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Here’s an old photo of Mike Schmitt back when he was still saddled up on his yellow G.O.A.T. He’s moved on to greener pastures since then, and is now on that gray scale tip. We found this huge up ledge while exploring Golden Gate Park a little while back. I haven’t seen the guys from The Grime in a hot min. Ed Wonka should be back from his trip to Thailand at some point today. Looks like I’m gunna have to make a trip down to SJ to shred w/ the boys.


Last weekend we spent some time hanging out and BBQ’ing at the Pan Handle. Tobi managed to catch this shot of me riding this tree next to us, in between food + drinks. The Pan Handle is packed full of trees that are perfect for blasting up. It is by far my favorite park here in the city, and it’s where I spent a lot of time riding my track bike doing backwards circles back in the day. Photo Credit : Tobi Whaley


Joshua Boothby, Forest Parker and I spent some time riding around SF last weekend. We rode around hitting all the spots that are usually on lock down during the regular work week. With less security to give us the boot, we were able to get in a decent enough session at these usually untouchable street spots. Here’s a shot of Boothby throwing a three-sixty at the Federal Building towards the end of the day. I’ve been itching to get together a monthly meetup for a while now, and I think it’s about time I started putting it together.


Here’s a pretty old photo of Mike Schmitt catching a smith stall to fakie on this bank at an abandoned military bunker in the Presidio. You may recognize this spot from a SADIO Ad I put out a while back. We caught this photo that same day on a filming venture exploring some uncharted territory. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden with Mike, gunna have to make a trip down to SJ soon to session w/ the boys.


Jeff Dempler & myself teamed up to film this day edit for iMiNUSD in San Francisco last weekend. This video barely even shows the amount of security we deal with on the daily. It’s a shame I have to feel so sketchy doing something I love. Everywhere we go it’s a game of “who’s got clips here right quick?” Despite that we still managed to stack up quite a few clips for just a day’s worth of filming. Thanks to The Team


Took this shot of Jonah Kessel riding the banked walls out front of the Federal Building in SF. Their pathetic use of skate stops lining the wall don’t really do much other than make it more interesting. Next time, save your government money and just let us ride.


Living in San Francisco, I rarely get the chance to ride transitions. It’s street or nothing. So last week when we were riding by Potrero Skate Park in the Mission, I had to make a stop and ride it. At a place like this, the best thing to do is just drop your bag and start riding, before the locals get a chance to start shouting shit. They usually quiet down once they see you can hold your own. Photo Cred : Mike Schmitt


Snapped this shot of everyone’s favorite Joshua Boothby when he spent the day in the city a while back. We rode this skinny downhill just long enough to catch some clips and this photo before taking off. When I rolled up to the spot later that week, I was sad to find that they had capped the entire length of the ledge making it nearly impossible to ride. City planning sure knows how to kill a good time. Fun Police.


Jonnah Kessel came up to SF to spend some time filming with me this weekend. He got into town yesterday afternoon and will be here until Sunday. Keep your eyes peeled for some big things coming form this little kid.


Took this photo of Christian “Hambone” Hamrick skating the marble ledges that the city of SF recently added to Golden Gate Park. He was up here riding his skateboard on Friday rolling around, and checking out the city from a different perspective. I’ve been itching to pick up a fresh deck to not only skate, but film with.