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If you don’t already know, Mike Schmitt has been off his bike ever since we left Puerto Rico. I’m sure most of you have seen the horrifying pictures he’s been posting of his wound. Here’s a photo of him gapping out to feeble while we were on tour in LA (Los Angeles) filming for Shredwell2. Mike’s hubba game is unreal, I don’t know how he’s so calm hucking himself onto the things he does. His balls must weigh a ton.


Our buddy Lucas Bockelmann from Ratpack came with us to the 2012 Fijate in Puerto Rico. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this was the best damn vacation I’ve ever been on. By the end of it, none of us wanted to come back. But after a week of no sleep and sweating off everything I drank, it felt good coming home to a more familiar climate. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I can’t wait for the next Fijate.


Takuya Sakamoto took this photo of me riding street on our last day night in Puerto Rico. While we were there we rode some of the sickest street spots I’ve ever layed eyes on. Such beautifully rugged architecture that it felt like they were made to be ridden. This huge bank spot is just a taste of the magic hidden deep within Puerto Rico. (Trick : feeble pop up to hop into the bank)


Aáron Borrás from PRFIXED was out on the course popping off photos as we rode the ramps at this year’s Fijate. With nothing but Gasolina keeping us going we went hard in this unfamiliar climate, using our shirts as towels, instead of articles of clothing. Dunking our heads in water, and putting ice in our hats didn’t seem to have much effect as we melted beneath the hot Puerto Rican sun. There didn’t seem to be much escape from the humidity, but I don’t think any of us really care as we rode our bikes, and hung out w/ the locals in what has to be the best vacation I’ve ever been on. See more below (more…)


Here’s a photo of Anthony Combs at this year’s Fijate in Puerto Rico. It was hot as hell and humid beyond belief, the entire time we were there. We were constantly fighting to keep cool and hydrated, using every means necessary. Whether it was a water bottle shower, nuke warm Medalla, or a good old fashion Puerto Rican Gatorade “Gasolina“. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m pretty sure I sweated out just about everything I drank. Hardly went pee at all during the trip.