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Forever Forward. One of the first things I noticed when the box from MASHSF showed up on my doorstep was that it had the words “Keep moving forward” written across the top and side. When I popped open the box I saw that same slogan slapped on the underbelly of the bottom bracket. The more I admired it the more I began to dig into its underlying meaning. I’m a big fan of discoverable easter eggs like this, anything that makes you think. It’s a really nice touch.

I always love hanging my bike up on a street sign and shooting it from below. It removes all the unwanted signage at ground level and provides a view of the city most never look up to see. It’s something I do quite a bit and am constantly looking for the perfect corner or set of buildings as a backdrop. Every city has different street lights/signs and I could barely reach the ones we have here in Portland. I had to climb on an electrical box or shimmy up a pole for a couple of these shots. Check out more photos below, or head to MASHSF to see more of their new Steel Framesets.


If you build it they will come. MASHSF has been cooking up fresh new frames of their own for quite some time now and the day has finally come for our first look at what they’ve been building. I hadn’t seen too much leading up to the release and was as stoked as anyone else to see what they whipped up. Here are some of the first photos I took of my new MASH Steel SS Frameset. I’m really feeling the Silver Smoke colorway Mike kicked over. It has this really rustic and worn look while still holding onto this brilliant shine. It’s truly a work of art and looks even better in person. If you’re in San Francisco anytime soon I suggest you swing by the shop and check it out. More photos to come, until then check out more on MASH.



First things first, everyone follow @SLAMDUNKERNIE. Glad we got that outta the way. There’s a couple things that I never leave the house without, and this bag is one of them. Not only does it fit my entire life, it holds one of the most important pieces of it. Ernie. The Warsaw 2.0 from Chrome Industries has more pockets than you’d ever know what to do with, as well as a couple hidden stash pockets. Very important. It’s my go to travel bag, and fits overhead as a carry on. Even more important. Whether it’s 3 months, or 3 hours this bag is there through it all.

Check out more photos below. (more…)


It hasn’t even been a week and I can already tell this is the nicest seat I’ve ever owned. The homies over at MASH SF recently set me up with one of the new San Marco Alpine Wide Saddles and the ergonomic shape is already doing wonders for my bum. I’ve ridden some pretty terrible saddles with a ton of cushion and I can honestly say that shape is everything. Don’t bother getting a gel pad for your tushy, just invest in a seat with a decent cut. It makes all the difference. Head over to MASH SF and check out the other San Marco Ragale saddle they just released.



In honor of the release of Mike Schmitt’s latest edit I decided to post a bunch of studio shots I took of his signature part, the TURF Nightstick. At 4.9″ long these are the longest plastic pegs available on the market and were designed by MTS himself. The added length makes since for wider wheel diameters and give you more room to play with while remaining in contact with the grind. If you haven’t seen his new web edit “The Twilight Zona“, then read more and see first hand why he’s been dubbed the name “Grind King”.





The dudes from MASH SF did an incredible job fleshing out their 2015 Art book, and did an even more stunning job filming the video that comes with it. The book comes jammed packed with memories of the team over the years and has some additional photos hidden between the pages. If you missed any of the premieres or screenings that have been happening, then now’s your chance to check out what everybody has been talking about and pick up a copy of your own. Shout out to MASH for doing something real for the community and for throwing gas on the fire. Check out more spreads form the book below.



I’ve been mobbing around on the 2016 DASH for more than a month now and haven’t changed a thing about it. Eventually I’ll beef up the gearing and toss on some pegs but for now it has everything I need to let loose and have a good time. I’m really feeling the new color combo and gum Helix V2 Tires which photograph incredibly. Far too often an all black bike gets lost in the background and makes it difficult to depict what’s happening, but that’s a problem of the past because these tires pop off hard. Huge shout out to BOMBTRACK Bicycle Co for continuing to produce top of the line products that have surpassed every FGFS bike I’ve ever ridden.



RUFF Bike Co. recently dropped these GC Handle Bars along with a promotional Mixtape featuring their 4 man squad (Matt Spencer, Elliott Milner, Jackson Bradshaw, and Jacob Ruff). Immediately after watching the mixtape I dropped everything I was doing and headed over to their webstore to pick up a pair for myself. Their iconic design and 4 piece construction make them both hard as nails & highly recognizable. Before tossing them on my bike and taking them for a spin, I brought them into the studio and shot these photos of them fresh outta the box. If you weren’t able to snag a pair from the first batch, then keep your ear to the ground because word on the street is they have more on the way. Until then, check out more detail shots below and watch the video they dropped to promote these one of a kind FGFS bars.



TURF Bikes just released a new T-Shirt to the mix of products available on their store. Living in San Francisco we rarely see stars, and often times the moon is the only light that makes it through the fog. Pick up one of these moon phase tees before they’re gone for good. Check out more photos below.