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Last Sunday was like most Sundays. Dave Beard came by, we picked up some pizza and cruised around Alameda in search of spots. Dave has a knack for shooting behind the scenes photos while we’re out filming. Consider this the first installment of a new series we’re starting; Sundaze with the Turf Mob. Click Below to see more fly on the wall shots he took throughout the day. Photo Credit : Dave Beard (more…)


I shot this photo of Devon Lawson doing a double tire ride along this rubber tube that was loosely attached to some wall in the Mission. There’s nothing like a Burrito from Los Coyotes to give you the energy of an ox and the strength of ten men.


I recently pulled a bunch of screen shots from Devon Lawson’s part in the upcoming Turf Bikes video. We’re currently wrapping up editing “Word Is Bond” and plan to have a premier or two before we release it. We’ll keep you posted on the details, but for now you’ll just have to marinate over these shots of Devon. Click the “Read More” to see more screen grabs (more…)


From the ashes of The Grime, a new bike company has risen. TURF is a Fixed Gear Freestyle company established late 2013. We’ve spent the majority of this year filming all over the country with some of the best in the business to bring you a video that you won’t soon forget. This 2 minute teaser is just a taste of what’s to come. Keep your eyes peeled for the full length video dropping early 2014. WORD-IS-BOND


San Francisco is so densely packed with street spots that often times we wander aimlessly in search of new shit to shred. Seitaro Iki took this photo of Devon Lawson hitting an ice pick on this wall rail we found in our neighborhood. I’m usually not that into vertical compositions, but lately I feel like I enjoy them more and more. It could be that I spend so much time working with video that I’m not used to so many vertical pixels. Now I know what you’re thinking, and you’re correct. The “Big D” is Devon’s pro model hat from Premier Fits. Check out some more of Seitaro’s photography around the city HERE.


Zane Meyer recently released Devon Lawson’s Section in Can’t Fool The Youth 2 for the public to enjoy online. His section in the video was easily the heaviest part of the DVD which is most likely why it was saved for last. I filmed quite a bit of the clips in it, and was the most stoked on how the intro turned out. I don’t know which I enjoyed more, filming or editing everyone’s reactions. Dealing and bargaining with security is the worst part of the job, but there’s nothing more gratifying than coming back to conquer the beast before getting the boot for a second time in one day. If you haven’t already seen this, stop reading and press play already.


A while back we teamed up with our friends at SPL Pictures to film this Slow Motion video in San Francisco. Everything was shot on the Sony FS700 and RED Epic, with Cine-Xenar III lenses provided by Schneider Optics. Special thanks to Solid Camera for outfitting the FS700’s for the shoot & our dudes Chris Marino, Tyler Lee Cushing, and Scott Lyman for coming out to film. Without their help, this video would not have been possible. Enough talking, if you want to learn more, check out the vimeo page if not, press play. Watch it HERE


Devon Lawson completely dominated the bunny hop contest at the 9 States Jam by clearing 100cm (1meter). Which was completely mind blowing to me, I took one look at it and knew there was no way I was clearing it. He won the bunny hop contest, and I won the Jam, it was a dual WT finish, and a happy one at that. You can tell by the look on his face in the bottom shot. Head over Bob_Woods’ flickr to check out some of the other photos he took at the jam. Photos : Bob_Woods (top) / Froots (bottom)


Earlier today I had a moment to sit down and talk with “the people’s champ” Devon Lawson about our upcoming trip to Japan. During our short conversation, he talked about how grateful he was to have this incredible opportunity, and how he mastered the art of elephant riding in the 2nd grade. He mentioned something about a basketball showdown he has lined up with Nao while we’re out there. It’s going to be a real clash of the titans as these two casanovas go head to head in a battle where the victor goes the spoils. We’re flying out in the morning, so we’ll see everyone out there soon.