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With everyone off the couch, things have slowed down around the house. We spent a lot of time filming w/ the Team catching clips around The City. It looks like we might be relocating pretty soon, could be a good chance to ride somewhere outside of our own backyard. I got a bunch of Wheel Talk Stickers and Decals made which are available on our Webstore.


With everyone coming through for Ride and Style, May was an interesting month for us over at the Wheel Talk Manor. The Thai dudes Dew Sippawit and Jaoa Danaikrit stayed with us for most of the month after the event. During which time we cruised around the city and caught clips at spots we rarely ever ride. We put on a demo for a first grade class in the park, watched Dew practice turndowns on the ground, and taught Omar + JBall the true meaning of hardstyle. Hashtag #wheeltalk if you want to see your photos up here next month.


Last month I started a new segment where I pulled instagram photos that people tag (#wheeltalk) and share a select few on here. It’s a good way to recap each month, and show what’s going on with the freestyle scene in other areas. Mike was the Master of Ceremonies at the qualifier a few days ago, and is going to be on the mic at Ride + Style as well. Valentin Racho released his Wheel Talk + Destroy Edit, Seitaro Iki moved to SF, and I lightweight bonded w/ SFPD. It’s been a good month to say the least. Be on the lookout for more of these.


Each month I’m going to begin pulling some of the #wheeltalk photos that you guys tag from our sidebar and start showcasing them here. We appreciate all the support we’ve received from the fixed scene over the years, and will continue to give back in every way we can. Keep the photos coming, and we’ll do the same.