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Lately I’ve been going back and forth from San Francisco to San Jose to finish up filming for Shredwell2 w/ Ed LaForte and the rest of The Grime Team. We’ve put a lot into the making of this video, and have explored some of the best street spots that California has to offer. We’re currently working on wrapping up filming and editing it, we’ll keep you updated as we go.


The Grime put together this teaser of our up and coming full length, Shredwell2. I’ve dedicated the last 4+ months of filming this video, with the help of Mike, Hambone, and SKYLMT‘s very own Colby Elrick. Everybody broke themselves off and went hard for this one. I have so much more faith in the people I ride w/ after spending time filming with them. We’ll be premiering a rough cut of the video at Red Bull Ride + Style. I’ll keep you posted on the time and location of the screening.


Colby Elrick put together this teaser for Chrome, of our trip down south filming for Shredwell2. This video barely even scratches the surface of the amount of footage we have piled up for this full length. It’s going to put Fixed Freestyle on a whole new level.


While we were down in LA filming for Shredwell2, Mike, Ed, & Krillz all got matching tattoos in our hotel room, the last night we were in town. This is definitely going to be one of those trips + experiences that I’ll never forget.


I made this Advertisement for iMiNUSD, of their boy Ed Wonka scoping out Hollywood High’s 12 stair handrail. While most people consider us to be, criminals, miscreants, and scoundrels, I like to think of us as architecture enthusiasts. We’re just here to admire, and make use of these beautiful architectural designs.


Pulled these close up screen grabs of Devon Lawson & I (Matt Reyes) from the Grime’s trip down to LA to film for Shredwell2. I went with the Grime team, to capture and contribute to the week long onslaught. Where Ed, Mike, Devo, Ant, Hambone, & I ran through some of the most famous Skate Spots in SoCal. Conquering what we sought out to get, and continuing to push limits of what can be done on these bikes.


Pulled these Screen Shots of some of the skate clips we got while we were down in LA filming for Shredwell2. The photo on top is of Krillz pushing around SF just before we headed down to SoCal in the Chrome Van. The second photo is of Jake hitting a board slide down Hollywood High’s 12 stair handrail. He ended up coming off the rail perfect, then blasted off the filming deck and suffered a possible broken hand.