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Here’s the Wheel Talk commercial we put together for CFTY3 using clips of everyone on the team. (Jaoa Danaikrit, Matt Reyes, Devon Lawson, Anthony Combs, Jeff Dempler, Valentin Racho) Head over to Chop Em’ Down Films to pick up a copy of Can’t Fool The Youth 3 Here.


With an endless sea of new terrain, we’ve been putting in work uncovering and uncapping spots for the betterment of the community. Here’s a few black & white 35mm photos that just came back from the lab of everybody hanging out and riding in Oakland last weekend. Dew blasted a huge toboggan across this stair set, landing on just the last few steps while MTS filmed from the side. Ed Wonka came through to shred and remind us why tooth hangovers are his specialty. And Devon Lawson and Jaoa Danaikrit shared some ice cream. Check out more below.
Photo Credit : Turf Mob


With more than 30 riders from all over the world competing in the freestyle event, things were bound to get wild as everybody geared up for the 2014 Red Bull Ride & Style. Each year they mix up the course and this year they really out did themselves creating one of the best flowing layouts to date. Everyone brought their A-game that day as they stepped up to the plate to empty out their bag of tricks. Elliott Milner brought was linking together lines on the park like he’s ridden it his whole life. Jakob Santos hucked something huge off just about every object there. Joe Mckeag showed everyone what it looks like to ride transition, and Johnathan Ball wasn’t letting anything go untouched. There’s too much that went down for me to even begin to discuss, so I’m just going to have to let the video speak for itself. Read more below to see the final results. Thanks to Dave Beard for shooting the photos for the thumbnail.


If you’ve ever met Jaoa Danaikrit, then I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that he’s one funny ass dude. On our trip to Japan he decided he was going to ride down this rainbow slide at this nearly abandoned amusement park. That Fuck Your Life Tie Dye Shirt matches too well, which is probably why he felt the need to do it in the first place. Been on the lookout for more photos from the Wheel Talk Japan Trip.


Our journey to Japan Last year was a trip that I’ll never forget. We traveled all over the island and saw everything from the lush green farm fields that blanketed the southern tip of Japan, to the dense inner city of Shibuya Tokyo. Although we were only there for a couple short weeks we were able to do a 9 State Tour w/ a bunch of the dudes from Fukuoka and spend some time in Tokyo w/ Marco. The weather was so bloody humid the entire time, that we all became accustomed to carrying around a towel everywhere. We’re going to have to plan another tour in Japan next year.
Photo Credit : Zane Meyer (Above)
Photo Credit : Seitaro Iki (Below)


Wheel Talk would like to welcome Thailand’s very own Jaoa Danaikrit as the newest member to the WT Team. Filmed in the Bay Area over the course of his 3 month stay in America. Jaoa is one of the most impressive riders I’ve ever had the privilege of shooting. He bring tricks to the table that not very many other riders have, take his monstrous icepicks and his lengthy nose manuals for instance. I’d like to go ahead and thank Jeff Dempler, Devon Lawson & Dew Sippawit for helping film this edit. Click the read more to check out a bunch of screen shots from the video.


Here’s an older one of Jaoa Danaikrit back when Dew and him were in SF for Ride & Style this year. I had the opportunity to film a lot with Jaoa while he was here and stacked up a ton of clips in just a few short weeks. I couldn’t believe some of the tricks he was pulling, his ice game is unreal. Be on the lookout for an edit of him coming out in the near future.


What San Francisco lacks in skateparks, it makes up for in it’s street spots. There’s only one in the city that I can think of, this being it. Last week Jaoa Danakrit, Dew Sippawit, and the rest of the local dudes went and rode there while filming in the Mission. Jaoa laced this incredibly clean foot jam whip while we were there.


Dew’ Sippawit and Jaoa Danaikrit came from Thailand to San Francisco for the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style. They’ve been staying at my house since the event, and have been crushing all the street spots out here while they’re still in the states. Needless to say, I’m real stoked to have them here and can’t even believe some of the tricks they’ve been pulling. Keep your eyes peeled for more from them in the near future. (more…)