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21 Mar 2016


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I’ve never surfed the ocean, but I have surfed a ton of couches in my day. Our good friend Leaf Chang did us one better and set Mike Schmitt & I up on an actual bed during the time we spent in New York last year. For those who don’t already know, Leaf designs most of the graphics for G.O.A.T, which has gotten a huge breath of life over the last few months during the release of their first track bike. I’m stoked to see how much hype they’ve created in the community with this project and can’t wait to see where they take it from here. Check out more photos below.
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07 Dec 2015


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Massan Fluker & Matt Reyes - SF 2015

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With only one day left in town, Massan Fluker and I linked up in the Tenderloin to cut loose and shoot some footage before he hopped on a plane back to NYC. We only had a couple hours of daylight left, but it didn’t take much. After a handful of runs down through the neighborhood, we had more than enough to cut together a little something from our afternoon. The homie Matt Pittman from “Create Folly” happened to be in town and cruised by to shoot these photos. Keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the street for the video of Massan dropping later this week. Until then Head over to Create Folly to check out more photos.
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19 Nov 2015


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For those of you who don’t already know, Mike T. Schmitt recently moved to the Grand Canyon State to live and ride in Tempe Arizona. A week before he made the journey out there, we linked up on our lunch break and grabbed a bite to eat. After chowing down on a couple burritos, I pulled out the camera and shot these two photos. One quick smith and a moment later he was onto the next great adventure in life. Follow MTS & TURFMOB on instagram to keep up with all the local happenings.

26 Oct 2015


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Despite all the shit there is to do in Las Vegas, I had the best time hanging out and riding with these dudes one afternoon. I didn’t come equipped with a bike of my own, so Evan Service saved the day by letting me shred on his. After figuring out rides, we hopped in a car and traveled off the strip to this lonesome manual pad where we rode until the sun went down. It was impressive to see first hand all of the skid tricks Matt Spencer has up his sleeve, Elliott Milner’s nose manual control & Jackson Bradshaw’s creative genius. I rarely get to ride with these guys so it’s always a pleasure when I do. Ian Walker perhaps being the only exception to this because he lived in the Bay Area up until just recently. That being said, I’m looking forward to meeting up and riding with them in AZ sometime in the near future. Check out more photos below

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04 Oct 2015


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Living in the heart of the city comes with a healthy mix of both crackheads probing for change and the perpetual roar of sirens echoing through the neighborhood. It probably doesn’t help that we’re a couple blocks away from the local fire department, but I rarely notice it at this point. A couple months ago Aaron Keokham crashed at our pad to hang out and ride one weekend. The next morning, I walked outside with him and shot a couple quick photos before he headed back to the train station. Aaron is one of FGFS’s biggest supporters, and anybody who runs a Fixed Gear Freestyle brand probably recognizes the name. It’s dudes like him that keep the scene going, and inspire others to do the same. Check out his latest venture RIDE OR DYE.
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14 Sep 2015


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The MASH SF World Premiere was nothing short of inspiring. Everyone bolted and by the time they reached their bikes they were swallowed up by smoke. I grabbed my ride and scrambled to find a familiar face to follow, but ended up getting swept up by the rest of the pack. The Alleycat consisted of a 8 stop loop around the city with a vicious climb up Twin Peaks to kick things off. We climbed to the top of 17th and saw a car flip over so we dropped everything and quickly ran to their aid until the EMTs showed up. the grueling race was over we all linked back up in the Mission at The Lab where they had 10 years of MASH on display along with free drinks and snacks. It was an impressive thing to see the line up of Jerseys and bikes they’ve had over the years. The doors out front of the Victoria Theatre held a line most of the night with people anxious to get in. Once the video started playing the room ignited with a roar which lasted most of the showing. If you didn’t have a chance to see it they’ll be playing it at Interbike next week as well as a bunch of other locations around the globe.
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12 Sep 2015


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Earlier this morning I finished chopping together the video from Taishi Okuma‘s stay in SF last week. The only thing left to do now is make some finishing touches and post the last of the photos from his trip before we release the video. I still have a roll of film in my 35mm camera that has some other shots, but we’ll have to wait until the roll is cashed and I get it developed. Until then check out more photos below and keep your eyes peeled for the video to match these stills.
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09 Sep 2015


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FGFS - SF 2015 - Matt Reyes - Taishi Okuma - Mike T. Schmitt
San Francisco’s Tenderloin is one of those neighborhoods where the zombies never rest and if you listen close enough you can hear their yells booming down the block all day long. It’s a place where you quickly learn to watch your step due to all of the human shit stained along the sidewalk, the roaches crawling in the gutters and the occasional homeless dude you didn’t see sleeping against the wall. It’s a place I’ve called home for the last year and despite all the madness, I’m sure going to miss it. Some people say SF is loosing it’s character. I say those people haven’t hung out in the TL lately because this place has only gotten more hectic. Don’t just take my word for it, post up on Turk & Leavenworth and let me know what you think.

07 Sep 2015


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Taishi Okuma spent a total of 10 days with us in San Francisco during his first trip to the US. Everyday he’d wake up and come to work with us for coffee before dripping out to explore the city on his bike. Every time someone from overseas stays with us I can’t help but feel a little more cultured, and Taishi is now the third Japanese friend we’ve housed this year. It’s incredibly humbling to play tour guide and explore parts of the city you had nearly forgotten all about. These photos were shot on lunch one day as well as during the 2 days we spent filming over the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for a video from Taishi’s stay coming out in the next couple weeks. Until then check out more photos below.
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07 Sep 2015


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We’re in the middle of uprooting from out pad here in the Tenderloin as part of our yearly move and are going to set out in search of greener pastures. Who knows what the future holds, but whatever it is, we’re ready for it. Here are a couple photos of Mike T. Schmitt that were taken during the time we were showing Taishi Okuma around our native land of San Francisco.
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