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420 is a special time of year in San Francisco. It’s celebrated as a national Holiday in The City. We celebrated in our own way by meeting up at the Island (as usual) and riding around until the 420 Alley Cat that they held the day before Mission Crit. Check out that video HERE. Chris “Thrasher” is outta control with those triangle stands downhill. Enough to make your palms sweat just watching the man. Andy sparks stays in the mix and Keo Kid is way too good with those back pedals. It was great having a bunch of people from outta town here for the big crit in The City. Mission Crit is going to be on 420 this year (2019) so mark your calendar and we’ll see you there.



It’s four-twenty in San Francisco, and you know what that means. Bikes & buds. We got the gang together and rode around earlier in the day before heading to Union Square for the start of the 3rd Annual 420 Alley Cat. With Mission Crit right around the corner, the turn out for unsanctioned good time was insane. I only rode to half the race before throwing in the towel and taking a load off at the final checkpoint. Joints were being thrown, beers were being slammed and friendly rivalries met their match as people began to trickle into the after party. Shout out to everyone who helped throw this eventful weekend, and to Crihs Thormann for making it even more memorable.

I had a ton of fun piecing this one together, and am stoked to spend more time shooting with this GoPro we just added to our camera arsenal. Keep your eyes peeled for more fun follow footage in the near future.



On Saturday a bunch of us headed to the Mission District for burritos, brews and the first sanctioned Mission Criterium held in San Francisco. They had a prototype for this event last year and were able to get permits this year to shut down streets for the race. I teamed up w/ MTS to shoot the event, kick it w/ the homies and watch the action unfold. There were a couple pile ups in the beginning but as the crowd thinned out, it became clear who was leading the pack and chomping at the bit.
1st – Manuel Barra
2nd – Marc Marino
3rd – Chas Christiansen