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Nick McManus is the Polaroid Kingpin of New York. If you’ve ever been to a Chrome Industries function in NYC, then chances are you’ve seen Nick. He was the dude standing on the table, yelling “GROUP PHOTO” at everybody until they jumped in the shot. It’s a sight to see, and just as quick as Nick arrived, he’s gone. Off to the next party that meticulously must be documented. That’s about all the dirt I have on Nick. Check out the video we shot with him the last time we were in NYC, and feel free to share any stories or interactions you’ve had with the man, the myth, the legend, Nick McManus.



It’s like Nascar, but with fixies. With all of the excitement of everything going on in Barcelona this weekend I figured it would be proper to pull up some photos from the 10th Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn. I’m always stoked to be able to shoot this race for Chrome Industries and after filming Mission Crit the week before. The excitement was high.

The best part about these races are that they always feel like huge family reunions. People watching is a real close second though. I shot this year’s race with one camera and one lens. A fixed 50m. You can either bring it all or pack light. And after getting hit by a car the week before, I wasn’t trying to carry much of anything. This race just keeps getting bigger and I look forward to seeing where they take it next.

Check out more photos below (more…)



You can’t show up to NYC without paying respects to the fixie godfather Ed “Wonka” Laforte. First thing I did when I got to town was give him a call, and to no surprise he already knew I was in town. Ear to the pavement I guess. We cruised over to Chari & Co, met up with Jason Sellers and Terry Barentsen, grabbed a loaner bike and hit the streets rollin.

It’s good to see that Ed still has his explosive barspins in the bag. There are few dudes that ride as aggressive as he does. Press play on the video above and see for yourself. Terry always delivers the goods when it comes to quality, and this one day video is no exception.



Feast your eyes on some of the leftover crust Terry Barentsen cut together before we grabbed a slice and started filming the NYC Pizza video. I’ve been really enjoying this series of day edits Terry has been releasing and am glad we had the chance to film while I was in town last week. Keep your ear to the ground for more of Terry’s work.



I remember thinking Mike Schmitt was from New York based on the GRIME videos that were released during the early years of FGFS. I don’t know where the scene would be if it wasn’t for those videos and the legwork that they did on the East Coast. Late last year Mike and I traveled to NYC for the Red Bull Figure 8 race and filmed a shit ton during the 4 days we were in town. It’s great traveling with someone who does their homework or already knows the lay of the land when it comes to finding spots, and Mike is a master of that. Keep your eyes peeled for the 11 minute short film from our stay.



I’ve never surfed the ocean, but I have surfed a ton of couches in my day. Our good friend Leaf Chang did us one better and set Mike Schmitt & I up on an actual bed during the time we spent in New York last year. For those who don’t already know, Leaf designs most of the graphics for G.O.A.T, which has gotten a huge breath of life over the last few months during the release of their first track bike. I’m stoked to see how much hype they’ve created in the community with this project and can’t wait to see where they take it from here. Check out more photos below.


Randy Rush is always on the move and was constantly riding hard during the short time we hung out with him in NY. When we were all tired / kicking back he was still hopping over things and getting after it. Midway through the day he showed us a tattoo of his that said “FGFS 4 LIFE” and then followed it up by saying we are the 1%. He’s one of the many riders paving the way for a new FGFS scene in New York; they call themselves, the Block Bullies. Keep your eyes peeled for more coming out of NY and check out other shots of Randy below.


Canadian Native, Charlie Sauve was coincidentally in NY the same time we were. So we met up, hung out, and stacked some clips of him for the video we’re making of our trip there. I’ve never met Charlie up until this point and almost didn’t recognize form all of the TAZ Skatepark videos he’s made. Read more below to check out another shot of him riding over the Brooklyn bridge, as well as his latest web video.