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14 Apr 2015


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This is one of the spots in our neighborhood that we ride passed all the time but never stop to shoot. Michael Penrose and myself were about to do just that, when I decided to hit the breaks and circle back to catch a couple shots of him hopping into the alleyway. Filming with Penrose opened my eyes to the fact that we rarely shoot photos anymore. We’re constantly caught up in catching the clip before security comes through and gives us the boot. Now that we have multiple cameras on deck it’ll be easier having one devoted to shooting stills. Check out more photos below.
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03 Apr 2015


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Anthony Combs - FGFS - Premier Fits - Capone Bikes - Hoop Dreams 2
Anthony Combs - FGFS - Premier Fits - Capone Bikes - Into The Sun
Anthony Combs - FGFS - Fixed Gear Freestyle - Wheel Talk - Capone Bikes - Basket Ball Court Barspin
Everybody has dreams and Anthony Combs has dreams to one day sore high over the hoop and dunk his bicycle. With only seconds left on the clock we were able to capture a couple quick photos before the buzzer rang and he scored the game winning shot. Bringing home the title, saving the day and anything else sports related you can think of. He’s been riding Ed Wonka’s signature frame by Capone Bikes for a couple months now and has been real stoked on the upgrade. Be on the look out for a complete bike check of his build coming next week. Until then check out more photos below.
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02 Apr 2015


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Michael Penrose - SF 2015 - FGFS - Taxi Wars
Being a part of the FGFS community is perhaps the best part about riding Fixed Gear Freestyle. The scene is so tightly knit that you don’t have to have met somebody to feel like you’re already best buds. It’s this small thing that we share in common that breaks the ice and bonds us all together. Nearly all of the friends I have at this point stem from biking in one way or another. When Michael Penrose hit me up asking if he could stay with us in SF, our response was an immediate yes. Having never met him before he stepped foot in our house, we felt as though we already knew him through watching him ride in videos and the most recent SMC Trip to Arizona // “Iced Out Arizona“. Here are some photos of him riding in down town San Francisco mid-way through his stay. Be on the look out for more photos & videos coming soon.
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29 Mar 2015


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Ian Walker - SF 2015 - Embarcadero - FGFS 700c
Ian Walker - SF 2015 - FGFS - Guard rail Hop
Last weekend Ian Walker came out to ride around the city with us and stack clips for an upcoming film project we’ve been working on. Ian is one of the few dudes remained true to his roots and still rides 700c/29″ wheels. It’s riders like Ian & JBall that help prove the fact that FGFS will always consist of multiple wheel sizes.
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24 Mar 2015


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Michael Penrose - SF 2015 - FGFS - Bombtrack Dash
Michael Penrose - SF 2015 - FGFS - Bombtrack Dash - Under Video Surveilance
With the Fixed Gear Freestyle scene continuing to grow here in San Francisco, we’ve been playing host for more and more people coming to the Bay Area to ride & kick it. Michael Penrose is the latest addition to our household and has been in town for nearly a week now. Here’s a couple photos from the first spot of our fist day exploring the streets of SF. For those who are curious, Michael is on a Bombtrack Dash. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos of Michael’s stay in the next couple weeks.
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11 Mar 2015


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On the weekdays the Financial District is a complete bust. It’s packed full of people traffic, and guards who watch the security cameras religiously. But on the weekends it clears out and opens up some of the most well protected parts of the city. Here are some photos of Ed “Wonka” Laforte & I roaming around the neighborhood earlier last week. Check out more photos from this day below.
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05 Mar 2015


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I managed to grab these photos while we were roaming around the city filming for Ramon Antonio’s Welcome to the TURF Mob video. I still can’t believe that he was able to jump up that loading dock as many times as he did. I took on look at it, and knew I didn’t have hops like that. If you haven’t seen his section yet you can check it out HERE or on the TURF website. It’s riddled full of huge double pegs, toboggans, and suicide no handers. Be on the look out for more coming from Ramon now that we ride w/ him nearly everyday of the week. Head over to the THIETH Webstore for more great shirts like this one w/ the Nike swoosh.

05 Mar 2015


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I was real stoked to have Tadashi Nakamura come to town and ride with us in San Francisco during the later half of January. For every clip he stacked there was an even more brutal fall. I’ve been piecing together a video from his travels and am in the middle of wrapping everything up and getting it ready to release. Keep your eyes peeled for a new video dropping early next week.
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18 Feb 2015


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Tadashi Nakamura - San Francisco 2015 - The Walls Are Closing In - Wheel Talk
When Seitaro told me that his buddy from Japan was coming to San Francisco to ride and explore the city, I was immediately hyped. Less than a week later, Tadashi Nakamura appeared at a hotel in our neighborhood where he would be staying for the next two weeks. I rode over there after work, scooped him up, and wasting no time in showing him around town. Here are a couple photos from when we explored the tunnels along the railroad tracks on his last full day in The Bay. Check out more shots below and keep your eyes peeled for the video from his stay coming soon.
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12 Feb 2015


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Jaoa Danaikrit just released the video from the Black Sunday & Wheel Talk trip to Thailand last year. Featuring riding from the likes of Devon Lawson, Anthony Combs, Jaoa Danaikrit & Steven Jensen. This star studded cast takes on Thailand as they both ride the streets and explore the jungles. Jaoa did an amazing job cutting this together and slayed it with all of the incredible time lapse footage. For a while we weren’t sure if Devon was ever going to come back home because he enjoyed life out there so much. Anthony is by far one of the most entertaining dudes I’ve ever known and has some of the best dance moves out of everyone on the team. Steven Jensen came through packing heat and pulled one of the gnarliest grind combos I’ve ever seen towards the end. Kick back, press play and enjoy the show.
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