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Ed “Wonka” Laforte has been in kahoots with Capone Bikes for a while now, and I’ve already seen pictures of his signature frame leaked on instagram. Kai & Young from Capone were incredibly welcoming and hospitable during our trip to Beijing late last year. Read more below to check out some exclusive photos of Ed’s Pro Model Frame as well as a shot of him doing what he does best, tooth hangovers.


I took this picture of Jonah Kessel’s SADIO Booster Fork, while he was up here in the city a few weeks ago. The Booster Fork is probably one of my favorite parts from SADIO, and is available in Optimus Prime colors. (420ac, 430ac) This Spring, they’ll have an entire line up of Light products. I don’t know how they can make this fork any lighter than it already is. Especially when it is one of the lightest forks on the market.


I took this picture of Jakob Santos’ prototype Resist sprocket the last day of our trip down south. I’m digging the overall look and design of this new sprocket, finally some originality. It seems like more and more companies are beginning to drop aluminum and build solid 1-piece steel sprockets. As apposed to using high grade aluminum (7075) w/ a steel insert, which can develop play overtime. Steel is real.


I’ve been running the same pair of Sadio Swoop Cranks for the past 9 months now, and I haven’t had a single problem with them. I used to go through crank sets every few months, either from bending or twisting crank arms, but these Sadio Cranks have withstood quite the beating, and lived to talk about it. With an added pedal gusset, these guys are built to last. If you’re in the market for cranks, save yourself the trouble, and get 175’s. Screw toe clearance, it’s all about torque. Best upgrade I’ve ever made.


Mike has been rocking the BalHogs grip strip on his down tube for quite a while now, and he’s been utilizing it to come up with some rather unique maneuvers. Mainly for mobbing down hill with his feet off the pedals and ass tucked behind the seat. Hanging so far back off the bike. Head over to the BalHogs webstore and pick one up while they’re still around, I know I can’t wait to slap one on my whip.


I recently just switched out my Hot Bars for a pair of the SADIO 420 Bars to test em’ out and see how they feel. I’ve only been running them for less than a week, but I can already tell I’m going to like the extra rise, and length. Check out more below. (more…)


The days of the “Keo spin” being the epitome of Fixed Freestyle is quickly fading, and is being replaced with a new age of fixed tricks. Riders have begun to push not only what can be done on these bikes, but their design as well. The classic trick list of Keos and bigspins have been replaced with feebles and barspins. I miss the days of popping up no hand wheelies, doing pole jams, and spending all night riding something as simple as a basketball court with my friends. The only thing I won’t miss are flats, but besides that, What do you miss most about riding track bikes?


SADIO has had a Mike T Schmitt signature “Rocky” top load stem in the works a while now. Here’s a photo I took of Mike’s Rocky the other day. Still no word on when they’ll be available, but I can’t wait to get my hands on one.


Here’s a photo of my tattered and worn YNOT Straps. I’ve been running this pair for a while now, and they’ve withstood quite a beating, while feeling just as stiff as the day I got them. These are Ed Wonka’s Signature YNOT Straps in that Black & Yellow to match your G.O.A.T frame. Head over to YNOT and pick up a pair of these custom hand made pedal straps, and help support rider made products.


Here’s my top 10 favorite photo’s I’ve taken over the last year. 2011 has been a big year for us, and we plan on making this year even better. The top 3 are photos you may have not seen yet, and the rest are from sessions throughout the year. Devon Lawson throws some of the most dialed barspins I’ve ever seen, here’s a great example of that. He’s made some big moves this year and has helped to make San Jose a power house in the Fixed Freestyle scene.I don’t know what it is about Jeff, but he is incredibly photogenic. I’ve always been able to catch such great shots of him. I love funky wallrides, especially ones on weird nooks & lips on the wall. Here’s a shot of Me (Matt Reyes) riding this double bank back behind this parking lot on one of the steepest hills in the city. It was so much wasted effort trying to ride this spot. Up hill battle the entire time (more…)