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18 Aug 2014


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Fixed Gear Open 6
Tomorrow morning I’m waking up and hopping on a flight to China for the 6th annual Fixed Gear Open in Beijing. Dew Sippawit & Jaoa Danaikrit are going to meet me out there for the event and to shred whatever street spots we can while we can. I’ve stocked up on memory cards, film, socks and am ready to set sail on another trip overseas. Keep your eyes peeled for photos from all of us during our stay out there.

10 Mar 2014


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This is it folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. After nearly a year of anticipation, Alex Blanco’s welcome to Breakbrake17 & Spike Parts video has finally arrived. Blanco is a big dude & can man handle that bike better than most. He’s taken his share of slams, but always seems to walk away unscathed. Shout out to Wheel Talk’s very own Jeff Dempler for filming and editing this hammer of a video. Read more

12 Aug 2013


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Mike Schmitt moved from the couch and into a room of his own earlier this month. Needless to say we’ll be filming even more now that he’s located a door down. It’s always nice living with the people you ride with. Makes things a lot easier.

28 May 2013


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It’s been real rad having Seitaro Iki living in San Francisco. He’s been taking a ton of photos and videos of everyone since he’s been out here, which is why it was nice to shoot some shit of him for a change. He’s the latest addition to the ever growing Fixed Freestyle scene here in SF, and most certainly not the last. Expect to see more of Say in the near future. See more below. Read more

02 Nov 2012


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Here’s a couple screen shots I pulled from SHREDWELL2 of Mike Schmitt riding in down town San Jose. The dude standing next to him w/ the patch just wanted to come over and show the camera some love. The ledge leading into the Guadalupe River has to be the longest hubba I’ve ever seen anybody hit on fixed. Too many stairs to count, too locked in to care. Really digging that custom SW2 shirt he’s wearing.

23 Jul 2012


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This weekend I hung out w/ Jeff Dempler + the guys from Destroy Bicycles at 3rd & Army. I rolled up the spot to find that there was “Fuck Fest 5″ a punk concert going on. I Spent most of the day experimenting w/ some new combos, and ended up with this. A little trick I like to call the “Whatchamacallit” and the “Whatchamacallit Bar”. It’s basically a pedal feeble nack nack w/ or w/o the barspin for added flavor. The next time you’re bored at a spot, go ahead and give it a try.

01 Feb 2012


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Submissions have now come to a close, and we’ve read some truly inspiring stories. More than 300 people submitted, and we had a hell of a time sorting through and narrowing it down to just 1 lucky winner. We had Moms submitting for sons, girlfriends submitting for boyfriends, and even friends submitting for friends. It was these selfless acts are what helped us make our final decision. “Read More” to see the winning entry. Read more