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As I’m sitting @ The Island waiting for Josh Boothby, I see him roll up on his new steed fitted w/ a pair of 26″ wheels to match. He’ll be testing out SE‘s new 26″ FGFS Proto for the next 6 months. When I asked him if the switch to 26″ was permanent he denied it entirely, saying he has plans on going back to 700’s. Personally I couldn’t imagine going back, why make life harder. From what little I was told about the bike, it has no bottom bracket drop & is going to be released as a 1 size fits all. No word on when this thing is coming out, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peek to get everyone’s reaction.


Yesterday Josh Boothby came up to SF to spend some time riding w/ me to finish up filming an edit I’ve been putting together. Here’s a couple pictures of him trying out his new SE 26″ Prototype. The guy has G-turns unlike anybody I’ve ever seen. The top photo is a perfect example of that. Sittin’ comfy in that backwards nose manual.


Here’s just a taste of some of the photos that my roommate Bryan Dempler has been shooting since he upgraded to a 7D last week. We’ve been going out on rides around the city w/ our cameras on the daily. Getting some of those iconic city shots, not to mention some pretty killer riding ones in between. He just made a Flickr account today. You can check out more of his photos HERE. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


Here’s some photos that I popped off of Scott before my camera battery died. I really need to get a battery grip for that extended battery life. The top photo is probably one of my favorite photos I’ve shot in a while. I recently picked up a Canon 18-135mm f3.5. That fresh glass makes all the difference. Now I just need to pick up a tripod and pan head to get some clean panning shots.


After our quick little session @ the SF skate park Scott & I rode to 3rd & Army one of San Francisco’s most legendary skate spots. Here’s a photo that Scott took of me hitting an ice pick across the entire top of this table. The bottom photo is a screen shot off of a video clip of the ice to tuck out.


Scott & I made our way through the mission district, and rode to the SF skate park. Here’s the one photo I snapped off while before we finished off before we packed up and high tailed it to another spot. Definitely a fun little park, need to make my way back there to ride sometime. I didn’t know San Fransisco had a skate park, thought everyone just rode street in the city.


Yesterday I went riding through the Mission District w/ Scott Horton & we stopped at this yellow guard rail to snap off a couple quick photos. I’ve been shooting a lot more photos lately as apposed to always shooting video. Rediscovering why I love photography.


Today I went out for a ride through Golden Gate Park w/ my roommate (Jeff’s older brother) Bryan Dempler. Towards the end of our ride we made a pit stop & played with some ice pick combos on this decayed planter box. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler