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iMiNUSD posted this photo I took of Ed Wonka checking out this shitty little aluminum handrail, while he was filming with me in SF. The moment he went for it, it kicked him over the bars and sent him flying like a rocket man 10+ feet out. That’s why you don’t mess with aluminum hand rails.


Ed Wonka will be back on his bike in two days, after undergoing three surgeries in the last month and a half. He’ll be coming back as strong as ever to pick up where he left off and finish filming for Shredwell2. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do after this tune up.


Caught this footage of Ed Wonka riding a vinyl cruiser and hanging out w/ his dog Shades out front of his house in San Jose. He’s been off the bike while he recovers from a recent surgery on both wrists, and has been keeping busy any way he can.


I went down to San Jose on Saturday and spent most of the day hanging out w/ Ed Wonka who has been on the road to recovery after surgery on both wrists and his left shoulder. He’s been finding ways of keeping himself busy while he’s off the bike, this tiny composite skateboard being one of them. I gotta give it to him, the man has 360 flips on it pretty damn well.


I made this Advertisement for iMiNUSD, of their boy Ed Wonka scoping out Hollywood High’s 12 stair handrail. While most people consider us to be, criminals, miscreants, and scoundrels, I like to think of us as architecture enthusiasts. We’re just here to admire, and make use of these beautiful architectural designs.


CHROME just recently announced that they’re doing a video contest for the best minute of fixed freestyle footage. The winner will receive a fatty hook up on chrome products, shoes, bags, shirts, etc. Chrome’s very own, Ed Wonka will pick the winner, and all submissions are due by November 28th. So if you’re thinking about entering or want some free shit, now is your chance. Check out the Chrome site for upload information, and a list of the prizes.


As I’m sure you all know by now, Ed Wonka is currently living in San Jose, and in the time he’s been here I put together this edit of him crushing spots through out the Bay Area. There’s a few clips in here that Mike sent to me of Ed killing it in NY. That huge down rail being one of em’. Not to mention a couple of clips of Ed crashing through this bush from SKYLMT. CHROME had this playing on loop @ their booth @ interbike non stop, right next to the G.O.A.T & SKYLMT builds. Some of my favorite shots are of him smashing down Market st hitting wall rides, and wheelies on the way. Those shots really portray what FGFS is all about doing shit on a bike you can commute on.


As you all know Ed Wonka is now on CHROME, and they have him all laced up ever since they started making shoes last year. Their latest pair of kicks the “Southside” are made from stiff leather giving em’ a classy look & superior hold. Their patented sole & narrow fit give you great pedal connection w/ easy access in and out of the straps.


Last weekend, Ed Wonka, Scott Horton, and myself (Matt Reyes) spent some time cleaning up The Wheel Talk Compound, after months of neglect. Nothing a hose, some rakes, shovels, and brooms can’t fix. We had our good friend Mikul Eriksson come out and w/ a bunch of his video equipment and film our little afternoon session. Totally digging the way this video turned out, nothing but chill vibes and tandem lines.


Every Thursday is bike day @ California’s largest skatepark (Lake Cunningham). So Ed Laforte, Matt Montoya, Alex Blanco, Devon Lawson, & I decided to drive out there to put in a little session before the sun went down. Street footage will always look better, but damn skateparks are fun to ride.