I want to be a part of this scene. It seems San Jose is where it is at for fixed freestyle, and if given this complete, it would be a perfect opportunity for me to be a part of something bigger. I really believe that I have the commitment and dedication needed to progress in this growing sport, and be a worthy addition to the community. Thats what FGFS is really all about anyways, having a good time riding with your friends, while progressing. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and sincerely Vasilis Berberis.

  319. Reply Duckie says:

    Yo WTF Homies,

    I’m honestly tired of riding 700c. I’ve been trying to get up on this 26″ ride or die shit for a minute, ya dig? I lived in Brooklyn for a period of time watching krillz and wonka on the come up with The Grime. Well ever since I’ve been trying to get my greasy hands on one. I honestly feel as if this could be a life altering experience for myself. Since I’m working a minimum wage job it’s sort of hard to drop almost a grand on a new bike. This would be the fucking beez kneez and I would rep this PFIX all mutha fuggin day siuunnn!!

    thanks for your time.

  320. Reply Paolo Palao says:

    I live in SB and I always see people riding their mass produced, boring fixies around town. Admittedly, I do not have much experience with fixed gear bikes, and I feel a bike like this would be a perfect starting point to get into the culture of it all. My friend Matt Reyes is always posting pics and what not of him and all the things he does on his fixie and it seems pretty cool. Plus, I’d love to rep for you guys here in sunny Santa Barbara! Thanks for reading my entry, and good luck to everyone else.

  321. Reply Jake Quintero says:

    Sorry about the second post ! I thought the first one didn’t post

  322. Reply Borin Hang says:

    i really NEED the pfix because my bike got stolen the other day and i am depressed as fuck!!!!! this loneliness was an unfulfilling, consuming monster and an ever expanding void the size of the universe in my heart and I know first hand how it can feel. like your heart torn wide open, those scars still bleeding,it’s somewhere I once hoped I’d never have to go back to…that bike was my baby and now its gone and i know ill never find it back :’( hopefully i get this pfix this is like the best bike ever! its like the red flavor starburst candy its the only one that everyone loves !!!! <3

  323. Reply Borin Hang says:

    i really need this PFIX because my bike..no my baby was stolen from me not too long ago..now im just sad and depressed as fuuuuck! this loneliness was an unfulfilling, consuming monster it feels like an ever expanding void the size of the universe and I know first hand how it can feels like if your was heart torn wide open, those scars still bleeding it’s somewhere I once hoped I’d never have to go back to, its an experience that i hope noone has to have…this PFIX would be the best thing ever. its like the red starburst candy..the others are not even up to par with it!!! <3

  324. Reply Nick Parrish says:

    I don’t have a story I just want to ride again I live in Stockton and everybody progressing so fast. its a sick sport that’s going somewhere in the near future yee. Peace out fixed heads

  325. Reply mark sauce do says:

    I traded my last fgfs with some Guy off cl and a week later it snapped on me I guess it was welded back together so now I’m out of a bike
    That’s y I want to win this pfix

  326. Reply Corey aka pissy says:

    If I win this bike I will ride 26′s and pegs and get rid of dat lame 29er shit.

  327. Reply joshua says:

    I would really love a new bike because my first two bikes were stolen from me for school and then after working at shitty great america i put together a mordecai. sadly i was hit by a car and leader still hasnt replied about my stuff. but i wont give up i love FGFS!!!!!

  328. Reply George McCarthy says:

    I don’t have a story, i just love riding bikes. When i’m not working, i’m doing something to do with bikes. i fell i would boost fgfs in the uk and i would use the bike to it’s full potential. Thanks.

  329. Reply George McCarthy says:

    I don’t have a story, and i am not going for a sympathy vote. I just love bikes. Whenever i am not working, i am doing something bike related. I feel i would give FGFS a boost in Bristol, Uk and would fulfil the bikes full potential. Thanks for reading.

