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Gary Zhen’s 93′ Cannondale Track. Anytime somebody wheeled a rad track bike into Chrome HQ I’d pull it into our makeshift studio and get some quick stills of it. I’m starting to acquire quite a few playing cards at this point. It feels like I’m back to playing Pokemon. Gotta catch em all. I’ll be getting the studio put back together this week and will be making a call to arms for anybody in Portland who wants their bike photographed. I’ll keep you posted. Until then check out this polished gem.

FRAME: 93′ Cannondale Track 52cm
FORK: Stock – Tange Japan
GRIPS: Yoshida Champ
STEM: Nitto Jaguar – 110mm
HEADSET: Dura Ace 7600
SADDLE: San Marco Concor Supercorsa
SEAT POST: Campagnolo C-Record
CRANKS: Campagnolo Record Pista
CHAINRING: Campagnolo Record Pista
BB: Campagnolo Record Pista
PEDALS: Issi II Triple
CHAIN: KMC 710sl Ti-n
FRONT TIRE: Continental Gatorskin
REAR TIRE: Continental Gatorskin
FRONT WHEEL & HUB: H+Son Formation Face & Dura Ace 7600
REAR WHEEL & HUB: H+Son Formation Face & Chub Hive

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Massan Fluker rolled into The Bay Area just in time to be here to see the Golden State Warriors win the 2015 NBA Championships. These photos are mad old at this point, but I figured they were still worth the share. This was the first time we got the Chrome Familia together in what seemed like forever. Jealous of the sweet Warriors memorabilia. Those shades look sick af.

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Dusted some cobwebs off of these photos and got them up in cyberspace. I’m pretty sure this was the first time I met Alonso Tal. If I remember correctly, don’t take my word for it. These were from the Chrome Familia photoshoot we did in San Francisco / Oakland back in 2015. I guess it’s true what they say. Time flies when you’re having fun.

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Stepping things up a notch. The day after Thanksgiving Bryan Dempler and I rode twice as far as the day before. We started things off with a solid breakfast, picked up a 3 pack of tall cans and set out to explore a handful of places we’ve never been. One of which was this massive cement wall that was just banked enough to climb up and ride across. The only sketchy part was trying not to blow out at the bottom. After that we hopped back on the dusty cattle trail and watched the sun set over our hometown. Check out more photos below.



With our cameras packed, bikes in hand, Bryan Dempler & I hopped on the train heading home for the holidays. We’ve been next door neighbors since the 3rd grade, and make most trips home together. On our first day back in town we established our bearings by ventured outwards towards Uvas reservoir where we had drinks by the lake and shot a handful of photos. I ended up getting a pinch flat airing out of this bank but managed to ride the 6 or 7 miles home on the rim just fine. Check out more photos below, and keep your eyes peeled for shots from day two.



Last Sunday we met up, packed some brews, grabbed the camera, and kicked a loop across the Golden Gate bridge. Big thanks to Bryan Dempler & Ben Vrazo for getting me out of the house and out of the bubble. Check out more photos below.



Andy Sparks & Mike Chacon are two Fixed Gear Freestyle legends. There are only a handful of dudes who never made the switch to 26″ and stayed true to their fixie origins. These two are at the top of that list. So when Mike came to town it only seemed proper that we make a split section between the two of them. Their style is as similar as it is unique. They embody a flavor of riding that FGFS was built on and it is incredibly refreshing to see a retrogression to a more simple time. Trick Track is on the comeback.



Evan Service is one rad dude. If you’ve ever met him you probably already know that, but it’s a statement worth repeating. I’m glad we had the chance to link up and film while he was in town last month on a romantic retreat. It wasn’t on the usual FGFS bike we all know and love, but I think you’ll enjoy what we have baking in the oven. Fixed gear is fixed gear and if you can throw tricks on your freestyle bike you can most certainly do the same on a track build. Sink your teeth into some of these shots and keep your eyes peeled for clips of Evan rolling out in the near future. Cheers.



I’ve become real good friends with Edward Orellana over the last year and a half and always look forward to seeing him in the morning. He works at the Chrome Coffee shop in the SOMA and is easily the nicest dude in the neighborhood. He’s always cracking jokes, laughing, and I’m pretty certain he knows everybody who comes in on a first name basis. Recently I had a chance to wheel his Reminton track build into the studio and shoot some photos of it. There’s nothing quite like a NJS Track frame. Scroll through to check out more photos as well as a complete parts run down.

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