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While we were down in LA filming for Shredwell2, Mike, Ed, & Krillz all got matching tattoos in our hotel room, the last night we were in town. This is definitely going to be one of those trips + experiences that I’ll never forget.


Today I pulled out some unused photos and interviewed Wheel Talk’s very own, Scott Horton. He was one of the 1st good friends I made through riding fixed, and has been there since the beginning. Here’s a little look at the man behind the bike. (more…)


I put together this short gif of Mike Schmitt racking a feeble down this skinny hubba in the Presidio. The apartment complexes out there have some of the best street spots in the city. So many untouched treasures just waiting to be hit. I’ve been doing a ton of filming for the upcoming Grime video “Shredwell 2” and can’t wait to start piecing this beast together. This gif turned out great, he just keeps on going & going.


Last weekend I took the train down to San Jose to do some riding and filming with everyone out there. Christian Hamrick just moved out to the West Coast and got a place in DTSJ w/ Mike Schmitt. It seems like everyone from the East Coast is making their way West. The top photo is a group shot of Hambone’s Bike, and the bottom is a shot of just about everyone. (Ed, Mike, Scott, Devon, Hamrick, Montoya, & Jeff)


This Week, I created a bunch of Wheel Talk Desktops backgrounds for your viewing pleasure. Click the image to get the high res file for your computer, or read more to check out some of the other versions. Lemme know what you think. If there’s a positive enough reaction, then I’ll make some more in the near future. (more…)


Sean Coats & Mike Dinh are the Kenan & Kel of Fixed Gear. The two are literally attached at the hip, and I’ve never seen one, without the other. The dynamic duo do anything and everything together and are virtually inseparable. This is what riding bikes is all about, hanging out and having good times with your friends. I would have never met more than half of my really good friends if I never rode Fixed Freestyle.