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We had a lot of fun shooting “Complete the Circle” when Tadashi Nakamura was in Portland. He’s become a really close friend over the years and this is now the second time he’s traveled from Japan to ride bikes with us in the States. Those of you who have ridden FGFS already know how difficult it can be and Tadashi has clearly been doing this for a while. He had an easy time hopping on every handrail we came across. Portland has some great alleyways and often times we’ll take the road less traveled just to mix things up a bit. Check out more photos below and watch the “Tadashi VIDEO” if you haven’t already. Until next time.



Take it or leaf it. Last winter we made a video of everybody’s favorite Maltipoo in the snow and this year we decided to shoot another little jammer as the seasons were changing. You can’t play in yellow snow, but you sure can play in yellow leaves. Fall is a special time in Portland and we really wanted to film something of Ernie playing in a sea of leaves while we could. The trees are bare now, but this video will help us remember what things looked like on a windy day at “The Rose Gardens” in Peninsula Park.



“Uhhm, okay.” – Tadashi Nakamura said those words a lot during his time with us. Mostly after we just finished coaxing him into going for a clip, but sometimes after we asked a complicated question. We have a lotta love for Tadashi. He stayed with us back when we used to live in the Tenderloin in SF. Check out that video HERE. That was a crazy house.

Anyways… Let’s get back to our time in Portland. After Jaoa left, Tadashi took over his room and rotated in giving us a chance to shoot this quick video before he flew back to Japan. Which I’m really glad we did and don’t know why we didn’t think to film more sooner. It’s amazing what we can do with only a handful of film days. Until next time my dude. ✌



The photos to accompany the video. Here are a handful of shots Sam Allgood and I caught while filming our latest video “Seasons Change”. If you haven’t seen it already, just go ahead and click the link, or scroll down to the post. It’s been really great having Sam in town. He made the move out here from SLC a while back, and this felt like the first time we’ve really hung out since he’s been out here. I can already tell that we’ll be kicking it and trying to make a lot more videos together. Check out some of the videos Sam makes and hit that subscribe button fam. You know what’s good. Okay, that’s enough for now, scroll around and we’ll talk at you later.



Today is Tobi Whaley’s (@wheeltalkroad) birthday, so we pulled up some photos from when he came and visited us here in Portland last March. We road around downtown then made our way through Forest Park along the Leif Erickson Trail, and across the St. Johns Bridge. Tobi and I have had a lot of good times over the years, and both got into riding bikes at the same time. A decision that changed both of our lives and became a part of our lifestyle really quickly after. We have some big things planned and are excited to share them with everyone when the time comes. Until then enjoy these photos and “Happy Birthday Tobi”.



We all woke up feeling crispy the day after Jaoa Danaikrit’s Birthday. That being said we decided to keep it mellow and spend the day at the arcade. Ground Kontrol is one of our local watering holes and is an endless source of entertainment. Afterwards we decided to take the long way home and go for a quick jaunt through “Forest Park” to show Devon and Anthony some of the other things the great state of Oregon has to offer. I think we bit off more than we could chew when both Jaoa and I started to bonk halfway along the trail. Never the less, we all made it home in one piece. Just in time to BBQ before the sun went down. It was really amazing to have all the homies in town at the same time, and I already miss having Jaoa around the house. We’ll have to get the band back together more often. Until next time.



With everyone in town for the 2018 Chris King Open House we decided to team up and throw a party at the PDX HUB the night before the main event. We supplied the drinks (well actually PBR did), the people supplied the party and the Chome Van supplied indoor vibes in an outdoor setting. Most excellent, especially when you’re looking for a couch to hang out on. We loaded the van up with some historic bags from over the years and brought along the photo booth which is also most excellent for making memories with friends. Shout out to friends, aaaand shout out to everyone at the HUB for helping make this happen. Scroll to the bottom and check out more photos from throughout the night.



We’ve been working overtime on the weekends. A couple weeks ago we dropped a video of Jaoa Danaikrit riding FGFS here in Portland and we already have another one in the works. Here are a handful of behind the scenes photos from a couple of the filming missions we’ve already been on. Stay tuned for the full video and more progress photos.



“Want to go on a long bike ride in Industrial North West with me?” This was the message I got from Devin Tolman right when I got back into town from Vacation with the Fam. After a week of relaxing and not having a bike around it felt good to get back on the saddle. Ernie came with us… Naturally.

I can’t believe that Summer is rounding out to a close and that it’s already starting to look like fall here in Portland. The leaves are beginning to change, it’s rained the last couple days, and we’re already back to the constant layer of clouds blocking out the sun. But you know what? I couldn’t be happier about it. Portland looks the best under these conditions and I’m really glad Devin Tolman got met out there to enjoy it. He’s one of the few friends I have who has an equal passion for photography and exploring places that say “No Trespassing”. Like that ever stopped anyone. lulz.



Bone Machine Crit 2018 popped off in Portland last month and it completely turned the city on it’s head. With riders from across the country competing in a weekend packed full of events the sense of community was strong here in the PNW.

Shout out to all the sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who came out to contribute to the good times. Check out some screen shots + the results below and we’ll see you next year.