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It’s official, with the help of Chrome Industries & Rinng, the homie Ed Wonka was able to do some last minute planning and is now going to come with us to Japan later this month. During our stay we’ll be at Nine States Jam as well as doing a mini tour across the country. If you want to meet up with us while we’re there, shoot me a message HERE and I’ll keep you updated w/ our whereabouts. To everyone out in Japan, we’ll see you in the next few days.


Zane just dropped this teaser for the 2nd issue of Can’t Fool The Youth. Devon has a full section in this issue, and there’s a huge chunk of clips from our trip to Seattle. I’ve grown to love that Chrome van after all the traveling we’ve done in it. Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean. I can’t wait to watch the full thing, which is going to be premiered at this year’s Red Bull Ride & Style.


Chrome is putting on a contest to find “the World’s next great street photographer”. Submissions are open til February 4th giving everyone plenty of time to go out and shoot something fresh. With their new line of Niko Camera bags up for grabs competition should be stiff. Head over to Streets of Chrome to find out more.


This Saturday we’re premiering Shredwell2 in San Jose at iMiNUSD. We’re going to have a street session before hand while Ed Wonka is in town. We plan to meet up at CCP around 3pm and then roll around from spot to spot before we head to IMD for the screening around 7pm. Bring your bike, your buds, and we’ll see you there.


Here’s the official Introduction to SHREDWELL2. Consider this a Happy New year gift from Grime Bikes, Chrome Bags, and Wheel Talk. Enjoy. Shredwell2 is by far the biggest video project I’ve ever undergone. The amount of footage that we had to sift through, and chop together, would not have been possible without the help of my good friend Mike T Schmitt. Here’s a taste of the fruits of our labor.


Here’s a couple photos that TerryB took of all the homies hanging out at the Man Up or Shut Up pre party a couple weeks ago. We spent the night listening to music, watching old fixed videos, and drinking heavy thanks to an endless supply of free drink tickets. It’s not very often that we’re all under one roof, which probably explains why things got so rowdy. Check out more below. Photo Credit : Terry Barentsen (more…)


I filmed this video of the Cardiel x Chrome release party, at their store front in SF. With the shop stacked full of people, beer, and good music everyone let loose + chopped it up on the dance floor. Even the guys from Fish N’ Chips made an appearance to teach us Americans some new dance moves. This had to be the craziest Chrome party I’ve ever been to, and most certainly not the last.


Colby Elrick put together this teaser for Chrome, of our trip down south filming for Shredwell2. This video barely even scratches the surface of the amount of footage we have piled up for this full length. It’s going to put Fixed Freestyle on a whole new level.


Caught this footage of Ed Wonka riding a vinyl cruiser and hanging out w/ his dog Shades out front of his house in San Jose. He’s been off the bike while he recovers from a recent surgery on both wrists, and has been keeping busy any way he can.


CHROME just recently announced that they’re doing a video contest for the best minute of fixed freestyle footage. The winner will receive a fatty hook up on chrome products, shoes, bags, shirts, etc. Chrome’s very own, Ed Wonka will pick the winner, and all submissions are due by November 28th. So if you’re thinking about entering or want some free shit, now is your chance. Check out the Chrome site for upload information, and a list of the prizes.