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35MM | RIDE & STYLE 2014

I recently developed an older roll of film that had some 35mm photos from this year’s Red Bull Ride & Style. I managed to pop off a few photos of friends in between riding, racing & filming that day. It’s nice to have tangible images to hold after shooting digital for so long. The dudes at GASS Parks have the production of ramps down to a science, and were kind enough to grind the paint off all the coping. Zane Meyer was there to help capture some of the action and contribute to the video recap we made of the event. All in all, so much happened that day that I could never fully speak to all of it so I’m just going to have to let the photos and videos speak for themselves. Check out more photos below. (more…)


With more than 30 riders from all over the world competing in the freestyle event, things were bound to get wild as everybody geared up for the 2014 Red Bull Ride & Style. Each year they mix up the course and this year they really out did themselves creating one of the best flowing layouts to date. Everyone brought their A-game that day as they stepped up to the plate to empty out their bag of tricks. Elliott Milner brought was linking together lines on the park like he’s ridden it his whole life. Jakob Santos hucked something huge off just about every object there. Joe Mckeag showed everyone what it looks like to ride transition, and Johnathan Ball wasn’t letting anything go untouched. There’s too much that went down for me to even begin to discuss, so I’m just going to have to let the video speak for itself. Read more below to see the final results. Thanks to Dave Beard for shooting the photos for the thumbnail.


Red Bull recently released a quick recap of the 2014 Ride & Style that went down last weekend in San Francisco. I rode in the race as well as the freestyle event again this year and somehow managed to find a spot on both podiums. Head over to their site and read up on it HERE, they did a far better job explaining it then I ever could. Aside from that it was an all out blast going up against Addison Zawada in an aspect of riding that I rarely ever indulge in. Photo Credit : Garth Milan


There were a handful of new faces on the court who came out to do damage and show us what they’re made of. Our dude Valentin Racho was out there throwing some of the bigger & more obscure barspin combos of the day. Nobody knew what to expect when Valentin charged up this 8ft bubba and threw a massive truck driver off the top. Shout out to Garth Milan for shooting this flick of our dude during one of his heats.
Photo Credit : Garth Milan


With the help of Zane Meyer and Omar Sebai I was able to chop together this highlight reel of the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style. A lot of shit went down in San Francisco last weekend, and this is just a taste of it. I’ve been posting so much about this event that at this point I don’t even know what to say. I’m going to stop talking and let the video speak for itself. Enjoy.


I shot video in between heats of everybody during the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style, but managed to catch a couple photos of Steven Jensen practicing foot jams during warm ups. He wooed the crowd by doing pogos in footjam for a minute, before riding fakie down the other side. Steven is the master of the funky combos and technical tricks, he’s always getting weird and pulling tricks out of his ass. Watching him ride continues to amaze me, and will always inspires me to be more creative.


Jonathan Davis was mobbing around the course like a bat out of hell, crushing everything that lied in his wake. His motorcycle helmet w/ the fuck the world decal really helped set the tone for what to expect from his riding. JD pulled one of the craziest tricks of the day when he double peg stalled the huge wallride in front of the judges booth. He was one of the few people to hit the wallride from quarter to quarter.


Posting shit about myself is always strange, but I had some screen shots from the 2013 Ride + Style video I made and figured I’d post them up anyways. Last weekend was too good. It was real rad to have everybody in town at the same time. Our house was pretty hectic to say the least. People fell asleep wherever they could find the space. There needs to be more events like this, it’s a good excuse to get all the homies together. Check out more screen shots below. (more…)


Joe McKeag’s transition game is so dialed, he really brought the heat at this year’s Red Bull Ride + Style. His spin tricks are so quick that if you blink at the wrong time, you might miss them. I can’t say this enough, big thanks to Zane Meyer and Omar Sebai for doing such a good job covering the event. You can thank them for these screen shots I’ve been posting. Joe was the only one to hit the hip on the big box, which he blasted a huge tabletop on (check below). (more…)


Elliott Milner really stepped it up at this year’s Red Bull Ride + Style hitting clean lines and busting tricks on obstacles that not many people would touch. His 360 going backwards up the wave was too slick (check below). The video Wolfdrawn recently put out of him is one of the sickest fixed freestyle parts to date. He finished 3rd this year, and is definitely someone to keep your eye on. (more…)