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Joshua Boothby, Forest Parker and I spent some time riding around SF last weekend. We rode around hitting all the spots that are usually on lock down during the regular work week. With less security to give us the boot, we were able to get in a decent enough session at these usually untouchable street spots. Here’s a shot of Boothby throwing a three-sixty at the Federal Building towards the end of the day. I’ve been itching to get together a monthly meetup for a while now, and I think it’s about time I started putting it together.


Here’s a shot of Josh Boothby hopping over a fire hydrant and into the street along the Embarcadero. Boothby has some of the biggest hops in the game, and makes it over even the biggest barriers with ease. It’s great having heavy hitters like him to ride w/ up here. I roll around w/ Josh more than anyone else here in the city, and he doesn’t even live in SF. East Bay All Day.


Here’s a pretty old photo of Joshua Boothby that I found floating around my machine. He’s so far up that tree, I don’t think he could get any higher w/ his nose pressed up against that branch. Boothby is one of the few people that prefers to ride w/ little to no foot retention. It’s gotta make it hard to stay connected to the bike when the drive train is always forcing your feet off the pedals. It sure doesn’t seem to effect him much.


Snapped this shot of everyone’s favorite Joshua Boothby when he spent the day in the city a while back. We rode this skinny downhill just long enough to catch some clips and this photo before taking off. When I rolled up to the spot later that week, I was sad to find that they had capped the entire length of the ledge making it nearly impossible to ride. City planning sure knows how to kill a good time. Fun Police.


On Sunday, everyone’s favorite, Joshua Boothby made his way across the Bay to ride Street w/ Mike & I in SF. We managed to get in a few solid hours of filming before the sun went down on us. This curved hubba is one of the most beautiful left side ledges I’ve ever seen. Boothby put on quite a show for the tourists walking along the beach as he racked around this buttery ass Hubba in front of Ghirardelli Square. We even took a minute to stop and do interviews with a family for their home videos. Broke down what’s good w/ Fixed Freestyle in the Bay, and the world at large.


Here’s a video I put together using clips I’ve collected of Joshua Boothby riding in SF & MKE. On SE Bikes 700c frame & new 26in prototype. Boothby has always crushed it on 700’s, I can’t wait to see the kind of magic he pulls out of his hat now that he’s on 26’s and isn’t fighting the bike. Even though he already makes things look far too easy.


As I’m sitting @ The Island waiting for Josh Boothby, I see him roll up on his new steed fitted w/ a pair of 26″ wheels to match. He’ll be testing out SE‘s new 26″ FGFS Proto for the next 6 months. When I asked him if the switch to 26″ was permanent he denied it entirely, saying he has plans on going back to 700’s. Personally I couldn’t imagine going back, why make life harder. From what little I was told about the bike, it has no bottom bracket drop & is going to be released as a 1 size fits all. No word on when this thing is coming out, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peek to get everyone’s reaction.


Yesterday Josh Boothby came up to SF to spend some time riding w/ me to finish up filming an edit I’ve been putting together. Here’s a couple pictures of him trying out his new SE 26″ Prototype. The guy has G-turns unlike anybody I’ve ever seen. The top photo is a perfect example of that. Sittin’ comfy in that backwards nose manual.