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35MM – NEW YORK 2015



After nearly 9 months of being out of commission, I finally brushed the dust off the 35mm camera and brought it along on our trip to New York last weekend. Although I only shot one roll of film during the four days we were there, I made up for it by taking a million more digital photos that I’ll be posting up over the next few weeks. We met up with a bunch of the riders from the Block Bullies while we were there and even saw a couple FGFS riders from out of town who came out for the Red Bull Over/Under race. We’re going to start cutting together a video from our trip in the next couple of days and will release that in the next month or so. Until then, check out more photos below.


Matt Reyes - Wheel Talk - New York 2013 - Wall Ride Sequence

Matt Reyes - Wheel Talk - New York 2013 - Brooklyn Peel Sessions - Wall 180

Matt Reyes - Wheel Talk - New York 2013 - Brooklyn Peel Sessions

Last Summer I flew out to New York with Dew Sippawit and stayed at Ed “Wonka” Laforte’s house in Brooklyn. Here’s a handful of older photos that were taken during our two week stay and never released until now. If you went to the Word Is Bond Premiere in SF then you’ve probably already seen the sequence wallride off the red cellar door. Or if you’ve watched the Wheel Talk 2013 Edit I put out last year then I’m sure you recognize the clip. Aside from that, It was rad riding the spot where Peel Sessions was held (beneath a bridge in Brooklyn). A location that may as well been known as the birthplace of FGFS. If you haven’t heard of it until now, I suggest you do some digging into the history of Fixed Gear Freestyle and get up to speed. Check out some more photos from NY HERE. Photo Credit – Dew Sippawit



Dew Sippawit - NY 2013 - Staten Island Banks - Tabletop Hip

Dew Sippawit - NY 2013 - Staten Island - New Dorp High School

Jersey City Skyline

Here’s some throwback photos of Dew Sippawit from when we flew out to the East Coast to meet up with Ed Wonka and ride street in New York last year. We ventured everywhere from Staten to Queens putting in an easy 20+ miles a day riding from spot to spot. If there’s two things I love about NY it’s the pizza and the abundance of cellar doors scattered throughout the city. Dew banged out a couple quick photos at this bank spot in Staten Island before we hopped on the ferry and headed back into Manhattan. Check out more photos below, or others from our trip to NY HERE.


Anthony Combs recently gave up the Californian sunshine and moved out to NYC just in time for winter. Perfect timing on his part. Maybe I’ll come back out there to ride some of the incredible street spots NY has to offer when the weather permits. Until then enjoy these photos Jason Sellers took before during the Coast to Ghost Tour.


I’m stoked to be going on another trip w/ Ed Wonka. It seems like we’ve been on all the same trips over the last year, which I hope is a trend that continues to happen. We took this on my first venture out to the east coast where I stayed with Ed out in Brooklyn. We rode passed this spot, and decided to turn around to check it out. There’s nothing better than putting together makeshift ramps on location. These boards that we found next to the spot proved fruitful as we set one up as a launch onto the loading dock. I can’t wait to be back in NY riding street again.


Riding street in New York with Dew Sippawit gave me a whole new outlook on how Fixed Freestyle should be filmed. I’ve been focusing on capturing the commuter side of riding fixed, by shooting more follow lines through the city of on the curb off the curb type tricks. Dew is easily one of the most talented riders out there, and never ceases to amaze me with how dialed he is on a bike. Here’s a photograph of him posted up next to his custom built SKYLMT frame in New York’s China Town.


Last month I spent some time w/ Ed Wonka at his pad in Brooklyn NY. We started off most days by hitting up a safe spot skate spot for a quick session before venturing off into the city for a full day of riding. New York had a ton of skateparks in comparison to SF, but lets be honest, who needs skateparks when you’re surrounded by some of the best street terrain in the country. Be on the look out for more photos from the trip.