20 Jan 2012


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The days of the “Keo spin” being the epitome of Fixed Freestyle is quickly fading, and is being replaced with a new age of fixed tricks. Riders have begun to push not only what can be done on these bikes, but their design as well. The classic trick list of Keos and bigspins have been replaced with feebles and barspins. I miss the days of popping up no hand wheelies, doing pole jams, and spending all night riding something as simple as a basketball court with my friends. The only thing I won’t miss are flats, but besides that, What do you miss most about riding track bikes?

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10 Responses to “THE FIXED EVOLUTION”

  1. Reply Gonzo says:

    I miss going on long rides through the cutties. I miss spending the days at crest and doing leg over bars. Keo barspins were always my favorite. Maybe soon enough I’ll be back on a track bike again and doing what got me into riding in the first place. I loved fixed because it wasn’t bmx and now its slowing turning into I didn’t like about BMX ie:compettions, hating, and what not. But it is great to see so many kids getting on bikes and having fun. Forever my bike will be my car first and my toy second.

  2. Reply Andy Sparks says:

    I miss the thrill of going 40mph on the streets, passing cars and cyclists a like, bombing gnarly hills in SF, always hoping in the back of my mind that nothing will go wrong and I won’t eat shit and lose some teeth. I miss the ”old school” days where we’d session from noon to midnight riding the SF Island, hitting up random tennis/basketball courts for those flatland tricks, the Keospins, Bigspins, etc. I miss the mysteriousness of these bikes, the uncertainty of where all of this would eventually end up, hearing people say ”Damn 32c?! That’s so big!!” Learning how to really utilize the fixed drive-train and of course who can forget learning to ride Fakie? I remember seeing LaMarche and Mosher ride backwards for days and I could only do one backwards circle at most… those were the days. What an adventure it’s been these passed few years, and it’s just so amazing to watch how it continues to grow and how it’s gotten more people on bikes altogether.

    • Reply M@ Reyes says:

      How could I forget the SPEED>>>

      I agree, back then all you needed was a flat, open area to ride, and that was enough to keep you entertained for days on end.

  3. Reply Jay Manalo says:

    Who says you can’t trick on both sides of the story? :D I ride an SE Lager 2008 :\ Hopefully something insane happens to me January 31st. I mix the new era tricking with the old, so nothing dies out. [:

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