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Alex Gonzalez - Break Brake 17 - Wheel Tal - Bay Bridge
Alex Gonzalez came to town last weekend to kick it with us while we filmed all over San Francisco. It’s rare that I shoot anything track related, which is why I was amped to bomb along side him with a camera in my hands and a board under my feet. Keep your eyes peeled for video evidence of the mayhem that went down over the weekend. Until then, enjoy this photo of him posted up on the top of California St next to his Karma frame set from BreakBrake17 .


Christian Hamrick came to our humble island abode to catch clips and kick it w/ us on the West Coast. While he was here, I snapped off this photo of him posted up next to his freshly built Capone Frame. We’ve been talking to the dudes who run Capone in China and are stoked that they’re sending out one of their riders (Frozenmo). Check out some more FGFS stuff coming out of China HERE.


Last weekend I needed to pick up a new memory card, so Devon Lawson & I headed over to our neighborhood Target to scoop one up. Moments after picking up the new card I shot these photos of him hopping through some strange architecture they had out front of the building. We’ve been riding for Premier Fits for a minute now and this western style strap back of theirs is too fresh. Check out more of the headwear they have available at their online store. Photo Credit : Matt Reyes (more…)


Yesterday a building in the neighborhood I work in caught on fire and had the whole city talking. If you live anywhere near San Francisco I’m sure you saw pictures of the blaze or perhaps even took some yourself. Smoke could be seen billowing into the sky from across the Bay as the firefighters attempted to fight back the flames. Bryan Dempler & I showed up the next day to find that they were still hosing down the building from nearly every angle on the block. We hung out until we could tell they wanted us to jet, at which point we packed our bags and shot a couple more photos along the Muni tracks on 3rd Street. I wonder what’s for lunch tomorrow?
Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


Wheel Talk Team Member Valentin Racho has some of the most technical barspin tricks in the game. Seitaro Iki shot this photo of him throwing a barspin into the bank at some skatepark in Southern California. With the Team living all across the country we don’t get to ride together as much as we’d like. But it gives us the opportunity to act as ambassadors and help push the scene in each of our respective communities. Valentin is the youngest dude on the team, and is going to play a huge role the future of Fixed Freestyle


Riding street in New York with Dew Sippawit gave me a whole new outlook on how Fixed Freestyle should be filmed. I’ve been focusing on capturing the commuter side of riding fixed, by shooting more follow lines through the city of on the curb off the curb type tricks. Dew is easily one of the most talented riders out there, and never ceases to amaze me with how dialed he is on a bike. Here’s a photograph of him posted up next to his custom built SKYLMT frame in New York’s China Town.


Anthony Combs took this photo of me on my weathered and aged Specialized PFIX. I’ve been on the same frame for nearly a year now, and have grown so attached to the beaten look that I don’t want to hop on a fresh frame. The custom colorway is an easy differentiator that I feel like I’ve become directly associated with. Who knows maybe I’ll swap out frames in time for Ride & Style, only time will tell.


The other week I took pictures of all of us posted up at the Simpsons walls by the rails at Kezar. Now a days it seems like I ride w/ the same three people on a daily basis. Its easy to catch a quick session when you live w/ the people you ride w/. Devon is on the medium Grime Ghost Frame.


Anthony Combs recently got laced up w/ Breezy Excursion now that he’s a part of Wheel Talk. He might just be the flyest dude on 2 wheels now. Be on the look out for him rolling around the streets of San Jose, we’ll have more to come from Combs in the very near future. For those who are curious, he’s pedaling around on the Small Grime Ghost that’s lurking in the background.


Here’s a couple photos that I shot of Mike T Schmitt building up his bike in iMiNUSD a while back. I pretty sure this was the day that he got his bike back from Puerto Rico. Anyways the Ghost Frame is now on sale for only $329, which is a damn good deal considering what the price of frames used to be. Head into IMD to pick one up or order one online at Grime Bikes.