  330. Reply Martin Argueta says:

    Before I begin to plead I will start by introducing myself. I’m Martin, a 22 year old college student from the golden state of California. I’ve been riding fixed for over two years now and gradually leaned more towards fixed gear freestyle. Now, it’s virtually impossible to find a hobby that satisfies me more than fixed gear freestyle.
    If I win this Pfix, I will value it as a gift. One thing I was taught was to never re-gift, sell, or neglect my gifts. There’s nothing worse than a neglected gift, especially one as valuable as this brand new Pfix. I will also make sure to secure it from thieves. I currently own one U-lock but I’m willing to invest in a second U-lock to secure the frame and wheels from being stolen when parked in public. Now that I’ve established the importance of the Pfix, I would also like to express how the Pfix can help me push my limits.
    Having read the product description on the Pfix, I feel I can push my limits with this new product. Specialized is a trustworthy brand and I feel comfortable with their products. With a team like Wheel Talk and Specialized behind the creation of this frame, I know it’s going to be a dependable, sturdy, and wide-range bike. Like, the product description says, it’s a “proven performance” kind of bike.
    Lastly, if I win this bike I will give my current bike to my best friend. About a year ago he sold his bike which is a real bummer because now I ride unaccompanied. By giving my current bike to my friend, I will continue the flow of generosity sparked by Specialized and Wheel Talk. Thus, I feel I would benefit from this free Pfix giveaway with much gratitude.

  331. Reply Renee says:

    Hey it would be really nice getting this bike, my boyfriend won’t stop talking about this, he talks more about this bike then he talks about me. I just want this bike to shut him up, he is annoying the shit out of me. He loves your crew and always has. You guys are his idols he really wants this bike and doesnt know I’m doing this but it would be nice to get this bike for him. Thats about it, thanks wheel talk crew.

  332. Reply Where's Naldo says:

    What’s up Wheel Talk and Specialized! You guys should give me the bike because you guys lagged on the release. Due to that I bought the thrasher complete last summer instead, and now it’s falling apart. Wish you guys had it for sale then. The PFix is such a legit set up!

  333. Reply Andrew Keokham says:

    So i live in Stockton CA, and i had a fixed gear my grandpa had bought for me at the flee market but awhile ago it got stolen like in august of 2011, i would really like to get a new bike because, i love everything about riding although i cant do any crazy tricks like others because my previous bike was meant for mashing but im willing to learn. I would love to get back on a bike and just ride for the fun of it and go crusin late nights in the cold or not and since summer is coming pretty soon summer time riding is always fun, just having the pfix would probably be the best thing that would happen to me. uhh i guess thats my comment?

  334. Reply Jason says:

    I need it because I need a bike that can take a thrashing and still keep going…

  335. Reply Chin Pang Lung says:

    I have to have it cos I want Specialize PFix so bad!!!! I love it when I first saw it on website!

  336. Reply Ryan Mamaradlo says:

    I still think Francis Roque deserves this Pfix more than anyone on here! http://www.facebook.com/xFrancisRoque?ref=ts <<< Crappy bike with variations of tricks? Now he can't even ride because his Windsor snapped on him. He's been putting a lot of work, but can't really afford a decent trick frame. Please Wheeltalk and Specialized! This will mean a lot to him.

  337. Reply Dan Nguyen says:

    I think i should win this bike because my Leader Mordecai snapped and they wont cover the warranty, Im only 14 so i have no job to buy a new bike, i am currently saving up money but its gonna take more than a few months just to get back on a bike.

  338. Reply Brian mena says:

    I would really want this bike because i have been wanting to ride fixed gear for a while and i asked my mom if i can get one but she said it was to expensive so now im crossing my fingers hoping i win!!

  339. Reply John Lawson says:

    I need this bike because I have no job and in probably going to have to sell my current bike to pay for college. I’m aspiring to be an engineer/business major and would like to pursue a career in cycling also. I have absolutely no money and don’t know how I’ll continue in college without a bike to get me there. I ride every day and would be stoked to show my progress in riding. I just don’t want to let all my time and efforts that I’ve put into the sport go to waiste. It’d be awesome if you guys chose me to win this bike. Thanks.

  340. Reply SaraOnTheGo says:


  341. Reply Esteban Marquez says:

    I deserve this bike because I just recently moved to sf for a new life, and a new bike would just set it off! I’m a good homie, and some of these wheel talk homies can vouch for me! Good things happen to good people, and I’m always doing the best I can for everyone! Best things in life are free like homies you can trust; fools that aren’t sketch, even bikes are better for free. Having a DUI on my record has not helped me at all! I’ve trying to better my life, with fines up the wah-zoo and cash being tight; it’s been hard to get back on the right track! I know drinking and driving could have been for the worse, in many other ways other than just hurting my life with, fines, a revoked license, getting warrants for missing classes, and that’s why moving to SF has been a blessing! Public transportation is so easy here even while having a DUI on my record lol! In Gilroy, CA it was a bitch to get around on P.T. cause there are only so many bus routes! This bike would mean so much to me because getting where I need to go like school and work would just be so much easier and would be a blessing! Thanks guy,

    Homie -Ban

    P.S.- keep this shit up! what you’re doing, is a good thing!

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