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On today’s outing I hung out with some of the local wildlife, caught a couple clips and enjoyed a burger Bay side w/ my good friend Bryan Dempler. I’ve been meeting up w/ him during lunch a lot lately, and it’s been a real refreshing way to break up the work week. We’ve been roaming all over the city. Picking a different part of town everyday, while stacking quite a bit of footage for a documentary he’s working on. Stay tuned for more day to day coverage of some behind the scenes shots.


Earlier today I met up with Bryan Dempler to film a couple more interviews for a documentary he’s been working on. Between work and sleep it’s hard to find the time to film. Especially when the sun sets before we’re even out. That being said we’ve been finding the time to get shit done during our lunch breaks. Check out a couple of these stills he took while we kicked it in China Town here in San Francisco. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


Today I spent some time hanging out and riding w/ my good friend Bryan Dempler. We filmed parts of an interview & explored some uncharted terrain along the train tracks here in San Francisco. Between kicking rusty cans of paint and hopscotching around dirty syringes Bryan managed to capture these nice shots on our adventurous lunch break. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos and an interview from video him coming out in the next few weeks. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


There’s nothing better than mobbing around w/ your friends, it’s probably the best part about riding. Hitting obstacles as they come, and crushing shit along the way. Mike and I are constantly exploring Golden Gate Park by linking together different trails. We’re always stumbling upon new spots in locations we thought we knew well. My good friend and roommate Bryan Dempler popped off this photo of us crushing down one of the many off beaten paths.


Here’s a couple of the photos that Bryan Dempler took while we were hanging out, riding bikes on the beach yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how dense and smooth the sand close to the water actually was. Not quite concrete, but a hell of a lot easier than trying to do tricks on grass. This summer I plan on doing plenty of riding in this newly discovered playground, wearing nothing but shorts & shoes.
Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


Here’s just a taste of some of the photos that my roommate Bryan Dempler has been shooting since he upgraded to a 7D last week. We’ve been going out on rides around the city w/ our cameras on the daily. Getting some of those iconic city shots, not to mention some pretty killer riding ones in between. He just made a Flickr account today. You can check out more of his photos HERE. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


Today I went out for a ride through Golden Gate Park w/ my roommate (Jeff’s older brother) Bryan Dempler. Towards the end of our ride we made a pit stop & played with some ice pick combos on this decayed planter box. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler