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Christian “Hambone” Hamrick was out at the Red Bull Ride + Style last weekend riding hard, and showing everyone a little taste of what he is made of. The hitching post atop the quarter was one of the most intimidating obstacles there, I didn’t even go near it personally. Props to anybody who threw themselves up on that 4″ wide box. They had pads on the other side for guys like Oscar Kahn who fell over the other end.


Took this photo of Christian “Hambone” Hamrick skating the marble ledges that the city of SF recently added to Golden Gate Park. He was up here riding his skateboard on Friday rolling around, and checking out the city from a different perspective. I’ve been itching to pick up a fresh deck to not only skate, but film with.


Christian Hamrick aka “Hambone” just recently moved to San Jose and got a place w/ Mike Schmitt & Devo. I caught these photos of him hitting an opposite smith at the end of the day, just before Gonzo and I hopped on Cal Train and headed back up to San Francisco. I woke up this morning to pictures of Hambone’s mangled face all over facebook. I haven’t heard what happened yet, but i hope it isn’t anything severe. Shoot him a message, saying get well soon. Heal up buddy.


I took this picture of Christian Hamrick’s Grime G.O.A.T a few weeks ago, while I was hanging out in down town San Jose. I’ve always been a fan of RAW, unpainted frames & white wall tires, and photos taken like this of bikes.