01 Jan 2015


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With another solid year behind us, we figured we clean out our closet and release SHREDWELL2 to the public. Filmed over the course of 2011-2012 this 38 minute long, full length motion picture features riders from the Grime Team as well as other influential members of the FGFS community. Stop what you’re doing, press play and enjoy. Happy new year from TURF & Wheel Talk.

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15 Apr 2014


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Christian Hamrick came to our humble island abode to catch clips and kick it w/ us on the West Coast. While he was here, I snapped off this photo of him posted up next to his freshly built Capone Frame. We’ve been talking to the dudes who run Capone in China and are stoked that they’re sending out one of their riders (Frozenmo). Check out some more FGFS stuff coming out of China HERE.

09 Apr 2014


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Christian Hamrick collected clips for the Turf BikesWord Is Bond” Video while he was on the Coast to Ghost Trip and during a short visit he made to the West Coast. Hambone is currently living in Kansas City, a place which I’m told has unreal street spots. We might just have to make a trip out there to investigate these so called spots. If you live near San Jose, come out to the premiere being held at iMiNUSD on Saturday April 12th. We’re going to meet up and ride earlier during the day and then head to ID doors open at 7:30. Be there or be square. Circles only, no invite, all ages are welcome. Check out more screen shots below.
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23 Dec 2013


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From the ashes of The Grime, a new bike company has risen. TURF is a Fixed Gear Freestyle company established late 2013. We’ve spent the majority of this year filming all over the country with some of the best in the business to bring you a video that you won’t soon forget. This 2 minute teaser is just a taste of what’s to come. Keep your eyes peeled for the full length video dropping early 2014. WORD-IS-BOND
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15 Dec 2013


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Christian Hamrick went down and slammed into this electrical box while trying to catch a line in Oakland today. He’s alright, but is pretty banged up. We’ve been mobbing around with a ton of people lately. Which has been a refreshing change of pace after doing so much riding alone in The City. Dave Beard is on it with the photos, and already posted a bunch of shots from today. Head over to his website to check out more. Photo Credit – Dave Beard

15 Dec 2013


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On the way to the spot we stopped by a hardware store to pick up some supplies so we could do some community service and open up a new spot. The bolts used to cap these rails were no match for our massive monkey wrench. We all stuck some tricks, packed up our bags and headed into downtown Oakland in search of street spots. We concentrate so much time in catching the clip that we often forget to get a photo. It’s been rad having Dave Beard around to shoot photos while we’re filming. Be on the look out for the Turf Bikes “Word is Bond” Video. Photo Credit – Dave Beard

31 Dec 2012


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Here’s a couple shots of Christian Hamrick hitting a switch smith at the Museums in Golden Gate Park. He recently uprooted from the city to move back to his home town of Kansas City. I’ll miss having him located a couple blocks away from where I live, but his move will give us more incentive to visit him in the Mid-West. Stay up buddy, I’m sure we’ll see you sometime real soon.

21 Nov 2012


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Here’s a photo of Christian Hamrick that I had completely forgotten about until I came across it earlier today. Needless to say it sparked my interest, so I decided to do some digging to see what other gems I might come across. I’ll most likely be sporadically editing and posting a few of these photos in the coming weeks. Giving em’ a 2nd breath of life, if you will. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos from the grave.

30 Apr 2012


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Christian “Hambone” Hamrick was out at the Red Bull Ride + Style last weekend riding hard, and showing everyone a little taste of what he is made of. The hitching post atop the quarter was one of the most intimidating obstacles there, I didn’t even go near it personally. Props to anybody who threw themselves up on that 4″ wide box. They had pads on the other side for guys like Oscar Kahn who fell over the other end.

02 Apr 2012


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Took this photo of Christian “Hambone” Hamrick skating the marble ledges that the city of SF recently added to Golden Gate Park. He was up here riding his skateboard on Friday rolling around, and checking out the city from a different perspective. I’ve been itching to pick up a fresh deck to not only skate, but film with.