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Last week Ed Wonka showed up to my work right as a massive fire broke out in the Soma here in San Francisco. We quickly grabbed our bikes and smashed over to the block where the fire was brewing. As we came up on the building we could feel the heat from the flames and the mist of the water being blasted at it’s exterior. We shot photos until we could tell it was getting out of hand, at which point we retreated back to watch the fire from a safe distance. 35mm Olympus OM1 Click below to see more. (more…)


Our journey to Japan Last year was a trip that I’ll never forget. We traveled all over the island and saw everything from the lush green farm fields that blanketed the southern tip of Japan, to the dense inner city of Shibuya Tokyo. Although we were only there for a couple short weeks we were able to do a 9 State Tour w/ a bunch of the dudes from Fukuoka and spend some time in Tokyo w/ Marco. The weather was so bloody humid the entire time, that we all became accustomed to carrying around a towel everywhere. We’re going to have to plan another tour in Japan next year.
Photo Credit : Zane Meyer (Above)
Photo Credit : Seitaro Iki (Below)


Yesterday Lucas Bockelmann went out filming w/ Ed Wonka around the streets of San Francisco. I went over to Ed’s house last night to peep some of the footage and eat some pizza. This huge tooth hangover was by far one of the gnarlier things they shot. I’m super stoked on the look of Lucas’s new HVX video camera which he’s currently using to film a video of all the dudes in Northern & Southern California.


A while back I spent some time w/ Ed Wonka Laforte at his pad in Brooklyn NY. On our way to and from the Williamsburg Bridge we began to notice a bunch of people working on covering an entire city block with Nekst fills. It’s rad to see the community come together to honor a fallen friend. RIP Nekst.


From the ashes of The Grime, a new bike company has risen. TURF is a Fixed Gear Freestyle company established late 2013. We’ve spent the majority of this year filming all over the country with some of the best in the business to bring you a video that you won’t soon forget. This 2 minute teaser is just a taste of what’s to come. Keep your eyes peeled for the full length video dropping early 2014. WORD-IS-BOND


I’m stoked to be going on another trip w/ Ed Wonka. It seems like we’ve been on all the same trips over the last year, which I hope is a trend that continues to happen. We took this on my first venture out to the east coast where I stayed with Ed out in Brooklyn. We rode passed this spot, and decided to turn around to check it out. There’s nothing better than putting together makeshift ramps on location. These boards that we found next to the spot proved fruitful as we set one up as a launch onto the loading dock. I can’t wait to be back in NY riding street again.


It’s official, with the help of Chrome Industries & Rinng, the homie Ed Wonka was able to do some last minute planning and is now going to come with us to Japan later this month. During our stay we’ll be at Nine States Jam as well as doing a mini tour across the country. If you want to meet up with us while we’re there, shoot me a message HERE and I’ll keep you updated w/ our whereabouts. To everyone out in Japan, we’ll see you in the next few days.


Ed Wonka came to San Francisco yesterday to ride and hang out with Mike Schmitt and I. After warming up at Wallenberg we headed downtown where we came across this hammer of a rail. Ed walked up to it, took one look and juked a security guard before racking his way to the bottom. This is probably the biggest rail I’ve ever seen Ed do in person. What made it even better is that he did it as we were getting the boot. I’ll have some screen shots of it up later, so keep your eyes peeled.


Ed Wonka recently did an interview w/ Dose on Network A. In it he talks about the end of Grime Bikes, the birth of Fixed Freestyle, and what got him into riding in the first place. I shot a few of the clips used in here, and am stoked to see Ed shredding again after coming off 2 broken wrists. That bodega on his corner makes some killer sandwiches and the mozzarella sticks at Crowns are the truth.


Last month I spent some time w/ Ed Wonka at his pad in Brooklyn NY. We started off most days by hitting up a safe spot skate spot for a quick session before venturing off into the city for a full day of riding. New York had a ton of skateparks in comparison to SF, but lets be honest, who needs skateparks when you’re surrounded by some of the best street terrain in the country. Be on the look out for more photos from the trip.